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July 2019

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A Wish for Women

I'm a member of IBEW Local 271 in Wichita, Kan. I'm a third-generation electrician. In my family, my father, uncle and brother are all currently journeyman and I'm a third-year apprentice. I'm currently the only female apprentice in the program and I love the work and my local. I wish more women would get involved.

Kristen Whelchel, Local 271 apprentice
Wichita, Kan.

A Family Affair

I'm third-generation Local 58, and I grew up at the dinner table listening to all the great stories my father would tell. I couldn't wait to get in. He taught me and my brother how to splice lead cable by the time we were 15 and 16. I got into my apprenticeship in the early '80s and 38 years later I retired with a bad knee. I couldn't be happier. Thank God I had the IBEW or I'd be suffering right now.

Richard Eynon Jr., Local 58 retiree

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Praise for Action Builder

Responding to "The Future of Organizing: New Technology Builds on the Tried and True:"

I used Action Builder on my last blitz of 250 electricians and I swear it saved me a week's worth of data entry. Great tool!

Michael Ponce, Local 490 member
Dover, N.H.

Corporations' Retirement Scam

Responding to "We Need Your Help: Call Your Congressman, Save Your Pension" [also in this issue]:

First the corporations steered us away from a defined benefit pension to a 401(k). "It will be so much better," they said. Now that the stock market has wiped out many of those plans, they are coming after the rest.

John Spagnoli, Local 5 retiree

Job Well Done

Responding to "Syracuse, N.Y., Local 97 Members' 'Flawless' Replacement of Diesel Back-up at Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station:"

Nice job, brothers! It's time every brother realizes that all our individual actions affect us all as a whole! Our actions on jobs affect our future as a whole!

Jose A. Collazo, Local 488 member
Bridgeport, Conn.