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October 2018

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Apprenticeship Graduates

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OHIO — In July, the Toledo Electrical JATC held the annual commencement for the apprenticeship graduating classes of 2017-2018. I would like to recognize the graduates individually for this milestone achievement.

The new residential journeymen are: Anthony Lewis, DeMario McNeeley, Angel Molnar and Alex Nomichit. Voice-data-video (VDV) wireman graduates include: Zach Arbogast, Ben Cameron, Luis Cardenas, Aaron Cheloff, Kevin Francoeur, Michelle Neyhart and Justin Sprague. New journeyman inside wireman graduates are: Denny Abbott Jr., Edwin Andrews Jr., Cory Artz, Matt Duseberg, Jordan Dusseau, Joseph Langlois, Jordan Nichols, Joshua Oberhaus, Lindsey Peterson, Jason Ryan, Larry Snyder, Zach Szymanski, Travon Watson and Kyle Wilkins. The "Apprentice of the Year" honor was awarded to Edwin Andrews Jr. Again, congratulations to all the recently topped out wiremen for a job well done.

With deepest sympathies and upmost respect, we pay honor to our brothers who passed away in recent months: active members Bernard Neyland and David Munding; and Local 8 retirees Richard Long, Darrell "Bob" Piper, Harold Friar, Robert Fay, Lyle Limpf and Robert Rahman Jr. Our sincere condolences to the families and friends of all those who passed before us.

Mike Brubaker, P.S.


Some of the Local 8 class of 2018 inside wireman apprenticeship graduates assemble for a group photo at the commencement ceremony.

Inside Wireman Graduates;
Active Women's Committee

L.U. 16 (i), EVANSVILLE, IN — The IBEW congratulates Local 16 graduates of the 2018 Inside Wireman program: Cameron J. Bell, Clinton L. Bittner, Kyle W. Brown, Kenneth R. Burns, Ricky B. Gooch, Eric S. Harker, Sarah A. McBeth, Blake A. Miller, Daine A. Nellis, Nam Q. Nguyen, Eric M. Raab, Raymond M. Sforza, William C. Sprinkle and Daniel J. Trautvetter. This year's academic award winner is Daine A. Nellis. The John D. Brenner Memorial Award went to Daniel J. Trautvetter.

Local 16 was well-represented at the recent IBEW Women's Conference in St. Paul, MN. Conference participants included Women's Committee Pres. Sarah McBeth, Vice Pres. Sara Schapker, and Rec. Sec. Taylor Watkins. Among their goals are increasing the awareness and number of women in the craft, clarifying pertinent issues, expanding the role of tradespeople in politics, and encouraging female involvement in leadership positions. There has been discussion about community service through the Isaiah 1:17 Project, aiding area food banks, serving at women's shelters, and working the Labor Day Festival as ways of getting the message out. For more information on this worthwhile group, please contact the hall or one of the Women's Committee members.

Donald P. Beavin, P.S.

Scholarship Winners;
Contracts Ratified

L.U. 26 (ees,em,es,govt,i&mt), WASHINGTON, DC — Agreements were reached on both the Inside and Residential Agreements for the Roanoke Zone. The new contracts were ratified at a special-called meeting in July.

The Edgewater, MD, picnic was Saturday, Aug. 25, at Camp Letts and all had a great time. Also, the Electrical Workers Motorcycle Riders Club hosted their 7th Annual Poker Run on Saturday, Sept. 22, for the benefit of Special Love for Children with Cancer.

The four winners of this year's Local 26 scholarship award are as follows:

  • Michael Bellerose — graduated from LaPlata High School in 2018 and will attend Messiah College.
  • Jennifer Jenkins — graduated in 2018 from Hancock Middle Senior High School and will attend St. Mary's College of Maryland.
  • Dinh Tran — graduated from Broad Run High School in 2018 and will study at the College of William and Mary.
  • Logan Donaldson — graduated Southern High School and will attend Princeton University.

We are saddened to report that several members passed away since our last article: James A. Franklin, John S. Bean, Charles K. Bailey, Gerard E. Ward and Francis M. Blaine.

Best wishes to recent retirees: Derrick L. Brown, Richard T. Farrell Jr., Paul I. Bowman, William L. Mickey, Roger E. Caldwell, Ralph F. Groff, Lewis E. Tomlin, Andrew R. Newberg, Gary D. Stauffer, Daniel L. Sawyer, Edward A. Pickens, Stephen L. Sieh, James G. Bayer, Phillip M. Herndon, Jozo Ivanic, Vernon D. Edwards, Donald J. Cumberland, Theo M. Van Hemert, Gary Kuykendall, Richard L. Herber Jr. and Robert F. Heinrich.

George C. Hogan, B.M.

Annual Golf Fundraiser;
Labor-Friendly Candidates

L.U. 34 (em,i,mt,rts&spa), PEORIA, IL — Work in Local 34 has finally picked up with the summer construction season and looks to remain stable for the rest of this year and next. The out-of-work list is down, and we have been able to employ some of our fellow traveling brothers and sisters for the first time in a long time. We seem to have finally turned the corner of what turned out to be our worst man-hour year in the last two decades.

The annual Lee Hall Memorial Golf Outing was Aug. 11 and had 28 teams register for play this year. The golf outing is the local's largest annual fundraiser with yearly proceeds benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Illinois. This year's donation marks a total donation of almost $59,000 since 2005. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and came out to support such a worthy cause.

Finally, midterm elections are Nov. 6. We need everybody to get out and vote for all labor-friendly candidates and give Illinois a new governor who will help organized labor instead of depicting us as the enemy against the middle class.

Tim Sprout, A.B.M.

Big Projects in Cleveland

L.U. 38 (i), CLEVELAND, OHIO — Work is rocking in Cleveland, especially at places like the Quicken Loans Arena, where at press time about 100 IBEW members are working fervently and putting in a lot of hours on the expansion to get it ready by the Oct. 1 deadline, when Justin Timberlake comes to perform there, and the Cleveland Cavaliers' season starts. At this writing, contractors on-site include Einheit Electric, Irizar Electric, Ullman Electric and Speelman Electric.

Multiple other projects, such as the Amazon project in North Randall and several school projects, are also working overtime and we have about 165 travelers working in town.

