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Henry Miller Museum Award;
Celebration of Honorees

L.U. 1 (as,c,ees,ei,em,es,et,fm,i,mt,rts,s,se,spa,st&ws), ST. LOUIS, MO — On May 25, the Landmarks Association of St. Louis presented its 2017 Most Enhanced Award to the Henry Miller Museum.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of members from IBEW Locals 1 and 1439, the former residence of 1891 founder Henry Miller was completely reconstructed into the Henry Miller Museum, which honors the Brotherhood's 10 founding fathers. Bro. Miller dedicated his life to organizing electrical workers.

The museum, a former brick boarding house, located at 2726 Martin Luther King Dr., includes an adjacent lot that features a Founders Park with 10 utility poles, each with a statue of a lineman to represent the 10 founding fathers. The museum opened its doors on Sept. 15, 2016.

The Landmarks Association award winners are selected based on: the difficulty of the project, the capacity of the project to have a transformational effect on the surrounding area, the historical or architectural significance of the building, and the project's power to inspire.

And on Saturday, June 3, the Henry Miller Museum hosted an inspiring celebration to honor Local 1 former president Tommy George Sr. (who held office from 1998-2016) and former business representative Tim Murray (who was business rep from 2011-'16).

Proclamations from the Missouri General Assembly were read honoring Bros. George and Murray, recognizing their milestones as Missouri citizens who distinguished themselves in their careers through dedication and professionalism. Bro. George was a journeyman wireman for over 40 years. Bro. Murray, a third-generation member, was a journeyman wireman for 36+ years. Thank you, gentlemen, for your years of service to Local 1 and its members.

We mourn the death of several members: Andrew Barry III, Michael Reynolds, Glenn Smith, Christopher Hantak, Frank Intagliata, Robert Stoverock, Keith McWilliams, Michael Jorgovan, Mike Hasenbeck, Roger Grellner, Guffrie Malugen Jr., Stanley Hults, Kenneth Strumpler, John Garascia, Leotis Little, Ronald Rueter, Vaughn Kirk, Danny Richardson, Onna Mae Brown, Harry Evans, Paul Gibbar, Paul Schleeper, Frankie Speer and Richard Meyer.

Jan Bresnan, P.S.


Attending June 3 celebration at Henry Miller Museum: from left, Local 1 former president Tommy George Sr., Pres. Don Bresnan Jr., Bus. Mgr. Frank Jacobs and former business rep Tim Murray.

Scholarships Awarded

L.U. 15 (u), DOWNERS GROVE, IL — Local 15 Pres. Dean Apple is pleased to announce that our ninth annual Scholarship Award winners have been chosen. This year the local distributed twelve $1,000 scholarships. As usual, 10 scholarships were awarded from Local 15; one additional scholarship was made available from all Local 15 leadership and another was generously made available from retired member Ricky Johnson. The lucky recipients were selected by a committee of members who tirelessly evaluated the 80 applications received. Congratulations to all the winners.

Work continues to be strong because of the Exelon Infrastructure Modernization Act passed in Springfield. The Automated Meter Installation (AMI) program continues moving forward. Well over 3.3 million meters have been installed to date, and completion is planned for mid-2018. Nearly 85 percent of these installations were completed with Local 15 workers. Thanks to the AMI team for your commitment to the work.

Sam Studer, P.S.

125th Anniversary Celebration

L.U. 17 (catv,em,lctt,o&u), DETROIT, MI — Our 125th Anniversary BBQ in June was nothing short of a complete blowout celebration. Local 17 decided to have a membership only event at the hall and in the north to reach as many members as possible. Approximately 1,100 members and retirees attended this momentous event. The membership enjoyed themselves immensely. We had entertainment by bagpipers, all you could eat BBQ, music, and a history presentation of our past. This was probably the biggest Local 17 gathering I've seen in my 28 years of membership. The air was thick with solidarity! It was truly one for the history books. I'd like to thank all those who helped make the celebration a great success. Special thanks to our member volunteers, the staff of Local 17, and everyone involved for their unselfish donations and the tireless work it took to pull this off. Thank you to all!

Our work picture is outstanding, with open calls for linemen and line clearance tree trimmers. DTE Energy wants to hire an additional 400 trimmers for the next several years. Please contact the local if you need more information.

Hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July. Please work safe. Demanding safe work practices from each other on the job is expected and supported by Local 17, DTE Energy, all our contractors and, most importantly, your family!

Dean Bradley, B.M./F.S.


Local 17 members helped make the local's 125th Anniversary BBQ celebration a great success.

Contract Ratification

L.U. 19 (u), AURORA, IL — On May 4 this year, the Local 19 membership ratified our recent contract with Nicor Gas. The term of the new agreement will be March 1, 2017, through Feb. 29, 2020. In this agreement Local 19 was able to negotiate wage increases, relief in medical premiums, improve the short-term disability plan, and secure a defined pension plan for employees hired after 1998. Special thanks to our negotiating team: Bus. Mgr./Pres. Chris Harris, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Al Talkington, Vice Pres. Terry Haggerty, Bus. Rep. Mark Klinefelter and Bus. Rep. Andy Nacke.

Accompanying this article is a photo taken at a Local 19 IBEW Lifesaving Award presentation. As reported in our "Local Lines" article published in the July 2017 issue of The Electrical Worker, four Local 19 members received a Lifesaving Award for saving the life of Bro. Thomas Smith, who was injured on the job. Lifesaving Award recipients were: Ernie Garcia, James Sargent, Tim Erickson and Dale Vanderbough. To read the July article, "IBEW Lifesaving Award," visit the IBEW website at

Remember to stay active and involved, and attend your monthly meetings!

Natalia Guzman, Exec. Board


Local 19 presents IBEW Lifesaving Awards to (standing, from left): Ernie Garcia, James Sargent and Tim Erickson. Seated, Thomas Smith. Not pictured: award recipient Dale Vanderbough.

2017 Apprenticeship Graduates

L.U. 25 (catv,i,rts,c&es), LONG ISLAND, NY — Another year and another great class of electricians.

We congratulate the class of 2017 apprenticeship graduates for all their hard work and many long hours of studying. They are our future, and we all have faith in them to carry on by helping educate our upcoming newer members. We would like to recognize our training director and brother, Chris Kelly, and his staff for all their hard work and dedication.

This is another year where we elect our local union officers. Election judge, Bro. Dennis Shea, and his staff worked tirelessly to make sure our elections ran smoothly and went on without a hitch. We thank them for their service.

We would also like to recognize Bro. Dennis Shea for challenging himself on June 4 this year to participate in the Steven Siller Tunnel to Towers Climb, an event held to honor the memory of New York police and firefighters who lost their lives on the job, and also to raise funds to benefit disabled veterans. Bro. Shea ran up 2,226 steps and 104 stories to the top of the Freedom Tower to raise $1,580 for the cause. Great job, Dennis!

Tom Lawless, P.S./E-Board


Local 25 class of 2017 apprenticeship graduates with Training Dir. Chris Kelly (front row, fourth from left).

Members Heading to
International Lineman's Rodeo

L.U. 37 (em,o&u), FREDERICTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA — The New Brunswick Lineman Rodeo is an event IBEW Local 37 looks forward to supporting each year. On June 2, it was our pleasure to welcome all competitors, with members from both IBEW Locals 37 (New Brunswick Power) and 1524 (Saint John Energy).

IBEW linemen are some of the toughest, most dedicated and talented power line technicians (PLTs) working today. They're committed to the IBEW Code of Excellence and its core values represented by SPARQ (Safety, Professionalism, Accountability, Relationships, and Quality). The rodeo gives them an opportunity to showcase this commitment alongside their pride and skills in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment.

For many of their families, friends and colleagues, the rodeo is the only way to see what their job as a lineman is all about. They can see that although the work is highly complex and challenging, safety is never compromised.

Congratulations to the winning team from the Journeyman event, which included Local 37 members from NB Power: Michael Thomas, Ryan Paul and Peter Scott as well as the winning apprentice, Ryan MacKay, also from NB Power. In October, they'll be traveling to compete at the International Lineman's Rodeo in Bonner Springs, KS. We wish them all the best!

Ross Galbraith, B.M.


IBEW Local 37 members were among competitors at the New Brunswick Lineman Rodeo.

Class of 2017 Graduates;
Officers Elected

L.U. 41 (em,es,govt,i,se&spa), BUFFALO, NY — Local 41 held its election of officers on June 20. Elected were: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Mike Gaiser, Pres. Matt Hilmey, Vice Pres. Shawn Creighton, Rec. Sec. Curtis Johnson, Treas. Marco Lepore; Executive Board members Jim Chmura, Jim Devany, Matt Gaiser, Rick Guerra, Greg Inglut, Gino Matter, Ken Scheifla; and Examining Board members Brett Armstrong, Chris Bove, Juan Negron, Nick Peters and Aaron Rider. Thank you to all who ran and congratulations to all who were elected. Frank Goettelman was our election judge again and did an outstanding job as always. Frank holds the highest standards when taking on any project and being election judge is no different. Thanks, Frank!

On the ballot this November will be a question as to whether New York State should convene a Constitutional Convention. The New York State Constitution holds some of the strongest labor language in the country. The right to collectively bargain and prevailing wage are some of the items in the Constitution that we hold dear. A no vote on this referendum will be the choice we recommend. There are many entities who want to diminish what labor and working people have achieved. Please vote no on the Constitutional Convention.

Congratulations to our newest journeywoman and journeymen on their graduation. Graduates, you have graduated from our apprenticeship, but do not let your learning cease. Our trade is always evolving, and continuing education will enable you to become a better, more valuable journeyperson. Congratulations again to all!

Gregory R. Inglut, A.B.M.


Local 41 apprenticeship graduating class of 2017: Joe Piotrowski, Jason Pazda, Robert Viles, Eric Schnurstein, Hoyt Leonhardt, Jarrett Carroll, Timothy Duda, Petar Trifunovic, Robert Mund, Patrick Faltyn, Jason Brown, Vincent Majchrzak, Aaron Juliano, Joseph Balisteri, Robert Umhauer, Jonathan Kroll, Jennifer Janiga, Stephen Mandiak and Robert Fowler.

'Welcome to New Members'
Annual Stewards Conference

L.U. 47 (lctt,mo,o,u&uow), DIAMOND BAR, CA — The 2017 Local 47 election of officers resulted in an unopposed white ballot for all incumbents. Incumbent officers were re-elected by acclamation. Congratulations to all!

Outside Line Construction collective bargaining agreements were overwhelming ratified by 93 percent. The City of Colton Electric Unit voted to ratify their successor agreement.

Local 47 won NLRB elections at UTILIQUEST (locators) and Southern California Edison (mail drivers). Congratulations to our Local 47 organizing team: Colin Lavin, Rick Garcia and Erin Koh. And many thanks to the IBEW Organizers Bob Brock, Mark Myer, Bob Oedy and Aaron Jones for their assistance. Welcome to our 115 new members!

