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November 2019

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'United We Stand' —
Strength in Solidarity

L.U. 1 (as,c,ees,ei,em,es,et,fm,i,mt,rts,s,se,spa,st&ws), ST. LOUIS, MO — The annual Labor Day parade was Monday, Sept. 2, in St. Louis. IBEW Local 1 was third in the parade route. Some 1,200 members, their families and friends enjoyed the parade and a picnic afterward at Wilmore Park.

Bus. Mgr. Frank Jacobs said: "Labor Day is a day where we give thanks to our forefathers that have given, not just to union workers, but all workers the benefits of their blood, sweat and sacrifices. Without their efforts we wouldn't have what we have today."

Brother Jacobs was elected president of the St. Louis Building Trades Council on Aug. 27. Congratulations to him.

On July 11, the inside journeyman wiremen ratified a three-year contract by a 4-1 margin. Highlights of the contract include:

  • Wages on the check $39.30, $40.61, $42.00. Total package of $66.22, $68.28, $70.47. Percentage raises 3.034%, 3.111%, 3.207%.
  • 1.5 roll up on vacation and holiday for all overtime.
  • Stronger stewards language and increased pay for stewards.
  • Two members on pipe language.
  • $75 increase per week for TES pooled unemployment fund. $75 increase per week income security individual's unemployment fund.
  • Increase in benefits and wages for PA's and A apprentices the day they go to school.
  • Early retirement at 58 with health care.

We mourn the loss of the following members: Dean Bullington, Frank Meczkowski, Arthur Murphy Jr., Ivan Bullar, Kenneth Sorden, Leon Jonas, Robert Bresnan, Jeffrey Hooker, Joseph Hobbs, Virginia Mabus, Paul Wessels, Charles Peniston, Ronald Jones, Raymond Pusateri, Stanley Richardson, Harry Boland, James Fowler, William Wenger, Ralph Stites, Reginald Morris, Angelo Maltagliati, Patrick McEntee Jr., Angelo Pandolfo, David Mason, Robert Waechter, Carl Crnko Jr., William Sutphen, Donald Corcoran, Mary Woltering, John Thompson and Erina Schuman.

Jan Bresnan, P.S.


IBEW Local 1 contingent marches in 2019 Labor Day Parade in St. Louis.

Women in Unions Attend UALE
Leadership Development Class

L.U. 3 (catv, em,govt,i,lctt,mo,o,t&u), NEW YORK, NY — The 44th United Association for Labor Education (UALE) Northeast Summer School for Women in Unions and Worker Organizations saw its largest class yet, with 166 women from the labor movement participating in five days of leadership development hosted by the CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies and Hofstra University from July 27-31.

This year, Local 3 sent a delegation of eight members led by Erin Sullivan, director of Local 3's Mentorship Program and representative on the IBEW Women's Committee. Local 25 of Long Island sent two sisters, and Local 1820 sent five sisters for the second year in a row.

"It is so great to see the sisters come to summer school and watch them as they begin to experience the magic of it all," Sullivan said.

Attendees also participated in some great workshops such as grievance handling, internal organizing, how to start your own podcast, public speaking and how to successfully navigate non-traditional work.

"The leadership class was by far my favorite," Local 3 maritime intermediate journeyperson Rebecca Dallalio said. "It taught me how important listening plays a role in being a strong leader."

For this year's action project supporting workers in the local area, 166 women jumped on a bus and went to Best Market in East Meadow to stand in solidarity with workers who are fighting for better working conditions, higher wages and better scheduling since their stores were bought by the German grocery chain Lidl. Union sisters also helped make a banner for the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Memorial, which will be dedicated in the spring of 2020 at the site of the historic tragedy on Washington Place in Greenwich Village.

"The time shared and the knowledge attained is not only applicable to my union apprenticeship, but to everyday interactions in life," Local 3 apprentice Diana Carbrerra said. "The weekend was filled with leadership, labor history, union organizing and reinforced with a constant flow of cross trade solidarity."

Annette Diaz, B.R.

Local 15 Election Results

L.U. 15 (u), DOWNERS GROVE, IL — The IBEW Local 15 election results for 2019 have been counted and are official.

Terry McGoldrick was elected business manager/president after having served the local as vice president for the past 12 years. Terry ran unopposed. Billy Phillips won the race for vice president. Billy served the local as a nuclear business representative for seven years and as assistant business manager for three years. Amy Allison will remain in the recording secretary position (unopposed). Treas. George Longoria will continue in his seat (unopposed). Congratulations to the new leadership team at Local 15. The local is in good hands moving forward to face all the challenges presented.