The work outlook for the rest of the year and throughout the winter looks good. Projects that will start to take off this fall include: the next phase of the massive Metrohealth expansion and the Amazon project in Euclid, which are both Zenith Systems projects. Also expected to start in the fall are the next phase of Charter Steel (not yet awarded); and the Terminal Tower renovation, which was awarded to Gateway Electric.

Dennis Meaney, B.M./F.S.


Local 38 Einheit Electric crew working at Q Arena transformation project: Don Atkins (left), Bob Wolf, Derek Barr, Dave Ball, steward Nick Heidenhoffer and foreman Mark Hanna.

'A Strong Union Future'

L.U. 40 (em,i&mps), HOLLYWOOD, CA — Congratulations and thank you to our newly elected Executive Board members, Robert Murphy, Gabe Rosales, John Torosian, Dan Fischer, John Segura and Jesse Barron; our new Treas. Mike Courtois; and new Vice Pres. Stacy Freyre.

Congratulations to our re-elected Pres. Don Easy and Rec. Sec. Stephan Davis, as well as our new Exam Board member Aaron Cayem. The local also thanks everyone who has the courage to run for office, to stand up and work to create a strong union future for our members. We wish each of you success in all your efforts to strengthen and further our union cause. Special thanks to Randy Holt, who volunteered to serve as the Local 40 election judge. Randy's time and efforts donated to the local were greatly appreciated by the membership.

Local 40 is pleased to celebrate our 95th anniversary this year. It was in 1923 that a group came together and had the courage to stand up and charter Local 40. Over the years, the local has seen many changes in the motion picture industry, whether it was the first motion picture with sound, the implementation of color film, or now even the digital age that is changing things at what seems light speed.

Local 40, like all fellow locals across North America and Canada, has adapted to the new technologies and methods over the years and will continue to do so while succeeding now and into the future, with the help of all our IBEW sisters and brothers.

Stephan Davis, R.S.


Local 40 newly elected officers are sworn in.

Fun at Summer Picnics;
Wireman Unit Contract

L.U. 46 (as,c,cs,em,es,et,i,mar,mo,mt,rtb,rts&st), SEATTLE, WA — Local 46 had a fantastic summer! The work picture remained extremely strong and the members had an opportunity to get together for two great picnics! The Peninsula picnic was Saturday, July 21, at Salsbury Point County Park in Poulsbo. The Seattle area picnic was Sunday, Aug. 5, at Vasa Park Resort located on Lake Sammamish.

The weather cooperated, and we had bright sunny days for both picnics. Donors were very generous with raffle prize items, including two electric smokers, lots of tools, and items for the kids. Both events were a great opportunity for members and their families to enjoy the camaraderie and have lots of fun!

After rejecting NECA's "last, best, and final" offer, our Wireman Unit negotiating committee went back to the bargaining table and worked out a new contract offer. The Wireman Unit voted to accept this offer by a slim 35-vote margin on July 23. The new, three-year Wireman Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) will run through May 31, 2021.

Highlights from the contract include a $14.50 wage and benefit increase with two increases per year, in August and February. Our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period apprentices each got a 2 percent increase. Beginning in August 2019, we will have a "transportation premium" of $1.50 per hour to cover parking expenses in a designated downtown Seattle area.

Thank you to all the members who helped with our negotiating efforts!

Warren Shill, V.P.


Local 46 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Bud Allbery (foreground) at the Seattle picnic announces a door-prize winner.

Strong Work Picture;
Union Solidarity Blunts Janus

L.U. 48 (c,em,i,rtb,rts,st&tm), PORTLAND, OR — Our construction units were incredibly busy all through the fall, and summer has been no different. While lots of work is a great thing, the danger is that, since our jurisdiction is at full employment, filling calls is much more difficult.

Our superstar organizing team under the leadership of Aaron Barber-Strong has done an incredible job of stripping top talent from our biggest nonunion competitors. That has prompted nonunion contractors to offer more incentives to stay. One of the biggest nonunion shops responded to our organizing efforts by giving a $6 per hour raise to every electrician after we successfully moved several of their jobsite supervisors and journeymen into union jobs. If you are looking to travel to a beautiful part of the country, we could certainly use the help.

The Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court decision has affected us, but not to the extent that anti-union forces would have hoped. Only about 10 percent of the dues-paying public-sector workers we represent have decided to take the representation we are obligated morally and legally to provide without paying for it. Solidarity — 1; greedy union-busters — zero. [Editor's Note: To read more see news story "After Janus: Blue States Move to Protect Public Workers," posted on the IBEW website at]

Ray Lister, B.R.

'Welcome to New Members'

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO — Greetings, sisters and brothers. The work picture has improved here in Local 68 in recent months. Job calls are coming in almost daily, some working overtime — most do, however, require a state license. We are still seeing calls reach Book II. If you are thinking about seeing Colorado, come by and check in with the dispatch office. Or if you haven't decided to visit yet, call our dispatcher at 303-297-0229 to check the call status.

As a follow-up to our previous article (published in the August 2018 issue of The Electrical Worker), where we talked about the job fairs and organizing efforts taking place here in our local, we are pleased to report that 184 new members were brought in and received the Oath of Obligation during the months of May, June and July! Again, all the thanks go to the organizing staff, our Volunteer Organizing Committee (VOC), and the organizers throughout the Eighth District who came to Denver and assisted with this effort. The work continues!

At this writing, plans were underway for the annual picnic on Aug. 18. But it is not too late to volunteer to help with the upcoming Christmas party, or to help with the ongoing political efforts. If you have some time and would be willing to volunteer, please contact me at 303-297-0229.

We extend deepest sympathy to the families of our recently deceased brothers: Tom F. Medina, Clinton L. Fielder, Oscar Stretch, Larry Vigil, Jack Bloom, John Driscoll, Bernard Feldman, Kirk Stevenson, Michael Burch and Donald Smith.

Morgan J. Buchanan, Pres.

RENEW Volunteers;
Code of Excellence Success

L.U. 80 (i&o), NORFOLK, VA — The local will host our third annual Oyster Roast on Oct. 12. We look forward to seeing our retirees, brothers and sisters enjoying the festivities.