Bus. Mgr. Patrick Lavin received the Veteran of the Year Award for California's 36th Assembly District.

Our Annual Stewards Conference was held in April in Anaheim. In attendance were over 300 stewards and union safety representatives, focused on making our union stronger. IBEW Int. Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson and Ninth District Int. Vice Pres. John J. O'Rourke were among our guest speakers.

Upcoming is our 14th Annual Brotherhood Motorcycle Run on Sept. 23. The Local 47 Members' Memorial Golf Tournament was July 22, and our Local 47 picnic was Aug. 12. Thanks to all who participated.

We are saddened to report the deaths of members Kent Davis, Rick Harris, Ronald Flores, Gerry Kirby and Gary Goering. Condolences and prayers go out to their loved ones.

Live safe, live well — work IBEW!

Mitch Smith, P.S.


IBEW Local 47 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Patrick A. Lavin (third from left) receives Veteran of the Year Award.

Golf Scholarship Outing

L.U. 51 (catv,lctt,o,ptc,rtb,t,u&uow), SPRINGFIELD, IL — At this writing, the Illinois General Assembly had concluded their regular spring session for the third year in a row without a state budget. Gov. Bruce Rauner continued to hold the budget hostage over his "reform" items; these items are aimed directly at organized labor. Please attend your unit meetings and stay informed. [Editor's Note: After 736 days, Illinois finally passed a budget on July 6 this year, over the veto of Gov. Bruce Rauner.]

On June 3, the local held our annual golf scholarship outing. Twenty-five teams participated, and 12 $500 scholarships were given by random draw. Scholarship winners were: Ranae Spannagel (daughter of Tim Spannagel), Brittiney Lewis (stepdaughter of Tony Himmel), Kaitlyn Nelson (daughter of Kendra Kitner), Mackenzie Wilson (daughter of Randy Wilson), Isabella Chandler (daughter of Stracy Chandler), Candice Feldmann (wife of Dustin Feldmann), Erin Wildman (daughter of Mike Wildman), Alex Harrison (son of Roger Harrison), Morgan Calvert (daughter of Molly Calvert), Alyssa Rook (daughter of Mike Rook), Landon Thomas (son of Rick Thomas), and Aubrey Testa (daughter of Brian Testa). A special shout-out to our "Dead Last" trophy winners: Jason Trower, Chet Utterback, Bryce Hayes and Tyler VanVleet. Thank you to all the sponsors, donors, participants and volunteers.

Karlene Knisley, B.R.


Local 51 golf scholarship event's "Dead Last" trophy winners.

Election of Officers;
Contract Ratifications

L.U. 53 (lctt,o,rts&u), KANSAS CITY, MO — On June 21, Local 53 held its election of officers. Elected were: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Brett A. Stone, Pres. Todd DuVall, Vice Pres. Jason Allison, Rec. Sec. Chestor Jones, and Sec./Treas. Ron Head Jr. Elected to the Executive Board: Ronald Kapp Jr., Todd A. Shull, Daryl McAfee, Robert Frazee and Eric Younghans. The officers were sworn in on July 19 at Local 53's general meeting. Special thanks to the election judge and the election tellers for a job well done.

The Local 53 membership recently ratified contracts with several companies, as listed below.

Local 53 Rep. Dexter Drerup helped negotiate the contracts with:

Laclede Electric Cooperative — a three-year contract with wage increases of 4 percent the first year, 3 percent the second year, and 3 percent the third year; Webster Electric Cooperative — a three-year contract with increases of 4 percent (2 percent pay increase and 2 percent on 401-k), 3 percent, and 3 percent; Associated Electric Cooperative — a four-year contract with pay increases of 3 percent for each consecutive year of the contract.

Local 53 Rep. Erick Williams helped negotiate the contracts with:

Grundy County Electric Coop — a four-year contract with wage increases of 3½ percent, 3½ percent, 3 percent, and 3 percent; WDAF-TV/Tribune — a three-year contract with wage increases of 2½ percent, 2 percent, and 2 percent.

Local 53 Rep. Chad McGregor helped negotiate the contract with:

New Mac Electrical Cooperative, Neosho, MO — a five-year contract with wage increases of 3.25 percent the first year, 3.25 percent the second year, and 3 percent for each of the following three years.

Local 53 Rep. Kyle Neuenschwander helped negotiate the contract with:

Southwest Electric Coop — a four-year contract with wage increases of 3 percent for each consecutive year of the contract.

Brett A. Stone, B.M./F.S.

Salute to Recently Retired
Business Manager Schraeder

L.U. 81 (i), SCRANTON, PA — On March 21 this year, Local 81 officers and members presented then-Bus. Mgr. Richard Schraeder with a plaque commemorating his last union meeting as business manager. Rick retired March 31, after 48 years as a member of Local 81. He has been an officer for 35 years and served the last five years as business manager. Rick was instrumental in getting the new Jessup Powerhouse built. It is a $1.2 billion gas-fired powerhouse (1,500 megawatts). He attended numerous meetings leading up to the start of the project. Rick's main goal was getting all of his members out to work and treating everyone fairly. At this writing, we only have 10 members seeking work, with the outlook for the summer being very good.

Local 81 wishes Rick the best of luck on his retirement and many more years of good health.

Mike Brust, P.S.


Local 81 members and officers present plaque to then-Bus. Mgr. Richard Schrader (front row, left). Back row: N. Waitulavich (left), G. Arcurie, E. O'Donnell, J. Addley, M. Brust. Front row: R. Schraeder, P. Casparro, S. Loughman, M. McDermott and E. Scott.

Mobilization & Solidarity

L.U. 89 (catv,em,lctt,o&t), SEATTLE, WA — At a mobilization event on Saturday, May 13, nearly 100 IBEW Local 89 members along with family and friends gathered across two states, dressed in red and holding signs, as a show of solidarity to Frontier Communications. After six weeks of tense bargaining, the negotiations committee, led by the Local 89 Bus. Mgr. Matthew Carroll, felt the show of strength and support, which couldn't have come at a better time.

The community showed their support with horns and shouts that were easily heard inside the Frontier "Glass Palace," where the negotiating team continued in the effort to reach a reasonable agreement. This show of support from the public was a simple reminder that IBEW is part of our local community, but the message to the company was much stronger.

Local 89 members continue to stand together in solidarity!

Brian Kirschner, P.S. Pro Tem


Local 89 members and supporters attend mobilization rally to show solidarity with workers at Frontier Communications.

Newly Elected Officers

L.U. 103 (cs&i), BOSTON, MA — The membership of Local 103 overwhelmingly elected Lou Antonellis as business manager on May 6.

Bus. Mgr. Antonellis has been a member of IBEW Local 103 for 27 years. For 18 years, he has served as an officer of the union, including 13 as a business agent and the last three years as the local union's president. Antonellis has been recognized by his fellow Local 103 members and the broader labor community for his tireless efforts on the frontline fighting for decent wages, benefits and workers' rights. Antonellis ran on a detailed 20-point plan for the local's future that outlined key areas for union growth and a variety of concrete initiatives.

The May election saw the biggest turnout in Local 103's 117-year history. Over 56 percent of Local 103 members, including many first-time voters, turned out to usher in an entirely new leadership team to be led by Bus. Mgr. Antonellis, Vice Pres. Frank Aikens and myself, Pres. Robert Sheehan Jr.

Congratulations to Lou and all newly elected officers of Local 103! [Photo at bottom, left.]

Robert S. Sheehan Jr., Pres.


Local 103 holds swearing in of officers.

Scholarship Award Winners;
IBEW Service Pin Honorees

L.U. 111 (em,govt,lctt,mt,o,rtb,spa&u), DENVER, CO — The month of July brings the Local 111 tradition of honoring our yearly Vinc Perry Ellis Scholarship winners and acknowledging our members receiving their IBEW 50- and 60-year IBEW service award pins and certificates. This year's reception was held July 14.

Congratulations to: our 50-year service award recipients — C. LeRoy Garcia, Byron J. Melick, Dennis R. Miller, Stanley G. Miller, Leslie I. Morris, Dennis L. Newcome, Patrick M. Pazen, David L. Shalosky and Thomas L. VanCleave; and our 60-year service award recipients — William B. Kinney, Donald F. Underwood and Ernest L. Veo.

Also, congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Vinc Perry Ellis Scholarship. This year's winners are: Samuel Ramos, child of Ted C. Ramos (PSCO Unit 4); Breanna Clayton, child of Dwight Clayton (PSCO Unit 17B); Emily Booth, child of Charles Booth (SLV Unit 30); Cheyenne Paeper, child of Steve Paeper (PAR Unit 1); and Mika Mildenberger, child of Jonathan Mildenberger (PSCO Unit 3). Each scholarship winner was awarded a $1,500 scholarship.

Denny Wallace, P.S.

Importance of Safety;
Service Pin Dinner & Picnic

L.U. 113 (ees,em,i,mo&o), COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — June 10 saw the local hosting its Service Pin Dinner, and attendance was great. A total of over 1,700 years of service combined set a new record for us. Thanks to all the members, active and retired, for their dedication to the IBEW. Attendees enjoyed the dinner and the camaraderie.

And on June 24 the local hosted its annual picnic at Wonderland Ranch. It was nice to see all the families having such a good time.

I cannot say enough about the importance of safety. Safety issues affect everyone, not just you, the worker. Loss of time on the job, or even worse loss of life, is devastating to families. Our contractors are hurt too if there are safety lapses, having to pay higher premiums and possibly not being able to secure jobs in the event of a high recordable-incident rate.

The bottom line is, we are not doing anyone any favors by taking unsafe shortcuts on a job or task in which we are entrusted to know the best and safest way to accomplish the work. We are all professionals and, as IBEW members, we are held to a higher standard so we can secure more work and be certain to come home at night to our loved ones.

Brian Putnam, P.S.

Annual Oregon Golf Classic

L.U. 125 (lctt,o,t&u), PORTLAND, OR — On June 24, golfers convened in Hood River, Oregon, for the 21st Annual Oregon Golf Classic, benefitting the Oregon Burn Center at Legacy Emanuel. This year, $48,000 was raised.

A moment of recognition was held for Bill Quimby, whose vision and passion for burn prevention to protect utility workers was the catalyst that led to the tournament's creation.

"Bill's dedication kept this going for 21 years, and it is now my responsibility to keep the tournament going for him," said Gene Daily. With our new committee members, we have an excellent chance to make it happen," he added.

IBEW Local 125 was named Sponsor of the Year. "We're proud to be part of such an important event that benefits more than the IBEW," said Bus. Mgr. Travis Eri. "This tournament has raised funds that have impacted communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. I would like to thank Bill Quimby and his family for their continuous efforts associated with this event."

A special thank-you to Gene for his willingness to keep the event going. Bill Quimby, Gene Daily, Joann Woods, Tim Clouse, Larry Browning, Mike Wolford, Stephanie Enright and Jim Hart served on this year's committee.

Marcy Grail, A.B.M.


At the 21st Annual Oregon Golf Classic: Larry Browning (left), Bill Quimby, Gene Daily and Mike Wolford.