The ComEd/Local 15 Line Worker Skills Competition took place Sept. 7 at the ComEd Chicago Training Facility. Sixteen journeyman teams and six apprentices competed. Over 600 attendees registered to enjoy the day with the competitors. The event was enjoyed by all in attendance. Thanks to ComEd and Chris Riser from Local 15 for all the hard work put into organizing the event.

Sam Studer, P.S.


UALE Northeast Summer School attendees from IBEW Local 3 and Local 25. From left: Desiree Depay, Michele Kappauf, Erin Sullivan, Lisa Hofman, Michele Maldanado, Diana Cabrera, Heather McHale, Shauna Irving and Rebecca Dallaio.

Annual Block Party;
Apprenticeship Graduation

L.U. 25 (c,catv,es,i,ptc&rts), LONG ISLAND, NY — On Aug. 3, Local 25 had our annual Block Party here at the hall with a great turnout. We had a very large water slide and rock-climbing wall as well as many more attractions for all our members and their families. We had a dunking tank to raise money for COPE. Every year the party gets bigger, and we look forward to next year to keep it growing.

Thank you to Bus. Mgr. Kevin Casey and Pres. John Guadagno and their Block Party Committee for a fantastic day. The weather was perfect.

Local 25 congratulates the apprenticeship graduating class of 2019 on their success. We commend the graduates for all their hard work and many hours of studying and working, and taking care of families, all at the same time. The graduates are our future, and we look forward to them taking our local to the next level.

Also, a thank-you goes out to Training Dir. Chris Kelly and his staff for always doing a great job. Bro. Kelly's door is always open, and he always goes above and beyond the call of duty.

With regret we report the death of former president and Examining Board member Mike O'Grady. Mike was loved and will be missed. He was a true IBEW union man. Rest in peace, Bro. O'Grady.

Tom Lawless, P.S./E-Board


Local 25's Block Party at the union hall on Aug. 3 featured a giant water slide and a climbing wall.

Union Hall Updates

L.U. 41 (em,es,govt,i,se&spa), BUFFALO, NY — Greetings, sisters and brothers. As our year begins to wind down, we have been busy around the union hall this year with some much-needed updating. As I write this most projects are almost completed, while some are just starting but will not take too long to complete. We have updated and expanded our motor control lab and made provisions for future expansion, updated the A/V equipment in the meeting hall, and installed a new floor in our main entrance. Stop by and see what we have done!

As 2019 elections are upon us, we want you to know we are working harder than ever to bring new opportunities for work in our jurisdiction. We have continually met with our New York state elected officials to ensure they understand what we do, how we benefit everyone in our community and what ways we can work with them to secure more work ensuring more people have an opportunity to join Local 41.

The electrical construction industry is a dangerous field of work. Do not become complacent, do not take short cuts, do not think it can never happen to you. Please stay focused and stay safe.

Gregory R. Inglut, P.S.

50-Year Service Pin Awarded;
Contract Negotiations Updates

L.U. 47 (lctt,mo,o,u&uow), DIAMOND BAR, CA — Greetings, brothers and sisters.

Local 47 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec and Seventh District IEC member Patrick Lavin received his 50-year IBEW pin. Congratulations, Bus Mgr. Lavin.

In negotiations with the City of Anaheim, we have reached tentative agreements. Following negotiations with the City of Vernon, our members have ratified a three-year successor agreement with 3% for each year with a 97% vote. At Southern California Edison (SCE) Air Operation, we have a signed 4/10 agreement. For the Association of Long Beach Employees (ALBE) with 477 members, Local 47 won the affiliation election by an overwhelming 94%. At Utility Tree Service, we have reached a two-year tentative agreement. At Abengoa Solar, the ratification vote passed by 61%. Local 47's membership has grown to over 12,000.

Local 47's Brotherhood Motorcycle Run on Sept. 14 was a huge success.

Upcoming event: Local 47's Christmas celebration at Anaheim Stadium on Dec. 13.

We're sad to report the deaths of: Derrel Gollihugh, Robert Tafolla, Jim Schrader, Larry Burks, Larry Boothe, Elias Molina, John Brown and Shawn Elder. Our condolences and prayers are with their loved ones.

Work safe, live safe and free — and buy union!

Mitch Smith, P.S.