The Norfolk Tides baseball game was Aug. 10. It was delightful to see the members and their families having an agreeable evening.

The Code of Excellence has been a success — thank you to all our brothers and sisters who display these qualities on the job.

The work picture has continued to progress, and future work looks promising. Local 80's organizing campaign continues to pay off, with open shop electricians showing interest in being union and realizing how that can benefit them.

RENEW is back on track and continues to bring in new volunteers interested in participating and helping out. Please contact the hall if interested in being a member of this group.

Wil Morris, A.B.M.

A Milestone Anniversary;
Support for Friends of Labor

L.U. 98 (as,catv,em,i&it), PHILADELPHIA, PA — Tuesday, July 24, marked John J. Dougherty's 25th anniversary as business manager of IBEW Local 98.

At a jam-packed union meeting that evening, Mayor Jim Kenney and Gov. Tom Wolf stopped by to congratulate John on his milestone anniversary and restate their support of the labor movement.

Mayor Kenney was presented with a check for $60,000 for one of his favorite charities, Camp Philly, an overnight camp in the Poconos that provides summer fun for 200 underprivileged city kids. The $60,000 check also marks Mayor Kenney's recent 60th birthday.

Gov. Wolf was presented with a check for $150,000 for his re-election campaign. Other guest speakers included Pennsylvania Convention Center Pres. John McNichol, who credited Dougherty's leadership for the surge in bookings at the center, and Pastor Buddy Osborne, founder of Rock Ministries.

In his speech to the membership, Dougherty made it clear that Mayor Kenney's and Gov. Wolf's re-elections are the union's top political objectives.

With many cranes up across Philadelphia, IBEW Local 98 is at full employment with plenty of work in the pipeline.

Frank Keel, P.S.


IBEW Local 98 Bus. Mgr. John J. Dougherty (left) presents Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf with a check for $150,000 for his re-election campaign.

Negotiation Preparations

L.U. 108 (ees,em,es,lctt,mar,mt,rtb,rts,s,spa,t&u), TAMPA, FL — Local 108 gathered to discuss proposals for a fast-approaching negotiation and contract renewal. For the first time in company history, Tampa Electric will negotiate with new owners. Various departments presented individual proposals as IBEW members met several weeks during the summer. Popular topics of discussion were retirement package enhancements, health care upgrades and competitive pension plans.

Acquisition of Tampa Electric Company in 2016 by Nova Scotia's Emera Inc. presented a new opportunity for positive relational dynamics between the company and a positive IBEW workforce. Preparing to negotiate with Emera professionals was encouraging. Everyone realizes that Emera is committed to the community, the production of clean energy, to public safety and to employee health. The new owners have stated that: "Fostering relationships is an important part of how we work at Emera. Our approach includes building trust by finding common interests and achieving results through collaboration. We recognize that the best outcomes happen when we work together, finding solutions that create value for everyone involved and always strive to promote public safety." (2016 Emera | At a Glance, Page 4).

With recent issues of lineman retention, the company's new CEO and chief operating officer listened to various concerns and provided some helpful resolutions, but we still have a long way to go.

Bruce Bailey, P.S.


Local 108 members meet to discuss upcoming contract negotiations.

Apprentice Wins Gold At Skills Ontario Competition

L.U. 120 (c,i&o), LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA — Local 120 is proud to congratulate Bro. Matthew O'Rourke, third-term apprentice. On May 8, Matt won Gold at the 2018 Skills Ontario Competition.

From there, Matt went on to represent Ontario at the Skills Canada Competition in Edmonton, Alberta, where he placed fifth overall.

His success is unprecedented for Local 120, and we wish him a bright future in his career with the IBEW.

Dave Vossen, P.S.


IBEW Local 120 apprentice Matt O'Rourke (left) with Skills Ontario Committee member Adam Hicks, Local 804.

Voters Kill Right-to-Work —
Win for Workers in Missouri

L.U. 124 (ees,em,i,mar,rts,se,spa&t), KANSAS CITY, MO — Missouri voters sent a loud, clear message to the anti-labor politicians: "We do not want right-to-work-for-less in Missouri!"

Right-to-work-for-less was crushed by a 2-1 margin in a referendum election on Aug. 7, preventing the anti-labor politicians from writing the organized labor obituary in Missouri. [Editor's Note: To read more, see "IBEW Members Help Kill Right-to-Work in Missouri," posted on the IBEW website at]

Significant resources were expended during this fight for working families to prevail. Local 124 members made more than 20,000 phone calls and knocked on more than 111,000 doors to educate voters.

We have been tempered from this fight and now have a renewed sense of purpose, preserving better wages, benefits and working conditions for all Missourians.

We must not forget our efforts in this campaign and the efforts of those who came before us. We must keep our foot on the accelerator of this movement right through the November elections — and pro-labor should be the first consideration when choosing any candidate.

On behalf of the members and officers of Local 124, we extend a sincere thank-you to all the brothers and sisters from fellow IBEW locals who traveled to Kansas City to help in this campaign, including those from: Vacaville, CA, Local 1245; Los Angeles Local 11; Denver Local 68; and Colorado Springs, CO, Local 113.

Steve Morales, P.S.


IBEW members, including AFL-CIO Sec.-Treas. Liz Shuler (sixth from left), at election watch party in Missouri on Aug. 7.

District Progress Meeting

L.U. 130 (i), NEW ORLEANS, LA — Local 130 hosted the Fifth District Progress Meeting July 9-12 at Loews Hotel. The Young Workers met for a workshop seminar. Int. Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson held a meet-and-greet reception afterward and addressed questions young members brought to the table.

Opening ceremonies began with a prayer by Father George Roy. Deacon John sang the national anthem.

Special guest speaker was Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, who emphasized the importance of union labor. He has been a great friend to labor as we have been to him.

Int. Pres. Stephenson spoke about the IBEW'S mission. It was noted that Gov. Edwards greeted Pres. Stephenson with a handshake and said: "Glad to meet you, Lonnie. How can I help the IBEW?" The week was upbeat and educational. Business managers and officers worked together and shared war stories and solutions.