Election of Officers;
Scholarship Winners

L.U. 191 (c,i,mo,rtb&st), EVERETT, WA — IBEW Local 191 welcomes our newly elected leadership team. Thanks to all the members who voted and all candidates who ran for office — you do make a difference.

Congratulations to the elected officers: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Joe Lorenzo, Pres. Damien Fisher, Vice Pres. Paul Criswell, Rec. Sec. Joe Verda and Treas. Brad Baker. Executive Board members: Everett - Colleen O'Brien; Mount Vernon - Shar Leabo-Straub; Bellingham - Sheila Wilson; Wenatchee - Randy Curry; and Sound & Communications - John Waite. Examining Board members: Eastside - Sean Osborne; Westside - Tim Kornelis, Derek Stuurmans and Donnie Lewis.

Delegates to the International Convention: Joe Lorenzo, Damien Fisher, Gil Walsh, Randy Curry, Colleen O'Brien and Shar Leabo-Straub.

As part of our Community Involvement Program, our local union awarded two scholarships to graduating high-school seniors: Jared Anderson (Lynnwood High School), and Savannah Zullo (Anacortes High School). Savannah is the daughter of IBEW 191 member Michael Zullo.

We wish both students much success in their studies. Please look for upcoming notices for our fall and winter events soon.

Bill Mirand, P.S.

Work Picture Picking Up;
Officers Elected

L.U. 193 (i,lctt,o,rts,spa&u), SPRINGFIELD, IL — Work is picking up here in Local 193. We won't be getting to Book 2 anytime soon though, as the State of Illinois is quickly closing in on two full years without a budget, at the time of this writing. The medical district, the schools and the prevailing wage projects have all suffered because of this. [Editor's Note: After 736 days, Illinois finally passed a budget, on July 6 this year, over the veto of Gov. Bruce Rauner.]

Local 193 recently held its election of officers. Newly elected officers are: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Neil Hervey, Pres. Mike Patsche II, Vice Pres. David Evans, Rec. Sec. Susan Solon, Treas. Samuel Sexton, and Executive Board members Matt Dannenberger, Jason McKenzie and David Wells.

Former business manager Glenn Baugh and former assistant business manager Paul Moore retired at the end of their terms. Glenn has served the local for 18 years, 12 of which were as organizer and for the last six years as business manager. Paul served as the assistant business manager for over 10 years. We thank them for their service and wish them a long and happy retirement.

The line clearance tree trimmers recently held their periodic safety meeting here at the Local 193 Union Hall. Among those in attendance were: Paul Parziale, Bill Jones, A.J. Coontz, Tim Gardner, Chris Norvell, Robert Day-Putnam, Blake Behl, David Evans, Lucas Mathews, Cory LeSeure, Shaun McNeece, Danny Rhodes, Tyler Stelbrink, Evin Lowe, Jim Hill and Todd Smith.

Our sympathies go out to the families of recently deceased members Henry Morgan, Carl Jiannoni and William Smith.

Work smart and be safe. Attend your union meetings.

Matt Peterson, B.R.


Attendees assemble at Local 193 union hall for Nelson Tree Service Safety Training meeting.

Labor Day Parade;
Election of Officers

L.U. 197 (em&i), BLOOMINGTON, IL — We are proud to announce our latest JATC apprenticeship graduates for 2017. Congratulations to: Fernando Daily, Ryan McCoy, Brian Stufflebeam and Eric Togliatti. We look forward to these fine brothers advancing their careers and becoming more involved in the local union. Completing the apprenticeship is no easy task and it opens up the path to a great career. Too often we take for granted the opportunity we have.

Recently our local held its election of officers. Congratulations to: Bus. Mgr. Rich Veitengruber, Pres. Mike Raikes, Vice Pres. Jake Goar, Rec. Sec. Bernie Uszcienski, Treas. Stephanie Ashenbremer, and Executive Board members Matt Allen, Keith Ashenbremer, Shawn Dehaven, Jake Knoblach, Tom Peasley, Greg Potter and Matt Strupp. We look forward to working with these leaders for the next three years. Thank you to election judge Matt Wall, and election tellers Greg Geshwilm and Scott Schunke, for performing their duties to properly conduct the election.

Labor Day is fast approaching. Everyone is invited and encouraged to walk in the Labor Day Parade. Line up on Front and Center streets at 9:30 a.m.; the parade kicks off at 10 a.m. After the parade, a picnic will be held at the union hall. There will be games for the kids, a Cornhole tournament, good food and cold drinks. Remember to get involved in the local and stay involved!

Mike Raikes, Pres.


Local 197 Training Dir. Renee Riddle (third from left) congratulates 2017 JATC graduates Brian Stufflebeam (left), Fernando Daily, Eric Togliatti and Ryan McCoy.

IBEW 213 Labour Education
Conference a Great Success

L.U. 213 (c,catv,em,i&u), VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — About 170 IBEW Local 213 members gathered in June at "Moving Forward with New Ideas," the local's first labour education conference. The milestone event attracted shop stewards and active members from every occupation and geographical region in Local 213's British Columbia jurisdiction.

The International Office sent facilitators from across North America to guide the breakout sessions on leadership training, a warm-up for an intensified Local 213 shop steward training program to be launched in fall 2017. They worked closely with volunteer local facilitators. Nearby, B.C. Electrical Joint Training Committee instructors presented the Mentorship Matters™ course, developed in the Local 213 training school.

Int. Pres. Lonnie R. Lonnie Stephenson sent a special conference welcome by video. First District Int. Vice Pres. William F. "Bill" Daniels and IBEW 213 leadership emphasized the impact that individual members can have on the union and the community.

Delegates gave the conference a high rating. For example, one attendee commented: "I am looking forward to enrolling in the next shop steward course and to having a more active role in union committees." A young electrical apprentice wrote: "I'm a new sister and a new mom, and this all hits home to me. I need a safe place for my boys to continue building this world in."

Todd Nickel, P.S.


IBEW Local 213 delegates at the "Moving Forward with New Ideas" conference.

Welcome to New Members;
Renewable Energy Projects

L.U. 223 (em,govt&i), BROCKTON, MA — Congratulations to all the newly elected officers, who have now been in office for the past few months.

The work ahead for us as a local is going to be a challenge but will be rewarding in the end for all the members.

We have been successful in bringing in new members and would like to welcome them all into the local union.

We hope that by the time this article is published we will have a decision concerning the Mashpee Wampanoag Resort Casino project and that project will be on a construction fast track.

All the solar projects that we have completed this year help us forget the closing of Brayton Point Power Station and allow us to look toward the future renewable energy projects.

David W. Fenton, B.M./F.S.

Membership on the Rise;
Nuclear Plant Legislation

L.U. 245 (govt,lctt,o,rtb&u), TOLEDO, OH — Our local union membership is on the rise. During our May and June union meetings, 25 new members were sworn in. The accompanying photo shows Pres. Ray Zychowicz swearing in 18 new members at our June meeting. We welcome our new members and hope they will attend union meetings on a regular basis.

On the outside, the work picture is steady as of this writing, with a couple of big jobs pending that should start soon. Members are reminded to stay current on the books to be eligible for these jobs.

On the nuclear side of the house, our Local 245 Bus. Mgr. Larry Tscherne and Brad Goetz, president of IBEW Local 1413, have been working tirelessly with public officials in Columbus in an effort to gain political support for bills that allow Zero-Emissions Nuclear (ZEN) credits for Davis Besse and Perry nuclear plants. These bills will help keep these plants open. The IBEW officers could use your help — while they are only one voice, you are many. This can be easily done by visiting website to contact your representative. At the time of this writing, House Bill 178 and Senate Bill 128 were scheduled to come out of committee sometime in August or September.

Just a reminder: Local 245 elections are this fall. Nominations will be made at the September union meeting.

Be safe and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Ray Zychowicz, P.S.


Local 245 Pres. Ray Zychowicz swears in new members at June meeting.

Officers Elected;
Upcoming September Events

L.U. 309 (i,lctt,mo,mt,o,rts,spa&u), COLLINSVILLE, IL — Local 309 held its election of officers on June 5. The installation of officers took place at the regular meeting on July 10.

Congratulations to the officers: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Tim Evans, Pres. Mike Stuart, Vice Pres. Dustin Grice, Rec. Sec. Carlos Perez and Treas. Larry Aleksandrian. Executive Board linemen: Sam Gross, Ron Scott and Lee Walters. Executive Board wiremen: Rob Coppersmith, Chris Huckins and Matt Sommer. Executive Board at large: Matt Burke and Jimmie Wildhaber.

Thank you to outgoing president Chris Burns, who served three terms. Chris has been an active member for many years and will continue to be an asset to this local.

Local 309 is wrapping up a sizable project at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in O'Fallon, IL. This project was worked under a project labor agreement. Many man-hours were captured on this project.

As of this writing, Ameren negotiations are continuing with Locals 51, 649 and 702.

Our annual Party at The Park is Sept. 9 this year, and the local's golf outing will be Sept. 22.

Work safe and see you at the next union meeting.

Scott Tweedy, A.B.M.

Kudos to Local Scholars;
'Activism is Key to Strength'

L.U. 343 (i,spa&st), LE SUEUR, MN — Local 343 awards, annually, up to 10 $500 scholarships to qualifying apprentices. To be eligible, the apprentice must be active in union meeting attendance or volunteering at union functions.

Congratulations to the eight recent scholarship winners: Milo Weckwerth, Brent Weinberger, Nathan Espenson, Joseph Aul, Johnathan Mastrey, Kevin Vogt, Owen Sannes and Paul Spevacek.

An involved and educated membership will ensure our local remains strong against upcoming attacks on organized labor. One target the current Republican administration has cited is The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931. It is a law to prevent local wage standards from being undercut on federal construction projects by low bidders importing cheap labor as a cost-cutting measure. It is important to note that the co-sponsors of the Davis Bacon Act of 1931 — then-Sen. James Davis and then-Rep. Robert Bacon — were both Republicans.

"The Union Workers Bible" poses the following question: "What is a union's greatest weakness?" Answer: "The indifference of its members to their own affairs."

Knowledge and activism will move our IBEW forward.

Keep America beautiful; buy "Made In the USA."

Tom Small, P.S.


Local 343 Bus. Mgr. Chad Katzung (far right) congratulates scholarship winners: Milo Weckwerth (left), Brent Weinberger, Nathan Espenson, Joseph Aul, Johnathan Mastrey, Kevin Vogt and Owen Sannes. Not pictured: Paul Spevacek.

Spirit of Volunteerism

L.U. 347 (em,i,mt,rtb,rts&spa), DES MOINES, IA — Local 347 encourages a culture of volunteerism. The spirit of volunteerism is apparent in our apprenticeship program. The apprentices are required to be of service to our community to the extent of 15 hours a year.

One such volunteer project came about as a result of our JATC acquiring a new building for journeyman wireman and apprentice training. The previous owner had laboratory stations in the building, which they left when they moved out.

