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November 2019

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Veterans Are A Perfect Fit

I enjoyed reading your "VEEP" article [in September's Electrical Worker] and learning about the I.O.'s commitment to hiring veterans for local apprenticeships. The military's weapons systems require advanced technology training to set up, operate and maintain. This knowledge, in conjunction with NECA/IBEW training programs, will benefit the industry, especially in control installation and programming.

Combine that with a motivated work ethic and it's a win-win situation for the veterans and the contractors. I proudly served in the U.S. Navy as a radarman during Vietnam, and I had a successful career with Local 697.

Al Kercinik, Local 697 retiree
Gary and Hammond, Ind.

Thanks for the Hospitality

This is a letter to acknowledge the brothers and sisters of Local 229 who worked for the temporary power crew at Calpine's York 2 Energy Center in Peach Bottom Township, Pa. I would like to thank them all for treating an older traveler in a professional and respectful manner.

Special thanks to supervisors Damin, Steve and Tommy. You could not work for better people. It's nice to know there are locals that treat older members in this manner.

Bruce Fair, Local 24 member

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Elections Have Consequences

Responding to "Anti-Worker Lawyer Eugene Scalia confirmed as Labor Secretary" [also in this issue]:

It's a sad day for labor unions. We must fight for our rights over and over. We must vote these people out of office. Register and vote in your next election.

Lonnie Sanders, Local 532 member
Billings, Mont.

Hard-Fought, Hard-Won Benefits

Responding to International Secretary-Treasurer Kenneth W. Cooper's column in the September Electrical Worker:

I am a 48-year member, Local 26, retired eight years and so thankful for my pension and health care. Just had two surgeries and my health care was great. I am so thankful that I worked union.

Anthony Long, Local 26 retiree
Washington, D.C.

Rising Support, Rising Tide

Responding to "Gallup Says Union Support is at a Near-Five-Decade High" on

People may be realizing how beneficial organized labor is. We can provide a proper installation but most important is a safe install. This is due to our training and apprenticeship.

Dan Siemek, Local 701 member
Lisle, Ill.

Quality, Through and Through

Responding to "All in the Family: Trayer Workers Put 'Rolls-Royce' Switchgear in Linemen's Hands" [also in last month's Electrical Worker]:

Trayer makes great switches. We've installed them the past few years and have had no issues at all. You can tell by the craftsmanship that these switches are union made. Keep up the good work, guys!

Jody Vaughn, Local 1049 member
Long Island, N.Y.