The Milestone Committee, composed of business managers in the Fifth District, hosted a party for Fifth District Int. Vice Pres. Joseph S. Davis for his 55 years of IBEW service. Held at Local 130's Alexander Room & Terrace in Metairie, the party featured seafood, cocktails, good music and dancing. Bus. Mgr. Paul Zulli thanks everyone for helping make it a successful event.

On a local note, Bus. Mgr. Zulli and the Health & Welfare Committee recently agreed to introduce a new vision plan to our health insurance. Paul is busy preparing for upcoming contract negotiations, as well as building renovations to attract new tenants. Local 130 rents out the Alexander Room and Terrance as a venue for weddings, parties and business functions. Our members can be proud of their investment in this successful venue.

Local 130 kicked off its annual food drive in partnership with Second Harvest. We thank members who contribute to and support the drive so the less fortunate can have a special holiday season too.

This year our first-year apprenticeship class is the largest in years, with 70 newly indentured apprentices.

William "Billy" Buckel, P.S.


At Fifth District Progress meeting: from left, Local 130 Bus. Mgr. Paul Zulli; Tiffany Walk, Fifth District secretary; IEC member and Local 349 Bus. Mgr. William W. Riley; Int. Rep. Glenn Brannen; and Fifth District Int. Vice Pres. Joseph S. Davis.

'Solidarity & Giving Back' —
Scholarships Awarded

L.U. 134 (catv,em,govt,i,mt,rtb,rts,spa&t), CHICAGO, IL — The Chicago Federation of Labor is the umbrella organization for all Chicago and Cook County labor unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO. Our strength as a labor movement comes from the unity and solidarity of our affiliated organizations and their members. Local 134 has appointed delegates to the Chicago Federation of Labor, and one of their duties is to attend monthly meetings.

Our appointed delegates to the CFL decided to donate the stipend they receive for attending federation meetings to create a scholarship fund for our Local 134 members and their dependents.

In 2017, the delegates awarded 10 students with a $1,500 scholarship. This year, to build the fund, our delegates planned, organized and executed the first-ever Local 134 CFL Delegate Scholarship Golf Outing. The event was a huge success and, as a result, it more than doubled the amount of scholarship money available in 2018.

At our August 2018 monthly union meeting, the CFL Delegate Scholarship Committee awarded 20 students with a $2,000 scholarship. In essence, 20 members' families received a generous gift to help with the ever-rising tuition cost of colleges and universities.

Local 134 is very proud of how our appointed delegates took the initiative in giving back to our membership.

Kevin Connolly, R.S.

IBEW Service Pins;
New Apprentices Welcomed

L.U. 146 (ei,i&rts), DECATUR, IL — Welcome to the 15 new first-year apprentices. Beginning their IBEW journey as new apprentices are: Bryce Adkins, Dalton Anderson, Logan Bruner, Kyle Brumleve, Lucas Duckett, Zach Foor, Lance Hunt, Larry Johnson, Austin Mann, Jordan Mette, Brent Perry, Dylan Sarver, Jed Shumaker, Stephen Thornton and Jake Wade. If you see them on the job, at a union function, or just out and about, please wish them well.

In recent months, we issued many service pins. Joe Woolums, Curt Young and Chris Hays received 25-year pins. Marion McVey accepted his 40-year pin. Fifty-year pins went to Warren Goodrich and Earl Poe. It was especially nice to see Bill Harnish collect his 55-year pin, and James Daughtery receive his 65-year pin. Congratulations to all.

We also congratulate recent retirees, Joe Webb and Bobby Chapman. We hope they enjoy retirement and thank them for representing our local.

The annual John V. Workman Steak Fry was Sept. 29. It was great to see members, from retirees to apprentices, enjoy a day of friendship and reminiscing. Special thanks to the anonymous donor who paid for the first-year apprentices' steaks.

Steve Tilford, R.S.

'Rebuilding Day' a Success

L.U. 164 (c,em,i,o&t), JERSEY CITY, NJ — On April 28 this year, Local 164 members once again took part in National Rebuilding Day in Bergen and Essex counties. It is a day of service where our members volunteer and provide homeowners much-needed electrical work that otherwise they could not have done. Local 164 works in partnership with Rebuilding Together, a national organization devoted to helping people maintain and repair their homes, helping keep them safe, warm and independent. This effort requires the hard work and dedication of many of our brothers and sisters. It is always a great day of brotherhood that requires days of preparation and advance work as well as follow-up days to complete all projects.

This is an opportunity for us as a local to give back to the communities where we live and work. It is an event that is fully supported by all in our local, from the business manager and president to our first-year apprentices.

It is truly a team effort that couldn't be done without all who come out to help. Thanks to all who made this another successful rebuilding season.

Warren Becker, V.P.


Participants assemble at Local 164 union hall for the April 28 Rebuilding Together Bergen County event.

Tribute to Life of Service

L.U. 302 (i,rts&spa), MARTINEZ, CA — On June 1, we lost a longtime member of our local's family. Joan Courtney started working for Local 302 in 1996. Joan spent over two decades helping our members and their families. Her memorial service was held here at our union hall on Saturday, June 16. The room was full of Joan's family, friends and members of the local who came to celebrate her and her life. It's hard to think of Local 302 without Joan because she touched so many people in the time she was with us. Our sincere sympathy goes out to Joan's family. Her passing is a great loss for us all and she will always be remembered.

Tom Hansen, B.M./F.S.


The late Joan Courtney of Local 302.

Apprenticeship Graduation

L.U. 306 (i), AKRON, OHIO — On June 2, a banquet and award ceremony were held to honor our 2018 apprenticeship graduates. Opening remarks were presented by Apprenticeship Committee Chmn. Thomas Wright. An invocation and the introduction of guests were given by Training Dir. Martin Helms. Guest speakers included Bus. Mgr. Michael Might and NECA Chapter Mgr. Jason Walden. We were honored to have as our keynote speaker, former Apprenticeship Committee chairman Larry Thompson. Larry, himself a past graduate of our program and a Local 306 signatory contractor, offered words of wisdom and advice to our newest journeyman wiremen. Thank you, Larry, for your longtime service to our training program.