Steve Hansen, director of training, found that a rural high school in Iowa had a need for that very equipment. So, on June 10, several IBEW Local 347 journeymen and a few apprentices, joined by some volunteer plumbers from UA Local 33, loaded the equipment and moved and installed it at Twin Cedars High School near Bussey, Iowa.

This kind of interaction with the community is always a plus for everyone; the high school gets new equipment, the apprentices fulfill their requirements, and the journeymen have the opportunity to show a community what brotherhood in organized labor is all about.

Work continues to be plentiful in the local. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

Mike Schweiger, P.S.


IBEW Local 347 journeymen and apprentices volunteered their help with installation of equipment at Twin Centers High School.

Picnic at Parkside Pavilion;
Children's Oncology 'Tree'

L.U. 375 (catv,ees&i), ALLENTOWN, PA — Local 375 would like to congratulate this year's graduating apprenticeship class. They have proven to be exemplary in their academics as well as their work ethic. The members, staff and officers wish them well as they continue their careers as journeymen.

On Saturday, May 27, the brothers and sisters of Local 375 gathered with their families for the Annual Picnic at Dorney Park. The newly built Parkside Pavilion, which employed our members in its construction, became a hub of activity throughout the day. This year's attendance of 600 afforded everyone the opportunity to build stronger bonds as a local and a family.

In addition, we wish to acknowledge the members who worked on the Children's Oncology Suite at Lehigh Valley Health Network. This project will provide vital diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer within the Lehigh Valley region. However not all treatment begins with medicine and in this instance it begins just through the entrance. The members worked on construction of a "tree" within the suite that welcomes and comforts children who arrive for their appointments. Built into the canopy are lights formed into the shapes of constellations. This stars-in-the-tree effect provides for the perfect sense of awe as these children enter the suite. As a local we are proud to have a hand in the battle against this devastating disease.

Christopher Kaufman, B.R.


IBEW Local 375 members worked on construction of a decorative "tree" at Children's Oncology Suite at Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Foreman Development Series
Class of 2017 Graduates

L.U. 379 (i,o&rtb), CHARLOTTE, NC — Work continues at a robust pace in Charlotte, NC, and is picking up in Greenville, SC, as well. New jobs in Greenville are a direct result of efforts by Asst. Bus. Agent Edgar Brown, who has been working tirelessly to attract union contractors to bid work in that city.

Education continues to be a focus to grow our local. We are proud to have graduated our first two Foreman Development Series classes. We had a fantastic graduation ceremony in May for the 21 members who completed the Core Series and the eight who completed the Advanced Series, which includes 16 modules. IBEW Tenth District Int. Vice Pres. Brent E. Hall and Int. Reps. Benny Hunnicutt and David Hoque spoke to the graduating class. Everyone brought their families and we enjoyed a barbeque dinner together before the ceremony. It was a great event and a proud moment for the local.

Local 379 Foreman Development Series class of 2017 graduates are as follows: Core graduates — Shannon Farley, Reginald Gatling, Brian Hutchinson, Doug McDaniel, Gilbert McIntyre, Mike Ryan, Michael Owenby, Michael McCann, Roman Hinojosa, Terry Lette, Patrick Currence, Joe Fedourich, Christian Ramirez, Barry Baker, Dustin Pollitt, Jason George, Jeffery Neu, Russ Clowers, Tom Newcomb, Stacey Ballard and George Fondren; Advanced graduates — Shannon Farley, Doug McDaniel, Gilbert McIntyre, Mike Ryan, Roman Hinojosa, Patrick Currence, Dustin Pollitt and Stacey Ballard.

We are now also teaching the FDS in our Greenville office and have just sent two additional members to be trained as instructors so we can offer it in our Hickory office also.

In June, we had our Annual Spring Picnic, which was well-attended by members and retirees. It was a nice, relaxing activity before the busy summer season!

Ashley Hawkins, Organizer


Local 379 Foreman Development Series class of 2017 graduates.

Leadership Transition

L.U. 449 (catv,em,i,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), POCATELLO, ID — This summer started off hot and busy for Local 449. We had Career Fairs in Pocatello and Idaho Falls that were very productive. We also had several local functions as well as our Annual Local 449 Picnic, where we handed out IBEW service pins.

We have a new business manager and a new assistant at Local 449. Ned Jones was appointed business manager, effective July 1. The Local 449 Executive Board appointed Bus. Mgr. Jones to fill the remainder of the unexpired term of former business manager Rodney James, who accepted a position as international representative.

Clay Hirning is now assistant business manager/dispatcher.

Local 449 wishes to thank Int. Rep. Rodney James for his longtime, dedicated service and the hard work he has done for our local. We wish him the best of luck in his new position with the International. We also thank the new officers who have stepped up to take on new positions.

Thanks also to all the IBEW brothers and sisters who came from around the country to attend the 49th Reunion and stopped by to sign our books.

With deep sorrow, we report the passing of Bro. Robert "Bob" Wetherbee. He will be missed but never forgotten.

Congratulations to recently retired members: Bros. Doug Frugoli, Randy Norman, Daryl Walters, Joseph Robinson and Don Wainright. We thank these brothers for everything they have done for our local. Enjoy that retirement you worked so hard for, brothers!

Joe Maloney, Organizer

Charity Golf Tournament;
IBEW 50-Year Service Pin

L.U. 455 (em&u), SPRINGFIELD, MA — At our June union meeting, service pins were awarded for all years of service to the IBEW. Retired international representative and former Local 455 business manager Ed Collins was awarded his 50 year-pin. Congratulations, Ed, and thank you for all your years of tireless service to the Brotherhood.

Local 455 also had its first charity golf tournament in June. We plan to hold this event annually. The tournament was a great success with 92 golfers and, more importantly, over $4,500 was raised for charity.

Brian E. Kenney, B.M./F.S.


At Local 455 union meeting, retired international rep and former business manager Ed Collins received his 50-year service award.

Election of Officers;
Apprenticeship Graduation

L.U. 481 (ees,em,i,mt,rts,s&spa), INDIANAPOLIS, IN — This past June, IBEW Local 481 held its election of officers. Congratulations to the elected officers, and thank you to all those who ran and were willing to put your names out there. To all the newly elected officers, keep doing the good work that the leaders before you have been doing, and let's continue to make the members of Local 481 proud.

In August, IBEW 481 held its annual apprenticeship graduation dinner, celebrating the recent graduates for their success in becoming journeyman inside wiremen. Congratulations to all the graduates and good luck in your future as proud IBEW members. Remember, you get out what you put in, so be active and involved in your union and do your part to continue making the IBEW the best union there is!

Blake A. Andrews, R.S.

Scholarship Award Winners;
Officers Elected

L.U. 499 (u), DES MOINES, IA — Our annual Donald D. Krause Scholarship Award winners were selected at our Executive Board meeting in April. Each year, we give out four $500 scholarships to eligible candidates.

This year's scholarship winners are: Caleb Gubbels (whose father, Scott Gubbels, works in Sioux City); Griffen McBride (whose father, Dustin Mull, works in Knoxville); Jaycie Schueman (father, Mike Schueman, works in Avoca); and Chelsea Spreng (father, Andy Spreng, works in Sioux City)

In June, Local 499 completed its election of officers and E-Board members.

Elected officers are: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Randy Phillips, Pres. Dan Earp, Vice Pres. Jerry Hyde, Rec. Sec. Sarah Faber and Treas. Tesa Greenlee Strong.

Executive Board members: Area 1 — Jon Sandage, from Sioux City; Area 2 — Jake Schneider, from Ida Grove; Area 3 — Troy Pecenka, from Waterloo; Area 4 — Jim Carroll, from Council Bluffs; Area 5 — Mike Buntz, from Des Moines; Area 6 — Rick Thele, from Fort Madison; and At Large — Mike Zediker, from Sioux City. Mike Buntz and Rick Thele are the new members on the E-Board. We welcome them on board.

A special thank you to our election judge, Dave Shepley, and election tellers Colby Allen, Jared Merkel, Austin Weber and Chris White.

Sarah Faber, R.S.


Local 499 Executive Board members, from left: Mike Zediker, Mike Buntz, Rick Thele, Troy Pecenka, Jim Carroll, Jake Schneider and Jon Sandage.

'Congratulations to All'

L.U. 569 (i,mar,mt,rts&spa), SAN DIEGO, CA — IBEW Local 569 extends heartfelt congratulations to Juanita Salas, recently elected to the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) board of directors; Michael Zucchet, recently appointed to the San Diego Port Commission; and to Chula Vista Councilmember Steve Padilla, recently appointed to the California Coastal Commission. Each of these positions is of key importance to securing additional work for our members, and each of these persons are significant advocates of working families and have the full support of IBEW Local 569.

Earlier this summer, IBEW 569 and NECA graduated 57 hard-working union members from our outstanding joint apprenticeship program! We congratulate this strong next generation of certified electricians, power professionals and sound technicians, and we are proud of their work! [Photo, below.]

We also wish to recognize our 2017 apprentice recipients of our IBEW 569 Union Strong Award, Steven Harris and Joe Page. They have stepped up to share their stories on how our apprenticeship program and opportunity to "learn while you earn" has strengthened communities and changed lives. Our awardees have also volunteered at countless union events and walked hundreds of miles to help elect candidates who support working families! Congratulations, Steven Harris and Joe Page!

Gretchen K. Newsom, P.S./Organizer


Class of 2017 graduates of the IBEW Local 569/NECA San Diego joint apprenticeship program.

Welcome to New LIRR Members

L.U. 589 (rr), JAMAICA, NY — IBEW local 589 would like to congratulate and welcome its new members employed by Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). They successfully completed their training and the new hire electrician orientation program, and are now starting their careers. We are very proud to represent the electrical workers of the largest commuter railroad in the country.

In addition to the LIRR electrical workers, Local 589 also represents the electrical workers, and now the supervisors, at the AirTrain JFK and AirTrain Newark systems, which provide travel connections to and from Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport, two of the country's busiest airports.

We thank all our members for their hard work and dedication. IBEW Local 589 members are a vital part of this massive transportation system.

Achilles "Augie" Maccarone, R.S.

'A True Labor Champion'

L.U. 595 (c,cs,govt,i,mt,se&st), DUBLIN, CA — We would like to thank recently retired Bro. Matt Maloon for all his hard work and dedication to Local 595 and the IBEW. Congratulations to Bro. Maloon on his April 1 retirement.

Bro. Maloon started his inside wireman apprenticeship in 1980 and after graduating in 1984, he spent the next 18 years in the field as a journeyman, foreman and general foreman. Matt fully embraced leadership roles. He was elected as Local 595 treasurer, Executive Board member and president. He also accepted numerous committee appointments. He served on the Local 595 Pension, LMCC, JATC and Negotiating committees.

He served as the lead organizer for Local 595 since 2002, and his efforts earned him recognition as one of the best organizers in the IBEW. Bro. Maloon also served as the assistant business manager for the past 10 years.

