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March 2019

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In February's Electrical Worker, we inadvertently replaced Sixth District International Vice President David J. Ruhmkorff with new Sixth District International Executive Council member Dean E. Wine in the list of executive officers on Page 19. We intended to replace the name of former IEC member John Easton Jr., who moved on to a new position on the international staff. We apologize for the error.

Tribute to an IBEW Legend

December 1, 2018, was a sad day for all members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers when International President Emeritus Brother Edwin D. Hill passed away. I classify Brother Hill as a true visionary with the likes of first International President Henry Miller and former New York Local 3 Business Manager Harry Van Arsdale Jr. All three men dedicated their lives to the Brotherhood. Every day as I pass through the hallway to my office, I glance at the bulletin board where I have Ed's letter to the membership from the May 2005 Journal, titled "Do or Die." I take to heart his quote:

"The best stays that way by constantly thinking, planning and, most important, changing when necessary."

Through his guidance, the IBEW once again began organizing, showing both contractors and customers that we are the right choice and gaining market share. This change did not happen overnight nor without resistance from the membership. Yet, Brother Hill prevailed, and we all owe him a great deal of gratitude for all his hard work. He will surely be missed.

Michael P. Iacobellis, Local 80 Training Director
Norfolk, Va.

Gratitude for Longtime Members

I'd like to recognize Brothers E. J. Hayes and L.D. Clark, who were recently awarded pins for 65 long years of service to Local 1209 and the IBEW. Brother Clark [pictured here as I awarded him his service pin] was the former president and business manager of this local prior to his retirement from Mississippi Power. To this day, he keeps on top of everything going on in the union, and we're grateful for his and Brother Hayes's service.

Robert Napp, Local 1209 Business Manager
Meridian, Miss.


IBEW_Facebook  From Facebook: Every month the IBEW Facebook page receives thousands of comments from our dynamic and engaged community of members and friends.

Thanks for Mentors

[Responding to "BC Organization Looks Past Recruiting Women to the Next Step: Keeping Them" from February's Electrical Worker]:

I love the IBEW. I adore my brothers and sisters. It wasn't super easy in the beginning, but we figured it out together. I was offered a great opportunity and, as in all jobs, you have to put forth the effort, maintain a good work ethic, get along with your co-workers, ask for help when needed, earn respect and do your job. Not everyone can do everything, and that's OK as long as you try and find your strengths and apply them without giving up. I gained new perspectives and admiration for the people I worked with. Thank you to everyone who took the time to teach me, mentor me and to everyone who believed in me.

Christine Matarese, Local 313 member
Wilmington, Del.