This year's graduates are: Curtis Bahr, Rennick Dutton, Anthony Esposito, Matthew Hartong, Courtney Hays, Kyle Kruger, John Kusnir, Christopher McKinney, Max Pickelsimer, Joel Rositer, Dwayne Ward and Eric Waslik. A High Achievement Award was presented to Curtis Bahr. Congratulations to all and good luck in your future endeavors. Please remember to stay involved in your union — you are the future of Local 306!

Lastly, we wish to recognize former training director Paul Zimmerman for his many years of guiding our apprenticeship programs. Our training center would not be what it is today without Paul's stewardship, and it will continue to grow on the foundation he helped build. Thanks again, Paul — we wish you a long and happy retirement.

Thomas Wright, P.S.


Local 306 congratulates the 2018 inside apprenticeship graduating class.

Organizing Success

L.U. 332 (e,ees,i&st), SAN JOSE, CA — One of the fundamental tenets of the IBEW is the importance of membership development. The IBEW is "committed to improving the lives of North America's electrical workers and their families." This commitment has reaped tremendous successes throughout our industry, both nationwide and locally.

In Local 332, our Membership Development team, led by organizer Pete Seaberg, 15-year inside wireman member, has witnessed this firsthand. With the help of Sound & Communication business agent Basil Romero, membership development has experienced an increase of 51 new members organized from different shops and different classifications in just the first half of the 2018 calendar year! Among those classifications: 16 Inside members; 21 Sound & Communication members; and 14 Residential members. Many of these additions were the result of successfully organizing two entire shops.

These new shops now have access to two fundamentally beneficial aspects of the IBEW, training and the support of the local. They also now have access to some of the most highly trained and qualified electrical workers in the country. We appreciate that they have chosen to join our ranks and will do our best to support their ability to grow, expand, and flourish as partners with the IBEW.

Andrew Rogers, P.S.


Local 332 business agent Basil Romero and organizer Pete Seaberg.

New Signatory Contractors;
'Growing 340 North & South'

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA — Recently, Local 340 received two organizing awards. One was The Henry Miller Award, which recognizes our local's commitment to the organizing principles on which the IBEW was founded. The other was the Above and Beyond Award, presented to Local 340's Lead Organizer Bro. Rob Saragoza for his commitment and passion for organizing. These awards were definitely earned. At a recent Joint Executive Committees Meeting, Bro. Saragoza reported that he and Local 340 North Asst. Bus. Mgr./Organizer Bro. Andrew Meredith have organized 14 new employers in the first seven months of this year.

Organizing a nonunion employer is not a simple task. It takes numerous meetings with the owners, office staff and trusts, not to mention talking with the employees of those companies. Sometimes we're even pulling in International Representatives to help close the deal. But I am happy to say, these 14 employers were signed and several of these new union contractors each brought as many as 35 new union members with them, adding to our Inside and Sound & Communication classifications.

Of course, we're only as strong as our team, so congratulations to Bro. Rob Saragoza, Bro. Andrew Meredith, our organizing department and the office staff members who, together, brought these organizing efforts to fruition. It was an honor to receive the above-mentioned awards and it is my personal honor to work with the current staff of Local 340.

Robert D. Ward, B.M.

Strong Work Picture

L.U. 364 (catv,ees,em,es,i,mt,rts&spa), ROCKFORD, IL — IBEW Local 364's work picture remains strong going into the fall with several projects breaking ground and well underway — including the new addition to the Swedish American Hospital campus, and work starting back up again at our wind farms.

Many thanks to all our traveling brothers and sisters who have helped us out during our busy construction season. As we look toward this winter, the work outlook remains steady.

At our September union meeting, we swore into the IBEW our new class of first-year inside apprentice wiremen. We anticipate many years of success for these 12 new apprentices and look forward to working and training with these new brothers and sisters.

Local 364 upcoming events include our Kids Christmas Party, which is one of our best-attended events we have. As always, our special guest San"Ty" Claus puts on an excellent performance as jolly old St. Nick.

Brad Williams, P.S.

Newly Elected Officers;
Tribute to Careers of Service

L.U. 400 (es,i&o), ASBURY PARK, NJ — On July 27 this year, Local 400 saw two of its longest-serving active members and local leaders retire, then-Bus. Mgr. Guy Peterson and then-Pres. Edward Wells, both IBEW members for over 40 years.

As the local membership wished a long and happy retirement to both Bro. Peterson and Bro. Wells, they welcomed in the future leadership of Local 400.

Former assistant business manager Robert Shimko, whose nomination was unopposed, was elected as the next business manager/financial secretary of Local 400.

Local 400's newly elected officers are: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Robert Shimko, Pres. Thomas Tucker, Vice Pres. Larry Scisco, Rec. Sec. Michael Ricca, Treas. James Moran; Executive Board members Tony Sanborn, Richard Volpe III, Joseph Volpe, Thomas Lane, Robert Baumgartner; and Examining Board members Timothy Lane, Brian Waterman and Damien Carthy.

A special thank-you to longtime former Rec. Sec. Brian Hruska for his many years of service.

The Local 400 membership thanks Bro. Peterson and Bro. Wells for their longtime dedication and service. We wish them both a long and healthy retirement.

Michael Ricca, B.A.


Local 400 newly elected officers.

Work Picture Updates

L.U. 424 (as,ees,em,es,i,mo,o,ptc,rtb,rts,spa&u), EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA — Greetings, sisters and brothers.

After much planning, the Local 424 90th Anniversary challenge coin is now available, as is the NextGen challenge coin. Both are available for purchase at the business office.

Commercial sector: Western Electric has ongoing work at the Stantec tower with the base building nearing completion. Canadian Power PAC has ongoing work at the TransED LRT and has landed several smaller projects. Western Pacific Enterprises has continued work at the Stanton Hospital in Yellowknife, the TransED LRT, and the HSBC office tower revitalization.

Industrial sector: Very few calls are expected this fall, with the shutdowns now coming to an end. Chemco will have some small projects at Joffre and Enbridge. Our local is still experiencing high unemployment in this area.

Thank you to all the members who volunteered their time for the IBEW Local 424 family picnic, golf tournaments, and pancake breakfasts this summer. We also appreciate our members in Fort McMurray who donated their time to help Jane Stroud in the by-election. Your hard work and dedication to our local is much appreciated, brothers and sisters.

Scott W.T. Crichton, P.S.