Bro. Maloon's contributions to Local 595 and the IBEW will be sorely missed. He is and always will be a true labor champion.

Jason Gumataotao, Org./P.S.


Local 595 congratulates retired Bro. Matt Maloon.

Local Receives Award;
Election of Officers

L.U. 611 (catv,es,govt,i,lctt,o,spa,t&u), ALBUQUERQUE, NM — The Local 611 election of officers was held at the beginning of June, and our run-off election was June 22, 2017. Elected officers are: Bus. Mgr. Carl Condit, Pres. Ruben Romero, Vice Pres. Alfonso "Fonzy" Martinez, Rec. Sec. Santos Griego, Treas. Jerome Garcia; and Executive Board members Pete Trujillo, James Archuleta, Baudillio "Bobby" Baca, Julio Vigil, Levi Wilson, Mark Strand and David Griego. Congratulations to all the winners.

This year's Seventh District Progress Meeting was held in Wichita, KS. Our local received the Platinum Award for contributing the most money in the Seventh District into the political action committee. The total amount contributed by Local 611 was $111,943.95, which amounts to $53.69 per member.

Local 611 extends condolences to the families of recently deceased members: Leroy Powers, Elmer W. Brunner, Cipriano Lujan, Robert W. Avery, Manuel Lourenco, George W. Williams, Jay P. Halvorson, Frank R. Walker, W. Kay Reynolds, Ronald D. Farless and Joe McCarson.

Darrell J. Blair, P.S.


Local 611 receives IBEW award at Seventh District Progress Meeting. From left: Int. Vice Pres. Steven M. Speer, Int. Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson, local members Christie Chavez and Patricia Griego, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Benson Bitsui, Local 611 Pres. Ruben E. Romero and Int. Sec.-Treas. Kenneth W. Cooper. Back, at podium: Int. Rep. Gary Buresh.

New Leadership Elected

L.U. 613 (em,i,o,rts&spa), ATLANTA, GA — This summer was a busy one at Local 613! We had a new contract to negotiate, and we also had elections for officers. The elections resulted in new leadership for Local 613. Kenny Mullins was elected business manager and Kevin Swanson was elected president. There were also changes to the Executive Board and Examining Board. In a runoff election for financial secretary, the membership elected David Lawson.

Bus. Mgr. Mullins and Pres. Swanson ran a campaign on boosting the spirit of solidarity and active participation among the membership, and building on the strength of our union in Atlanta.

The membership would like to thank former business manager Max Mount, former president Brian King and all the other officers for their years of service and commitment to the IBEW and the membership of Local 613. We look forward to the great endeavors to follow in the years ahead for Local 613.

James Williams, P.S.


Local 613 Pres. Kevin Swanson (left) and Bus. Mgr. Kenny Mullins.

Apprenticeship Graduates;
Officers Elected

L.U. 639 (i&rts), SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA — Congratulations to the Local 639 graduating apprenticeship class of 2017. Graduation ceremonies were held June 3 at F. McLintocks Saloon and Dining House in Shell Beach, CA. Keynote speaker was Jeremy Goldberg, executive director of the Tri-Counties Central Labor Council. Goldberg gave an inspiring speech on the need for all unions to get involved and work together to build the strength of the labor movement. "United we stand, divided we fall."

Special shout-out to Chris Robb, recipient of the Outstanding Apprentice Award.

Chris, along with Training Dir. Dan Miller and JATC instructors Joe Fitzer and Ben Goldman, attended the National Training Institute (NTI) in Ann Arbor, MI, for a week in August.

Local 639 officer nominations were held at the May general membership meeting. All the positions were confirmed by a Certified White Ballot at the June 2017 general membership meeting.

Elected by acclamation were: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Mark Simonin, Pres. Joe Fitzer, Vice Pres. Brett Malone, Treas. Jaime Quintana, Rec. Sec. Dan Miller, and Executive Board members Jimmy Mase, Jack Haley, Gil Larson and Gene Sewell.

Congratulations to all!

Kurt McClave, P.S.


Local 639 class of 2017 JATC apprenticeship graduates: Kellen Wouters (left), Tony Nasif, Brandon Howard, Jonathan Dotson, Chris Robb, Jason Leyden and Chris Van Huss.

Officers Sworn In

L.U. 759 (u), FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — In June, we held an election for Local 759 officers, Executive Board members and System Council delegates.

The membership re-elected: Bus. Mgr./Pres. Tim Haynick, Vice Pres. Hector Benevides, Rec. Sec. Tim Brucker, Fin. Sec. Keith Murphy and Treas. David Denslow.

Executive Board results: Distribution E-Board members — Justin Stockton and Dan Shaw; Power Generation E-Board member — Robert St Ledger; Power Delivery E-Board member — Don Saker; and At Large E-Board member — Jim Delaware. At this writing, one position remained vacant for Power Generation E-Board member.

System Council delegates: Distribution delegate — Tim Brucker; Power Generation delegate — Jose Castellanos; Power Delivery delegate — Charlie Wilbar; At-Large delegate — Hector Benevides.

As of press time Local 759 is still busy with contract talks, as our current contract expires Oct. 31, 2017.

Just a reminder: Local 759 holds its monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month. With contract talks under way, come to the meetings to hear the latest on the contract talks.

Glen Plock, P.S.


Local 759 Bus. Mgr./Pres. Tim Haynick swears in: from left, Don Saker, Hector Benevides, Charlie Wilbar, Dan Shaw and David Denslow.

Union Communications

L.U. 777 (u), READING, PA — Communication is central to a union's operation, as we all know. Getting and keeping everyone in your local informed can be a complicated process. Especially here at Local 777 because of the vast distance between shops and the five units that make up our structure.

We are happy to say that task has been made easier through our relationship with UCOMM Communications.

Important information — about local union events and operations; contracts and contract issues with various companies; and local, state and federal politics — now goes out to the members with little effort. It has been a little more than a year that UCOMM has been on board with Local 777 helping us communicate. The old bulletin board still works, but through the multimedia formats, the information gets out faster, more efficiently and directly to each member.

Mark Power, P.S.

'Touch-a-Truck' Event

L.U. 949 (em,t&u), BURNSVILLLE, MN — Brother Luke Lallemont represented IBEW Local 949 at the Touch-a-Truck event in downtown Winona, MN, on May 13 this year. Lallemont is a line crew foreman for Xcel Energy.

Touch-a-Truck is a family friendly event that gives kids of all ages the opportunity to explore the big vehicles they see every day. The event was sponsored by Winona Main Street.

Over 2,000 participants had the opportunity to see and explore a utility bucket truck and equipment up close, learn what it does, understand vehicle safety, ask questions, have some candy and engage in the favorite activity — blowing the air horn! Pictured in the accompanying photo, Bro. Lallemont poses with potential future IBEW members having fun at the event.

Rick P. Oakes, B.M.


At Touch-a-Truck event, Local 949 member Luke Lallemont greets young attendees.

Kudos to Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 1105 (i), NEWARK, OH — At the beginning of a five-year apprenticeship, it may seem as if there is no end in sight. That is, until you have sat in your final apprenticeship class and it hits you — five years of hard work on the job, countless nights doing homework and attending classes have finally paid off. You have met the requirements, and you have done what it takes to become a journeyman wireman.

IBEW Local 1105 would like to congratulate all graduating apprentices throughout the IBEW. With the ever-changing technology and today's fast pace, it takes an abundance of skills and determination to stay on top of the electrical industry, and we are sure these brothers and sisters are up to the task.

To Local 1105's recent apprentice graduates, our new journeymen — Joe Hoang, Ryan Spiker, Drew Boylan, Adam Haumschild and Zach Ramage — we wish you continued success and best of luck for the future!

Donny Rutledge, Organizer


Local 1105 apprentice graduates: Joe Hoang (left), Zach Ramage, Adam Haumschild, Ryan Spiker and Drew Boylan.

Political Efforts Yield Win;

L.U. 1141 (em,i,mow,rts&spa), OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — With help from IBEW Local 1141, the Oklahoma AFL-CIO, the Building Trades, and a coalition of eager volunteers, candidate Michael Brooks claimed victory on July 11 in Oklahoma Senate District 44's special election. Thanks to all the volunteers who knocked on doors, made literature drops, and phone banked to help bring a true friend of working families to the state Capitol.

"In our hearts, we know we're better than underfunded schools and underpaid teachers," Brooks told "We know we're better than a budget that places the burden on everyday Oklahomans. We are better than families working two to three jobs just to make ends meet. We all believe we are better than this."

Local 1141 was also honored with a COPE award from Int. Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson on June 14 at the Seventh District Progress Meeting in Wichita, KS.

Thank you to our dedicated brothers and sisters for standing up for working families in our great state. I look forward to seeing many of you at our Annual Family Picnic on Sept. 9.

Dewayne Wilcox, B.M./F.S.


Local 1141 is presented COPE Award. From left: Seventh District Int. Vice Pres. Steven M. Speer, Int. Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson, Local 1141 Pres. Bill L. Servati, Bus. Mgr. Dewayne Wilcox, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Jim Griffy and Int. Sec.-Treas. Kenneth W. Cooper. Back, at podium: Int. Rep. Gary Buresh.

Champs at Rodeo Competitions;
IBEW Members Restore Power

L.U. 1245 (catv,em,govt,lctt,o,pet,t&u), VACAVILLE, CA — Local 1245 members demonstrated their prowess at several Rodeo competitions this spring. Jordan Chene, Anthony Humbert and Nick Smith of PG&E came in first place overall at the National Sisterhood United for Journeyman Lineman Rodeo, where Nick Smith also won the Best Lineman Award; Francisco Garcia came in first place overall in the Gas Division at the International Utility Locate Rodeo; and Greg Frizell was the first-place apprentice at the American Public Power Association Rodeo.

After enduring the wettest, most storm-ridden winter in almost a century, Local 1245 members are now working diligently through an equally taxing summer season. During the month of June, many parts of California saw some of the highest temperatures ever recorded, which led to more than 1,000 outages and around 270,000 customers left without power.

"Without our members' expertise and tireless work ethic, hundreds of thousands of Californians would have been left without electricity for far too long, and that becomes incredibly dangerous during a heat wave," said IBEW 1245 Bus. Mgr. Tom Dalzell. "The work that Local 1245 members do is nothing short of life-saving, and they continue to prove that our union is second to none in terms of sheer talent and commitment."

IBEW Local 1245 members in Outside Construction overwhelmingly ratified a new agreement, by a margin of 94 percent yes, to 6 percent no. The agreement with NECA also applies to IBEW Local 47 Outside Construction members, who similarly voted to approve the agreement, 93 percent yes, to 7 percent no. The total package is worth 15.7 percent over five years, with increases in the National Electrical Annuity Plan (NEAP) over the term of the contract of 51 percent and doubling the popular Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) contribution amount by 2019.

Rebecca Band, P.S.


IBEW Local 1245 members Jordan Chene (left), Anthony Humbert and Nick Smith show off their trophies from the NSUJL Rodeo.

Local 1501 Members Working
At Gulfstream Park in Florida

L.U. 1501 (ees,em,mo,pet,rts&t), BALTIMORE, MD — Recently, Bus. Mgr./Pres. Dion Guthrie met with members of the local who are working at Gulfstream Park Racetrack in Hallandale Beach, Florida. The members are pictured here (at top, right) sporting their new IBEW 1501 caps.

The members at Gulfstream Park were pleased that the business manager stopped by to have a meeting with them and bring them up to date on issues affecting the company and provide an update on other union matters. One of the members' greatest concerns is the current political administration in Washington and how it will affect their jobs at racetracks around the country. We all need to now focus on the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections and work to elect more members of Congress who are favorable to labor and working people.

James Boyd, F.S./P.S.


Local 1501 Bus. Mgr. Dion Guthrie (center) met with members working at Gulfstream Park. Standing, from left: George Dure, steward Victor Kuck, Javier Ventura, Bus. Mgr. Guthrie, Alejandro Mujica, Taoufix Zahry, David Boliman. Kneeling, Wayne Young. Not pictured: Local 1501 Southern District Executive Board member Greg Nelson, Isaac Gonzales, Edward Adams and Heriberto Reyes.

Local 1547 Elects Leadership

L.U. 1547 (c,em,i,o,t&u), ANCHORAGE, AK — IBEW Local 1547 announced results of its election of officers.

Dave Reaves was elected to a three-year term as Local 1547 business manager/financial secretary. "It's an honor to be elected as business manager," Reaves said. "Over the next three years, my top goals are ensuring safety on the job for our members, supporting the growth and infrastructure of our state to create more jobs for our union members, and to continue building a strong, unified IBEW."

Bus. Mgr. Reaves has been with the IBEW for over 20 years. He has worked as a lineman, business representative, and more recently served as assistant business manager for Unit 101 for the last two years, overseeing collective bargaining agreements and the local's day-to-day operations.

Other members elected or re-elected to Local 1547 office for a three-year term are:

Pres. Knute Anderson, Vice Pres. Vince Beltrami, Sec. Laura Bonner, Treas. Cecil Colley III; Executive Board members Eric Runyan, Allen Wiggs, Jesse Young, Sven Westergard; and Examining Board members Knut Boersma, Shane Longbine, Nathan Janson, Jared Anderson and Karm Singh.

Marcie Obremski was named as Unit 101 assistant business manager, replacing Reaves. A journeyman telephone technician, Obremski has been an IBEW member for 25 years and on staff for six years.

Melinda Taylor, P.S.


Local 1547 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Dave Reaves.

Vogtle Scheduled to Proceed;
Congratulations to Graduates

L.U. 1579 (i&o), AUGUSTA, GA — Local 1579's apprenticeship graduation was May 19. We are proud of these new journeymen. When the graduates started their first year of the five-year apprenticeship, there were 49 in the initial class. These 27 graduates stuck it out and achieved success. Thank you, 2017 graduates, for your hard work and dedication to the IBEW — you are the future.

Class of 2017 graduates are: Matthew Alverson, Jamaal Berry, Terrance Butler, Brandon Carlton, Brandon Carroll, Major Elam, Jayme Elliott, Joseph Fritz, Blake Gregory, Tonya Griffin, Kevin Hall, Nicholas Hawkinberry, Robin Herndon, Michael Hilliard, Kenya Hodge, Carlton Jeburk, Carl Johnson, Travis King Jr., Margaret Senters, Clifton Mathis, Gabriel Price, John Redmond, Ethan Taylor, Damioun Valentine, Rayo White, Tillman Williams and Matthew Wise.

Our work situation is great! Our largest job is the Vogtle project. This job is currently working at least five days a week, at 10 hours per day. Usually we have open calls for this project. Always call first to get the latest job situation.

Additionally, we have various work around the jurisdiction to include: the Mixed Oxide (MOX) project; Reliable Power project; Saltstone Disposal Unit project; the ongoing pre-outage work at Vogtle (Units 1&2); the Green Jackets Ball Stadium; and the Augusta National Retail Project, just to name a few.

I know many have heard about the Westinghouse bankruptcy, which generated rumors that the Vogtle project would shut down due to a lack of funds. This is NOT the situation. After many meetings with the general contractor and the customer (Southern Company), I am confident that this project will continue and will be finished. Southern Company and Westinghouse are working through the financial details and should have a bigger presence on the job.

I thank all the IBEW members working on the Vogtle project. I know that with the negative publicity this job has endured, morale has not been the highest. I also know there was a negative story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that tried to blame the craft workers for problems on the job. Fortunately, I was able to talk to the AJC and tell our side of the story, to defend the IBEW and the other unions working on the project. I was able to be your voice and report that material is not in great supply, work packages are often incomplete, and upper management is lacking in their ability to do their jobs.

Remember, IBEW is the best. As long as we have the material and all the information needed to install the job, it will be done professionally. If you don't have what you need to do the job, then management is not doing theirs.

Will Salters, B.M./F.S.


Active & Engaged —
Stand Up for Workers

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 1, ST. LOUIS, MO — At this summer writing, the weather has warmed up nicely in the Midwest.

I hope everyone was contacted and signed the petition for a proposed ballot initiative to seek repeal of Missouri's anti-worker "right-to-work" law. The Republican-controlled Statehouse in Jefferson City and the governor have been trying to lower wages and working conditions for working people. They tried to rid Missouri of the prevailing wage law. They've banned project labor agreements (PLA's) on some projects, and passed the anti-worker "right to work" law. Please make sure everyone in your family is registered to vote. Keep informed about labor-friendly candidates and vote!

A couple dozen retirees played in our yearly golf tournament in June. Maybe we should have one in the fall.

The last two Retirees Club meetings for this year are on Sept. 20 (the luncheon) and Nov. 15.

Neal McCormack, P.S.

Golf Outing a Success

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, NASSAU CHAPTER — The Local 3, Nassau Chapter, Retirees Club held its first golf outing on Flag Day, Wednesday, June 14, this year. The chapter plans to make the golf outing an annual event. [Photo at bottom, left.]

Event Co-Chairmen Austin McCann and Mark Valenti put together the 8 a.m. shotgun start for 44 golfers at Stonebridge Country Club in Smithtown, Long Island. The weather was perfect. Golf was followed by a great lunch and awards for the best golfer, longest drive, and closest to the pins on par threes as well as many raffled gifts. Many thanks to Chapter Chairman Ed Weiss for his support on what should prove to be an event we will look forward to each year.

John Milligan, P.S.


At the Local 3, Nassau Chapter, Retirees Club golf outing on June 14.

Fall Activities Scheduled

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, NORTHERN NEW JERSEY CHAPTER — Congratulations to our June service award recipients!

Several of our members were honored at the Electrical Industry Center luncheon and received their 50-year or 55-year IBEW service award pins and certificates. The 50-year honorees also received watches. Those celebrating 55 years of IBEW service included: Kevin Courtney, Frank Covino, Paul Elterlein, Abraham Fichtenbaum, John Krison, Lester Maklan, John Senatore and Ernest Sulzer. Receiving 50-year service awards were Anthony Losquadro and Domenick Zernone.

Our group enjoyed a spectacular June week at the Long Island Educational Center. The educational sessions, as always, were informative and greatly appreciated! On Tuesday, we had our "potluck" dinner, and on Wednesday a delicious barbecue. We were fortunate to get in some pool time, and water aerobics were enjoyed by many!

In August, we enjoyed our annual picnic, this year at Krucker's Picnic Grove! Everything was great and we enjoyed catching up with fellow members and spouses!

Future activities include a three-day bus trip to Boston in the fall, a fall luncheon, and a bus trip and Frankie Valli tribute show at Mt. Airy Casino.

John Krison, P.S.


Local 3, Northern New Jersey Chapter, Retirees Club members at the Long Island Educational Center.

Long Island Education Center

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, SUFFOLK CHAPTER — Our June meeting was very well-attended. It was the club's last meeting of the summer and the occasion for the annual luncheon with lots of great food.

At the June meeting, Vice Chmn. Fred Walling asked for the reports to be read. He then opened the floor for discussion. John Schoenig spoke about the Aug. 3, 2017, fishing trip and our Annual Holiday Party scheduled for Dec. 6 this year. Jim Jost spoke about our Aug. 22 Annual Picnic.

Fred Walling spoke about our trip to the Long Island Educational & Cultural Center, which took place from June 26-29, 2017. Our trip was once again a great success. When we arrived, Maureen Steiger, our pension director, greeted us. She spoke about the history of the LIEC and its importance to IBEW Local 3 members. Stephanie Saladino, our LIEC director, spoke about the safety of all our members and distributed our room keys.

We attended two informative lectures providing tips for taking care of our health. Nutritionist Erica Vinas presented one of the lectures, and a doctor also gave a lecture.

The Tuesday night BBQ was a great success, thanks to everyone's help, and all had a good time. Thanks to Stephanie Saladino and her entire staff for a wonderful stay. They wished everyone a happy and safe summer.

Harvey Goldman, P.S.

Golf Outing & Luncheon

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, WESTCHESTER / PUTNAM CHAPTER — This year's spring golf outing was April 26, at the Leewood Golf Club in Eastchester, NY. As with any early spring, outdoor event, there is always the threat of inclement weather. When the set-up team arrived in the morning, it was pouring rain — but luckily, by tee time the rain had stopped and the course, although a bit soggy, was playable.

With the rain just a memory, our 43 golfers took to the course and played the 18 holes as if the sun was shining brightly. This was our first time playing this course, and most of our seasoned golfers raved about it, so much so that we've already booked our fall outing in October.

As the golfers returned to the clubhouse, they were treated to a wonderful barbecue lunch, the awarding of prizes to the most successful golfers, and the company of their fellow chapter members. As the day's event concluded and the last few golfers drove away, it started to sprinkle again. The timing could not have been better.

Dick Mills, Treas.


Dominic Malandro (left) and Dick Mills stand beside Local 3, Westchester/Putnam Chapter, Retirees Club banner.

Crab Feast in October

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 26, WASHINGTON, DC — Local 26 will celebrate its 125th anniversary in September. We hope many of our members can attend the gala at the new MGM National Harbor hotel, which Local 26 electricians helped build!

Our club has over 500 card-carrying members, although we mail to 1,500 members regularly. On July 28, we attended Labor Night at the Nationals baseball game against the Colorado Rockies. And we helped Labor Night celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Medicare!

Our regular events — such as the union picnic, the cruise to Europe, and the bus trip to the Amish Market followed by a crab feast — keep the club busy.

The club's Annual Crab Feast will be Oct. 14. If you plan to be in the Annapolis/Washington area, please join us. For details contact retired sister Susan Flashman before Oct. 9 at Our numbers have grown, so if you have friends you would like to sit with, let us know!

Our next cruise will be a return trip to Alaska! Stay tuned for details, or contact our travel coordinator, retired Bro. Rick Warner, at (240) 272-0438.