IBEW Local 424's 90th anniversary and Next Gen challenge coins.

2018 Apprenticeship Graduation

L.U. 440 (i,rts&spa), RIVERSIDE, CA — On June 9 this year, Local 440 turned out the largest apprenticeship graduating class in our local's history.

This class started when solar projects were booming in our jurisdiction, and apprentice calls were coming in faster than we could bring apprentices into the program. The graduates have gone through a unique and extensive apprenticeship. As the solar work slowed, we found ourselves with a class too large for the available work in our jurisdiction. Some of this class learned the "rules of the road" years before graduating.

During the shortage of work, we were blessed to have surrounding fellow IBEW locals (some more than six hours away) that could put our members to work, for which Local 440 is grateful!

We often praise members for attending meetings, rallies, pickets, council meetings, VOC actions, etc. We also wish to express our gratitude to those who made it through a five-year program with multiple slow times and still stuck it out. The slow times can show us who is genuinely committed to this Brotherhood. So, to the 440 newly graduated journeyman wiremen: Please know that your commitment to your local is recognized and appreciated.

Congratulations to the class of 2018. Here's to a long and prosperous career. Always remember where the union hall is and when the meetings are. This is your local, so please participate and make a difference.

Bernie Balland, Organizer


At Local 440's class of 2018 apprenticeship graduation celebration.

Inside Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 446 (i), MONROE, LA — Local 446 would like to recognize, with great pride and admiration, our 10 fifth-year inside apprenticeship graduates on their well-deserved graduation year 2018. The class of 2018 graduates are: Dustin Boyett, Benjamin Carter, Austin Cummings, Nathan Eppinette, John Hamilton, Troy Hearn, Michael Munhollon, Jerryd Roberts, Rusty Still and Colby Talley.

We also wish to recognize Rusty Still, who earned the title of Louisiana State Outstanding Apprentice for 2018! Congratulations, Rusty!

We are honored to have these young men turn out as journeyman wiremen representing the IBEW with their skills, eagerness to learn, professional disposition and ability to carry out demanding job requests, as they have demonstrated and proven in the last five years as apprentices. Graduates, as you embark on your profession, joining ranks with the brotherhood of IBEW, please remember to work safely.

Best wishes to the class of 2018 graduates, from Local 446 members, retired members, our families, fellow apprentices, instructors, Monroe JATC staff and Local 48 officers.

Ken Green, B.M.


Local 446 congratulates class of 2018 inside apprenticeship graduates. From left: Jerryd Roberts, Michael Munhollon, Colby Talley, Troy Hearn, Dustin Boyett, Nathan Eppinette, Austin Cummings, Rusty Still and John Hamilton. Not pictured: graduate Benjamin Carter.

'Busy in Blues City'

L.U. 474 (em,i,lctt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), MEMPHIS, TN — After a dark winter of scarce work, Local 474 has bounced back with the aid of work at a new Amazon facility being built. Along with a boost in local work has come a flurry of union activity. Members here received training from the I.O. on COMET and contract negotiation. The organizing office held a seminar on its strategic organizing plan. RENEW and health insurance committees have been formed and are meeting regularly. Our newest unit, Electrolux, is gaining membership through an internal organizing campaign. Sons and daughters of our members have been awarded the Robert Tate Scholarship through our local to assist with their college educations.

Interspersed with all of this business, Memphis's electrical workers have found time to have fun. At the union hall, several festive events have been held in brotherhood and for our sick and needy. March brought the annual wild-game cookout, followed by a fish fry in July, and our family picnic in September. As we prepare to welcome new members at our training facility, we have a banquet to honor the brothers who turned into journeymen.

We're holding strong in the red, "right-to-work" South. Until next time…

J. DeWitt, P.S.

IBEW Serves the Community —
Milwaukee Mission of Mercy

L.U. 494 (em,govt,i,mt,rts,spa&t), MILWAUKEE, WI — Have you ever witnessed an army of medical volunteers preparing for two days of dental procedures? They transformed the Wisconsin State Fair Expo Center into a mobile dental clinic in just a few hours.

Wisconsin Dental Association, Mission of Mercy, provides free dental care to communities around the state. This was their first time in Milwaukee, and it looks like it won't be their last.

Volunteers from IBEW Local 494 along with contractor Roman Electric had the task of providing power for the vacuum pumps, sterilization equipment, surgery lights and dental equipment. Plumbers Local 75 provided the water connections and necessary plumbing needs.

Throughout the two 12-hour shifts, over 1,409 volunteers and 209 dentists took care of 2,087 patients, providing $1,321,108 worth of free care. Over 8,332 dental services were provided, including cleanings, X-rays, extractions, fillings, root canals and dentures for patients ages 1-90.

Local 494 would like to thank the retirees and volunteers for helping out our community with their skills and professionalism. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

Kurt Jante, B.R.


An IBEW Local 494 contingent of volunteers participated in community service project. From left are: Mark Lubecke, Kurt Jante, Dave Miller, Russell Griswold, Tony Megna, Bill Hemmerich, Steve Szelagowski, Bob Lehmann and Barry Dickinson.

Activities & Events —
Sports Tourneys and Service

L.U. 530 (i,o&rtb), SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA — For the first time ever, Local 530 sent a team to the IBEW's Annual Bowling Tournament, this year held in Toledo, Ohio, June 8-10. We had a good showing for our first year and won the doubles event. All members who attended had a good time and would like to return next year. Thanks go out to Toledo for hosting this event.

June 22 saw Windsor Local 773 host the Annual OPC Baseball Tournament. Local 530 was once again well-represented and won the "B" Division title.

On July 28-29 Local 530's bike team, "The Crafty Rattlers," participated in the annual Grand Bend to London bike ride. This event supports the effort to end multiple sclerosis and help those affected by MS. We raised a record for us, over $15,000. Thanks to everyone who rode and/or sponsored this event.

On Aug. 10, Huron Oaks Golf and Country Club hosted Local 530's Annual Golf Scramble Tournament. A shotgun start at 1 p.m. was followed by a sunny, hot afternoon. In the end a minus 11 was good enough for the title and everyone received a prize for entering.

Future events include the Labour Day parade on Sept. 3, the Annual Dinner Dance on Nov. 16, and the Children's Christmas Party, Dec. 2.