If you visit Washington, DC, let us know. Our club meets the second Saturday of each month, September through May (except for October). Come to our meeting and break bread with us. Meetings start at 12 noon, so come early for a good seat!

Thank you to our wonderful regular volunteers who help us set up, serve and clean up after our meetings. You are greatly appreciated!

Susan Flashman, P.S.

Fish & Game Club Trip


The Local 35 Outing was held in June at the Colchester Fish & Game Club. We had a great turnout! Many retirees and lots of active members attended. Special thanks to those who donated raffle prizes.

I'd like to thank Dennis Machol and Charlie Rose for their dedication in attending meetings of the Alliance for Retired Americans. They keep us informed of issues that may affect retirees.

Congratulations to retired member William Tobin, who recently graduated Rockville High School at age 90! He was unable to finish high school as a teen because he went to fight in World War II. He should be very proud. His three grandsons, Christopher Lappen, Jonathan "Toby" Schnetzer and Timothy Schnetzer, are all members of Local 35.

Dennis Machol and I came in to speak with the apprentices on the last day of school. We spoke about the great benefits of being a member of the IBEW. We encouraged the apprentices to keep working hard in their studies and their career so that someday they also can enjoy a rewarding retirement.

Hope everyone had a great summer.

Kenneth R. White, P.S.

Service Pins Awarded;
Crappie Tournament & Fish Fry

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 53, KANSAS CITY, MO — Our spring retiree luncheon was May 9, and we had a very good turnout. Thank you to Local 53 for hosting the luncheon and for the gifts for the raffle.

Club Pre. Bob Stuart reported on the progress of the petition signing to stop so-called "right to work" and several other issues affecting labor.

Service pins were awarded to the following: 50-year members — Victor Kimmi, Dave Singmaster; 55-year members — Dean Dymond, Carl Wilson; 60-year members — Keith Querry, Jerry Sevart, Mel Simmons, Dick Williams; 65-year members — Bill Harber, Dave Switzer, Ray Widener; and 70-year members — Vergil Endicott, Charles Jones, Elden Judd and Clarence Sledd. Congratulations, brothers!

The Local 53 crappie tournament was June 3. Results were as follows: 1st place — Nathan Warstadt/Jason Mopin; 2nd place — Jim Gaylord/Ronnie Gaylord; 3rd place — Gary Spoor/Roger Wainright; 4th place — Justin Lankford/Brandon Langford; and 5th place — Darrell Hutchings/Bill Johnson. The fish fry was held following weigh-in, and everyone had a great time.

The Local 53 election of officers was held June 21. Congratulations and best wishes to all the new officers.

Sadly, we lost two retirees, Terry Hackett and Jim Conard. Rest in peace, brothers.

Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy summer!

Duane Pearce, P.S.

Golf Tournament Fundraiser

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 60, SAN ANTONIO, TX — As promised, the golf tournament fundraiser was a huge success. The club wishes to thank all those responsible for such a wonderful tournament. Mostly the thanks go to Betty Cannon, who starts planning for the next tournament before the current one ends — that is dedication.

The club meets the second Thursday of each month, September through May, taking June, July and August off for summer. Meetings start at 12 noon at the Plumbers and Pipefitters training building, 3630 Belgium Lane.

Depending on the month, a themed luncheon (covered dish) furnished by the members will be served after the meetings. However, the club provides the meals for the meetings held in September, November, December and May. A special table is always set up with delicious desserts furnished by the members. To top the afternoon off, 10 games of bingo will be played by all who are interested.

The purpose of these meetings is not just for fun and good food. The meetings also serve the purpose of keeping us in the practice of brotherhood, to aid and assist one another. Also, an email list has been set up for communication of news among the retirees.

Please plan to attend the club get-togethers if you are a retired Local 60 member. Get reacquainted with former co-workers … you will be glad you did.

Sandy Rogers, P.S.

Father and Son Honored

Providence, Rhode Island, Local 99 presents a 50-year service pin to retired Bro. Frank J. Colucci (left) and a 60-year service pin to Frank's father, retired Bro. Pat Colucci (center). Bus. Mgr. Michael K. Daley (right) presented the awards July 6.


Summer & Fall Activities

RETIREES CLUB OF LU. 105, HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA — Local 105 Retiree Club events started the summer with a Pig Roast BBQ at the Retiree's Club hall that included salads and delicious desserts — an event enjoyed by many members. At the end of June, Bowling and Euchre wrapped up for the summer with an outstanding dinner at Michelangelo's.

On July 15, we returned to the OLG Slots at Mohawk Racetrack for the delicious prime rib buffet. We had some winners at both the raceway and the casino, however, most of us left with what we came with! In August, we enjoyed a scenic boat trip on Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Bowling and Euchre Clubs will start again in September after we've enjoyed the summer with family and friends. For the fall, we'll look forward to attending a Mandarin Buffet lunch and the-ever popular Octoberfest.

Remember our motto: "Don't Wait — Participate!" All of the above events were made possible by our hard-working local members and Executive Board. Our sincere thanks to each and every one of them!

Eden McLean, P.S.


Local 105 Retirees Club Pres. Harry Allen (center) and retiree George Ruttle, who was the club's first president, with their spouses at Mohawk Racetrack Buffet dinner.

Annual Luncheon —
Members Honored for Service

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 134, CHICAGO, IL — Our annual luncheon honoring our members with 50-, 55-, 60-, 65-, and 70 years of IBEW service was celebrated at our June 14 meeting. Good food and live entertainment is the best way to honor these members who have dedicated over half their lives to our great union.

Among honorees attending the luncheon were: 70-year member Gil Artery; 60-year member Ron Weil; 55-year members Richard Sipple, Thomas Withers, Bernie Martin; and 50-year members Robert "Jimmy" Marks, Art Gorski, John Stenson, Greg Buss, David Thomas, Ted Malo, John MuNulty and Jim Husa.

At our July 12 meeting, our guest speaker was from the Sertoma Speech and Hearing Center. Director of Audiology Sean P. Flowers was not here to sell us hearing aids, but to provide information on the dangers of hearing loss. Construction sites, live music concerts, and simply mowing our lawns are just a few things that contribute to hearing loss. Reportedly, hearing loss can also contribute to diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia. I recommend that we all go in for screening and hearing testing, because there are options out there that can prevent further damage to our ears.

As September arrives, outdoor festivals, parades, concerts, fireworks, boating, ballgames, and trips to the beach are winding down for the season in our beautiful city. A safety plus for Chicago this summer was implementation of separate lanes for bicyclers and joggers who enjoy these activities along Lake Michigan's waterfront. Happy fall season to all.

Sue Kleczka, P.S.


At Local 134 Retirees Club annual luncheon, honorees are joined by local union Rep. Tim Fitzgibbons (middle row, center). Front row, seated: Gil Artery (left), Robert "Jimmy" Marks, Art Gorski, John Stenson. Middle row: Richard Sipple, Greg Buss, Rep. Fitzgibbons, David Thomas, Ted Malo. Back row: John McNulty, Ron Weil, Jim Husa, Thomas Withers and Bernie Martin.

Tribute to Longtime Members

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 212, CINCINNATI, OH — Our deepest sympathy goes out to families of recently departed brothers: Daniel Johnson (who was an IBEW member for 76 years); James McInerny (a member for 75 years); Richard Ruehl (66 years); Ronald Cook (59 years); Robert Zehner (57 years); Gary Blanchet (53 years); James Peet (52 years); Willie Bishop (50 years); Jimmy Seagall (29 years); Gary Combs (24 years); Kevin Tuttle (19 years); Gregory Chambers (11 years); and Eric Klosterman (who was a two-year member). "We weep with those who weep." – Romans 12:15

At our May meeting, several club members received IBEW service certificates and pins. Congratulations to: 60-year members Steve Book, Otis Carpenter, Bob Doerger, Bill Heinzelman and Jay Rizzuto; 55-year members Jerry Dickerson, Tom Doerger and Bob Schaefer; and 50-year member Denny Dickerson. Bill and Jay were not present for that occasion.

We also extend posthumous congratulations to our late Brothers Jim McInerny (who was a 75-year member), Henry Abel (who was a 65-year member) and Duke Lowery (who was a member for 60 years.) Jim McInery's daughter, Nancy Cummings, accepted the posthumous award on her father's behalf.

FYI — I did some research and found that those with the most years of continuous membership are as follows: No. 1 — Harry Pharo (82-year member); No. 2 — Walter Satzger (79-year member); No. 3 — Stanley Satzger (78-year member); No. 4 — Harry Appelblatt (77-year member); No. 5 — Cliff Rost and Danny Johnson (76-year members); and No. 6 — Fred Ober and Jim McInery (75-year members). Anyone up to the challenge?

Bob Schaefer, P.S.


Service awards presentation at Local 212 Retirees Club meeting. From left are: Tom Doerger, Bob Doerger, Nancy McInery Cummings, Otis Carpenter, Steve Book, Denny Dickerson, Jerry Dickerson and Bob Schaefer.

Henry Miller Museum Tour

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 257, JEFFERSON CITY, MO — The Retirees Club had their luncheon/meeting on Tuesday, June 27, in Hartsburg, MO.

On May 9, our retirees group took a bus trip to tour the Henry Miller Museum in St. Louis. We thank Local 1 Bus. Reps. Dave Roth and Chuck DeMoulin for giving us a personal tour and history of the boarding house where Henry Miller lived 125 years ago. This boarding house is the birthplace of the National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which became the IBEW. With the generous support of Local 1, the site was converted into a museum. We also thank Connie Hamacher for arranging the tour and our lunch at Red Robin. It was a fun trip.

We thank all members who obtained petition signatures for a proposed 2018 ballot initiative to seek repeal of Missouri's new anti-worker "right-to- work" law. At press time, the state right-to-work law was scheduled to take effect Aug. 28, but could be delayed if there are enough petition signatures for a public vote. I hope you and anyone you know signed the petition.

On a sad note, three members passed away recently: Joan Schulte (wife of Kenny Schulte), Laurentia Hamacher (wife of Carlos Hamacher), and Christy Binggeli. They will be sadly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families.

Upcoming events: Labor Day parade - Sept. 9; IBEW Local 257 Annual Picnic - Sept. 16.

Delores Melloway, P.S.


Local 257 Retirees Club group tours Henry Miller Museum site in St. Louis.

Club Officers Sworn In

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 353, TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA — As Canada makes history celebrating our nation's 150th anniversary, our Retirees Club is starting its 32nd year of providing events for retirees.

At our club's June luncheon meeting and election of club officers, a record 150 attended and voted. Our North Unit group also continues to grow and thrive.

Retirees Club executive officers are: Pres. Robert Rynyk, Vice Pres. Dave Frater, Rec. Sec. Gwen Slaght, Treas. Bill Slaght, Sgt. at Arms Jack Singleton; and Executive Board members Diana Frater, Holly deJong, Joan Rynyk, Robert Gullins, Ron Hart and Wayne Lawrence. Officers were sworn in by Local 353 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Steve Martin at our July meeting.