Local 530 thanks our sister locals for helping us man our jobs during our recent time of full employment.

Local 530 is saddened to report the recent passing of Bro. Clarke Brander.

Al Byers, P.S.

IBEW Candidate for Alabama State Legislature

L.U. 558 (catv,em,i,lctt,mt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), SHEFFIELD, AL — Greetings, brothers and sisters.

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we report to the Brotherhood that Local 558 Bro. Chad Young, a third-generation journeyman wireman, is seeking office for the Alabama State House of Representatives from District 3.

Bro. Young is a 17-year member of IBEW Local 558 and completed his apprenticeship program in 2007. He answered this call to run for state office on behalf of his local union and the constituents of this district. He knows the needs and necessities of organized labor and will be a voice for the working class in the state capital.

Bro. Young has garnished support from several local unions and labor councils, the North Alabama Building & Trades Council, and the Alabama AFL-CIO. We encourage every member of Local 558 to please get out and vote and help our brother on his campaign. We also ask the entire Brotherhood to reach out, support and share Bro. Young's social media page (Facebook: Chad Young State House District 3) to show our solidarity. It is not often that we have a fellow member working directly on legislation that impacts our lives.

On behalf of the members, officers and staff, we wish Bro. Young the best in his campaign for office. We have your back, Bro. Young.

Tony Quillen, Pres./A.B.M.


Local 558 Bus. Mgr. Ralph Mayes (left) shakes hands with journeyman wireman Chad Young, Alabama State House candidate.

Annual Blood Drive a Success

L.U. 586 (em,i&o), OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA — On June 25, IBEW Local 586 held its Annual Blood Drive. Members gathered at the hall for some pizza and soda, then boarded the Canadian Blood Services "Life Bus" and headed off to donate blood. This is the second year for the blood drive.

Social Committee member Stephanie Spenard said: "The blood drive is a great way to get the members together and a great way to give back to the community. We look forward to it every year." There is always a demand for blood. If you can, please locate your local clinic and donate!

Brett MacLean, P.S.


Local 586 Blood Drive participants: from left, Maurice Larose, Stephanie Spenard, Brett MacLean, Stephane St. Pierre, Jacob Carty and Jean-Roch Vaillancourt.

Retirees Honored

L.U. 692 (i,mt&spa), BAY CITY, MI — With a slow work picture last winter/spring, it's nice to see some of our brothers and sisters return home for work. Thank you to all the local unions around the state and across the country that put our members out to work!

The accompanying picture was taken at our Retiree Celebration held at the Double Tree Hotel in Bay City, a hotel that our members wired! The event was once again a huge success with an awards ceremony, guest speakers, dinner, and a band. Thanks again to everyone who attended, and to those who helped plan and/or worked at the party.

Most of all, thank you to the retirees for your years of service and dedication to the IBEW. We wish you all the best.

Travis Brady, B.M. Jim Hunt, P.S.


Local 692 honored retirees, from left: Robert Hurley, David Ramsden, Christine Gallandt, Timothy Rupp, Jack Tobias, David Graebner, Mark Voisine, Martin Priem, Michael Eddy, David Merrill, Patrick Clarey, Michael Bouza and Paul Golder.

Political Action & Solidarity —
A Win for Workers in Missouri

L.U. 702 (as,c,catv, cs,em,es,et,govt, i,it,lctt,mo,mt,o,p, pet,ptc,rtb,rts,se, spa,st,t,u,uow&ws), WEST FRANKFORT, IL — Congratulations to member Travis Sullivan, who completed his five-year schooling at the National Training Institute in Ann Arbor, MI, becoming a certified apprentice lineman instructor for our West Frankfort NJATC school.

In Missouri, our members, along with the entire state, soundly rejected Proposition A (right-to-work-for-less) by a 2-to-1 margin. This was a great win for all of labor and will hopefully stop, or slow down, the attack on workers by the Legislature. We extend special appreciation to our members who knocked on doors, made phone calls, and talked to family and friends to advocate voting with workers on this issue. [Editor's Note: To read more, see news story "IBEW Members Help Kill Right-to-Work in Missouri," posted on the IBEW website at]

We continue efforts to elect Local 702 Bus. Rep. Jason Woolard to the Illinois House of Representatives in the 117th District. Jason has been knocking on doors every day since the beginning of the year and will honorably represent the people of southern Illinois when he is elected.

Finally, our softball team, the "702 Regulators," captured the 42nd annual IBEW Local 601 Electricians Softball Invitational Tournament trophy over the weekend of Aug. 11-12 for the sixth consecutive year.

As of this writing, our referral books are as follows: Inside Construction — 97, Outside Construction — 31, Line Clearance — 5.

Mark Baker, B.R.


NJATC Instructor and IBEW Local 702 Bro. Travis Sullivan graduated from the National Training Institute on Aug. 3, 2018.

District Progress Meeting;
Dubuque Area Labor Harvest

L.U. 704 (catv,em&i), DUBUQUE, IOWA — Hello, brothers and sisters. Local 704 has had a busy year so far. As president of the local, I had the opportunity to see how much work goes into hosting the Eleventh District Progress Meeting over multiple days in June. More than 300 people attended the event, held at the Grand River Center. Hats off to all those who organized such a large event.

The event began with an icebreaker activity that included a four-man, best-shot golf outing. It was followed by two days of speakers who shared their knowledge of the current status of the IBEW and how they hope to shape the future of the industry.

State Rep. Abby Finkenauer, the Democratic candidate seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives to represent Iowa's 1st Congressional District, was invited to speak at the Progress Meeting. Finkenauer is a strong union supporter, and she shared how much she believes in the need for an organized, well-trained labor force.

Early this spring, the union trades got together at Birchwood Golf Course in Kieler, WI, for a four-man best shot and steak dinner fundraiser to raise money for Dubuque Area Labor Harvest. We also directed parking lot traffic at the Dubuque County Fair to raise money for DALH. The nonprofit organization provides free meals, food assistance, Christmas dinners and toys to those going through tough times.

When the union trades band together to help their community by giving something back, it makes you feel proud.

David Becker, Pres./P.S.

'Cast Your Vote in November'

L.U. 716 (em,i,lctt,rts&spa), HOUSTON, TX — Hello, sisters and brothers. I hope all are well and working. The work picture has been slow in Local 716, but we are hoping it gets better, having just completed contract negotiations. Thank you to all fellow local unions that have put our members to work.

We encourage all our members and their families to make sure they are registered to vote. And then please exercise that right by casting your ballot. We have an excellent opportunity in November, but we must exercise our right to vote.

We hope everyone who attended the Labor Day celebration enjoyed themselves. Thanks to all the brothers and sisters who donated their time and volunteered their services to help represent Local 716.

Local 716 encourages all members to join the Death Benefit Fund, and the Sick and Accident Fund. These funds were set up for the benefit of members and their families. We also encourage all members to donate to PAC.

Congratulations to all our retirees who recently received their service pins. We thank them for their service and for paving the way for our future generations. Hopefully we can all serve this Brotherhood to the best of our ability. Please be safe.

John E. Easton Jr., B.M./F.S.

RENEW Volunteers

L.U. 760 (i,lctt,o,rts,spa&u), KNOXVILLE, TN — RENEW committee participants at IBEW Local 760 volunteered to assist with the community's Easter Egg Hunt during Easter weekend in the spring of this year. The Neighborhood Association in partnership with Edgewood Park sponsored the event. A special thank-you to RENEW volunteers Tim Oaks, Jeff Richards, Patrick Hoque and Taylor Herrell, who served up the hot dogs and drinks to help make the day a success.

Volunteer pride was on full display. Working together in the Brotherhood or with the community has always demonstrated the best of American values. Firetrucks, police cars and even the bomb squad were in attendance. Children taking part in the day's events had the opportunity to interact with many first responders and see how much these men and women mean to their communities.

Thank you to all the Local 760 volunteers for their service to the community.

Jason Leary, A.B.M./Organizer


IBEW Local 760 RENEW volunteers helped make a community Easter Egg Hunt a success last spring.

'Travelers' are Welcomed —
A Benefit of IBEW Membership

L.U. 776 (i,o,rts&spa), CHARLESTON, SC — Traveling is one of the great benefits of IBEW membership. It is your responsibility to man your local when you are needed so you can keep the work that comes to your local, but it is also great to travel when the time is right. I have been traveling around the country lately, signing just a few books only in the places where I could see myself working. When I start working somewhere again, I will immediately make the necessary phone calls and take myself off the books I have signed. That's the way it's done.

The beauty of our organization really comes into focus when I travel, because I have been so genuinely welcomed in places so far from my home, where the accents and the local cultures could not be more different. Respect others. Be a brother or sister and you will always have a brother or sister, wherever you go.

Back home we have most of the team working hard and by the time you read this we will really be in full swing, so if it is a little slow where you are, give us a call. The data center business, among others, is growing and we are certainly a part of that. And, we will welcome you!

Andrew "Smoky" Weiner, P.S.

Solidarity & Fun at Ballpark;
Officers Elected in June

L.U. 824 (t), TAMPA, FL — On June 30, we had a great day of solidarity at Tropicana Field for the Tampa Bay Rays versus the world champion Houston Astros. We had a great time before the game tailgating and enjoying great fellowship with our brothers and sisters. The Rays did their part with a terrific 5-2 victory. Thanks to Dan Wagner and the Solidarity Committee for putting together a great event.

Speaking of victory, local union elections were held June 2 and Josh Saladino was elected business manager/financial secretary. Also elected were: Pres. Erik Jones, Vice Pres. Jim Emminger, Treas. Pam Elleby, Rec. Sec. Zamarina Pastor; Executive Board members Keith LaPlant, Henrietta McPherson, Melissa Braswell, Christina Regalado, Jason Smith, Jeff Stanley, Justin Horne and Fred Lauper. These members are dedicated and ready to serve. We thank the membership. In solidarity.

Keith LaPlant, P.S.

'Ventura County Stand Down' Benefits Homeless Veterans

L.U. 952 (i), VENTURA, CA — The 26th annual Ventura County Stand Down was held July 27-29 this year to provide meals, haircuts and legal advice, as well as medical, eye and dental exams, for homeless veterans in the county.

Since the event's inception in 1992, IBEW Local 952 has partnered with Claire L. Hope, founder and director of the Ventura County Stand Down, to provide temporary power at the California Army National Guard Armory for the occasion.

With the homeless population increasing in the county, Local 952 takes a stand with county officials, veterans, and volunteers to provide hope to our homeless veteran population. Local 952 is proud to honor our veterans, both inside our local and throughout the county.

A special thank-you to Taft Electric Company for continually providing the temporary power needed to make this event possible.

Dane Sutherland, P.S.


Local 952 volunteers helped set up temporary electrical power for a Ventura County event to benefit homeless veterans. From left: Local 952 Vice Pres. Dan Smith, Press Sec. Dane Sutherland and Organizer Chris Huston.

2018 Apprenticeship Graduates

L.U. 1116 (em,lctt&u), TUCSON, AZ — Greetings, brothers and sisters! Please join IBEW Local 1116 in congratulating the following members for graduating their apprenticeships in 2018 — and becoming journeymen in their trades.

  • Journeyman lineman/cableman graduates: Robert Tanner Acken, David R. Daer, Ronald K. Durazo Jr., Axel M. Guizar, Brian J. Lang, Sameer Mendez, Jason N. Milne and Oren Patchell.
  • Journeyman substation electrician graduates: Richard L. Bailey, Jesse C. Glenn, Tyler Stevenson and Thomas Justin Tovarez.
  • Journeyman communications graduates: Kevin M. Birgy, Ismael Grijalva and Raoul B. Peru.
  • Journeyman heavy equipment & transportation graduates: Samuel L. Larson, Andrew M. Weigel and Kevin S. Wemmer.

These 18 young men join others in their crafts as leaders in our industry — helping to pave the way for future generations to continue in their footsteps.

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) negotiations are ongoing. Attend your local union meetings to stay up to date with the latest developments.

The holidays are approaching, and we will be doing our food and toy drive again. Thank you for all that you do as individuals to keep our local active in the community and working hard for all of us. In solidarity.

Sharon Williams, P.S.