Our August executive board meeting was held at Local 353's newly opened East Unit office in Oshawa, which will also service our retirees in the East.

At another historical event in our local's history, I was asked to assist Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Steve Martin in presenting Local 353 RENEW/NextGen their IBEW charter, cementing the bonds among IBEW youth, working members and retirees. RENEW/NextGen seeks to invest the IBEW's younger members in the future of the union.

We look forward to our annual visit to Kitchener Local 804's Oktoberfest, as well as our 32nd Annual Christmas Dinner/Dance in November.

We are all part of this great IBEW history. What are you doing?

Robert Rynyk, P.S.

Summer Activities

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 424, EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA — The warm weather months usher in a summer of fun. July 7 marked the 20th annual Unit 2 Pancake Breakfast & BBQ Lunch, kicking off the famous 10-day Calgary Stampede & Exhibition. "Executive Chef" Dave Handley, with some "sous chefs" from the E-Board, did a great job on the breakfast and at lunch, where Dave served his signature smoked beef brisket.

Next was the annual 424 Family Picnic held July 8. Tina Stevenson has been the impetus behind this event since she started it 10 years ago. Thank you to Tina and husband Scott for another excellent job with the logistics of keeping 240 kids and parents entertained with clowns, face painters, balloon makers, bouncy castles, countless fun activities, BBQ and picnic treats.

Unit II in Calgary will sponsor a members golf tournament and steak BBQ at the Silverwing Golf Course on Sept. 9.

The July 21 Unit 1 Pancake Breakfast & Lunch, started 30 years ago by recently deceased former business manager Bob Lamont, was a success. The annual Breakfast & BBQ heralds the start of Edmonton's 10-day Exhibition & Chuck Wagon Races. It was followed Aug. 12 by the Unit 1 Edmonton members golf tournament & steak BBQ at the Garrison Golf Club.

Thank you to the many volunteers, including spouses of retirees, who made all the events a success. Also, thank you all to those who put up nice prizes for the tournaments.

Dave Anderson, P.S.

Sarnia Happenings


At this writing, Local 530 retirees are enjoying a wonderful summer filled with great turnouts at our meetings, and we have had several enjoyable outings.

On May 26, Local 503 office assistant Sue Tracey retired after 20 years of service. Local 530 hosted a retirement celebration for Sue, and both active members and Retirees Club members presented her with a monetary retirement gift. Sue always took care of our needs with a smile and a kind word. We wish her all the best in her retirement years.

In July, our club members travelled to Bright, Ontario, to see a Walters Family Dinner Theatre live presentation of "A Modern Tribute to Abba." While there, we enjoyed a great meal served buffet style with an assortment of food bound to please everyone.

In August, club members visited the village of Oil Springs, Ontario, described as the birthplace of the modern-day oil industry. Our members toured the Fairbank Oil Fields by horse-drawn wagon. This property is now considered a National Historic Site. We also toured the Oil Museum of Canada located on the grounds. This outing also included lunch provided by the Friendship Group of Oil Springs United Church.

Nancy Stinson Philbin, P.S.


Sue Tracey, retired Local 530 office assistant.

Fun Activities & Trips

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 595, DUBLIN, CA — Hi from out west! We were blessed with our wettest winter on record after four years of drought and have enjoyed an incredible spring with carpets of wildflowers blooming. Our summer has been beautiful and the work picture is bright. Full employment in the Bay Area for active members is happy news for all! We thank the travelling brothers and sisters who have helped man the work.

Our club has been busy with trips, barbeques and our monthly themed luncheons. The camaraderie is wonderful and we fully enjoy each other's company. Many of us had quite a time on a bus trip to Bass Lake and Yosemite; our accommodations at the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino were fantastic.

Our treasurer extraordinaire, Linda Bratset, schedules awesome day trips such as those to: Vision Quest Ranch with lunch at Phil's Fish Market in Moss Landing in August; Apple Hill in Placerville in September; and a Hornblower cruise on the bay for Sunday of Fleet Week, with lunch and viewing of the Blue Angels! Sign up for fun activities; you can also invite guests.

Retirees also attended the Annual 595 Day at the Oakland Coliseum to see our Oakland A's play. We enjoyed a tailgate lunch beforehand and saw our hometown team beat the Washington Nationals 10-4.

By the time you read this, we will have had our summer barbeque at the Fremont Elks Club and our always awesome 595 Union Picnic at Alameda County Fairgrounds.

Hope everyone enjoys a great summer of fun activities!

Tom Mullarkey, P.S.


Local 595 Retirees Club members pose on a steam train the group rode while on a Yosemite trip.

Update from Albuquerque

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 611, ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Sorry I didn't have an article in the June publication. I haven't seen many of you recently, but what an amazing summer it has been.

At the regular Local 611 meeting in May, 52 new members were obligated! As of June, that makes a total of 114 new members so far this year. That is mostly because more electricians are needed at the new Facebook project in Los Lunas.

In June, Local 611 RENEW/Next Gen volunteers, including a few older members, carried out their first community "helping hand" project by assisting with yard work and repairs at the home of retiree Graham Smith, who has health problems. Bro. Smith's wife Dolores served Frito Pies to some 25 volunteers. Bro. Smith said, "This really shows what brotherhood is about in the IBEW." He and his family appreciated the volunteers for all their help.

Our condolences to the families of retirees who recently passed away: David O'Briant, Earl D. Eddy, John G. Moore, Jackson Hayman, Leroy Powers, Elmer W. Brunner, Cipriano Lujan, Robert W. Avery, Manuel Lourenco, George W. Williams, Jay P. Halvorson and Frank R. Walker. We also mourn the loss of journeyman wireman John E. Redvelski.

To view a photo history of the local dating from 2014, stop by the hall and see the photo book or attend a regular meeting on the third Saturday of each month. I miss seeing everyone, so call or drop off a note to let me know how your life is going as an IBEW retiree.

Tracy Hall, Pres.


IBEW Local 611 RENEW/NextGen volunteers and assistants participated on a project to help with yard work and repairs at the home of a retired IBEW member.

Henry Miller Museum Tour

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 649, ALTON, IL — On a surprisingly pleasant day in July, the Local 649 Retirees Club embarked on a road trip to visit the Henry Miller Museum in St. Louis.

Our tour was conducted by Mike Newton and Dave Roth, representatives of IBEW Local 1. They entertained us with the story of the discovery, acquisition, demolition and reconstruction of the building where the then-National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (NBEW) was formed. The result is an amazing setting. IBEW Local 1 is to be commended for their efforts.

I would encourage the entire membership to tour the Henry Miller Museum and grounds if you travel to, or near, the St. Louis area.

On a somber note, we are saddened to report the passing of Thomas Prullage on May 13 this year. Tom was a second-generation, 50+ year IBEW member and one of the original officers of the Local 649 Retirees Club. Our condolences go out to his wife, Pat, his children, and grandchildren.

The Local 649 Retirees Club meets on the last Thursday of every month, at 9 a.m., at the Eagles Nest Restaurant in Bethalto, IL. All Local 649 retirees are welcome to attend.

Jack W. Tueth, P.S.


Local 649 retirees recently toured the Henry Miller Museum in St. Louis. Front row, Edward Wineburner (left), James Heineman, James Huhsman, Marlin Wagner, John Fitzgerald Jr., George Stumpe; back row, William Gottlob and Jack Tueth.

Trip to Henry Miller Museum

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 702, WEST FRANKFORT, IL — Over a dozen retirees enjoyed a trip to the Henry Miller Museum in St. Louis on May 10. Stories of the past and present were shared, along with the deep feeling of what had been accomplished in everyone's careers. Retirees expressed their gratitude for what the IBEW has done for all of them. Additionally, upon arrival at the museum, it was a tremendous honor to see the 100-year celebration logo of Local 702 embolden the parking lot entry gate.

On June 1, the club met for lunch at Golden Corral in Carbondale, IL. Minutes from the previous meeting and the financial report were read and approved. Known deaths for the months of April and May were announced, followed by a moment of silence. Under "old business," appreciation was expressed to Bus. Mgr. Charles Hughart for the April 11 Retiree Luncheon, as well as the St. Louis trip. In "new business," a motion was made and seconded to purchase two of the local's Solidarity Drawing tickets. A pocket knife donated by Logan & Carolyn Marlow was won by Dave Dittmer.

The 50/50 drawing of $36 was won by sister Marilyn McRoy. The luncheon concluded at 2 p.m.

Mark Baker, P.S.

'Welcome Back!'

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 756, DAYTONA BEACH, FL — As we begin our new year of meetings, we want to welcome you all back! We look forward to a great year.

Remember, our Fish Fry starts our year off with our September meeting followed by an October BBQ, November turkey, and ham in December. If you are able, please bring a side dish or dessert to make our meals complete. We hope to see you all there!

We are all very proud of IBEW Local 175 member Michael Warren, son of Local 756 member James Warren, for his promotion to the rank of U.S. Army Command Sargent Major, prior to deployment for his fourth tour to Afghanistan. Bro. Michael Warren is a 26-year IBEW member, and Bro. James Warren is a 61-year IBEW member.

We invite any retired or unemployed IBEW brothers and sisters and their spouses who are in the area to come and join us. Our meetings are the second Thursday of each month, 11:30 a.m., at the Local 756 union hall, in Port Orange, FL.

Diane Gibbs, P.S.


IBEW Local 756 member James Warren (right) pins his son U.S. Army Command Sgt. Major Michael Warren, a Local 175 member, following his military promotion.

Annual Luncheon

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 995, BATON ROUGE, LA — Our Retirees Club had its yearly luncheon the first Monday in June with spouses invited. It was well-attended with about 30 members and their wives present. The BBQ was furnished and the rest of the meal consisted of covered dishes brought from home.

We regret the loss of former business manager Patrick Michael Clary, who passed away May 29 at age 60. He was a member of Local 995 for 42 years and served for 12 years as business manager before he retired because of medical problems. Bro Clary was well-liked and will be missed greatly.

W. Roland Goetzman Sr., P.S.


Attendees enjoy Local 995 Retirees Club annual luncheon in June.

Ongoing Community Service

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 1245, VACAVILLE, CA — IBEW Local 1245 retirees are continuing their long-standing tradition of giving back.

The IBEW Local 1245, Reno/Sparks Chapter, Retirees Club once again collected electric fans to donate to low-income seniors who cannot afford air conditioning. The weather in Washoe County often exceeds 100 degrees in the summer months, and heat illness can be a serious condition among seniors. This year, the Retirees Club collected 60 fans, which is the most fans collected since they began this program a few years ago.

Additionally, the Local 1245, North Bay Chapter, Retirees Club recently presented a $750 donation to Lower Lake High School. The donation will be used to support girls' athletic programs.

Rebecca Band, P.S.


IBEW Local 1245, Reno/Sparks Chapter, Retirees Club members Jim Lappin (left), Frank Istrice, Pres. Ron Borst, Vickie Borst, Kathie Preston and Cyril Escallier present donated fans to Washoe County Adult Services Division Dir. Ken Retterath (second from right).