At top, Ninth District Int. Vice Pres. John J. O'Rourke (left) presents Local 47 Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. and IEC member Patrick Lavin with his 50-year IBEW pin. At bottom, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Colin Lavin and Examining Board member Casey Lavin congratulate Bus. Mgr. Lavin on his service award.

Local's 75th Anniversary;
Plant Closures Announced

L.U. 51 (catv,lct,o,ptc,rtb,t,u&uow), SPRINGFIELD, IL — We recently learned that Vistra Energy will close four Illinois coal-fueled power plants, including three represented by the IBEW: Havana, Hennepin and Duck Creek. This affects about 115 of our members. The recently approved revisions to the Multi-Pollutant Standard rule calls for a reduction in annual mass caps for sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, requiring the company to permanently shut down 2,000 MW of capacity in Illinois by the end of 2019. The local will be working to try to reduce the impact on our members and their families.

Oct. 1, 2019, marked Local 51's 75th anniversary. IBEW Local 51 was originally chartered on April 28, 1915, in Peoria, IL. The local merged into Local 702 on July 10, 1936. Local 51, as we know it today, was re-chartered on Oct. 1, 1944, as members from the original Peoria local moved out of Local 702 and into Local 51. Following is a January 1917 entry in the IBEW Journal: "Editor, Just a few lines to let the Brotherhood know that Local No. 51 is still on the map according to our last financial report. We have had a very successful year and have prospered. Business is very good now, on account of changing the street lighting system. We have had little trouble settling up with the Interstate Telephone Company, but think everything will be right. Well, I guess I must close. Wishing all the Brothers success. Your Brother, J. W. Mahoney."

Just like Bro. Mahoney, the current staff and officers wish all our brothers and sisters much success. Happy 75th anniversary!

Our RENEW Committee purchased $1,000 in school supplies for children in need. We thank all our members who donated to this worthy cause.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays, give eight hours of work for eight hours of pay, attend your monthly union meeting, and please be safe. Happy Thanksgiving and merry Christmas!

Karlene Knisley, B.R.

Labor Day Festivities

L.U. 55 (cc,lctt,o&u), DES MOINES, IOWA — Hello, brothers and sisters. Our local had over 100 members in this year's Labor Day parade. It's always great to get together and celebrate our union heritage and give back to those who came before us.

Our local has been blessed to have full employment and to have a lot of travelers working in our jurisdiction.

The 2019 Labor Day parade route was lined with several thousand people cheering for us and wishing us well. We made a lot of kids happy by throwing candy to them.

After the parade, we went to Union Labor Park and had a picnic with over a couple thousand other union trades people and their families. There was food for everyone, and face painting and balloon makers for the kids. Several large inflatables were on display, and of course there was an ice cream truck. The only bad thing of the day was that our tug-of-war team was defeated this year. Bus. Mgr. Mike Sawyer said things were going to be different next year. We had a lot of our crews traveling to the Southeast to help with hurricane recovery, so we were shorthanded for the contest.

See you at the Christmas party in December!

Myron Green, P.S.


IBEW Local 55 contingent participated in the Labor Day parade in Des Moines, Iowa.

Mentor of the Year Award;
Career Fairs, Outreach Events

L.U. 77 (lctt,mt,o,t&u), SEATTLE, WA — Local 77's own Brady Hansen, a journeyman lineman, was awarded the 2018 IBEW International Journeyman Mentor of the Year at the Construction & Maintenance Conference earlier this year. It is a well-deserved honor and recognition.

We thank Lou Walter for his years of dedication to the membership; Lou retired this year as the local's business manager.

The local purchased a new building for our Spokane office and at the time of this writing we expected to be moved in by late September or early October.

We have taken a proactive approach to introducing young people into the trades. We are attending career fairs and events, setting up our information booth across our jurisdiction to promote opportunities in our apprenticeships.

During this year's legislative session in Washington state, a worker assault bill passed, which the local has lobbied in support of for several years. Thanks to all who worked on and supported this effort and new law.

A worker's memorial monument has been set up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, paying tribute to workers who have lost their lives on the job. Local 77 member Kyle Beierle was instrumental in establishing the memorial.

Rick Luiten, P.S.


Local 77 member Brady Hansen (center) receives IBEW Journeyman Mentor of the Year award. At left is Local 77 Bus. Mgr. Lou Walter and at right, Seventh District International Executive Council member Patrick Lavin.

Contract Agreements Ratified

L.U. 103 (cs&i), BOSTON, MA — Local 103 and Boston NECA recently ratified new four-year agreements with historic wage increases for Local 103 members! Also included are increased contributions to our Local 103 Pension Plan, which will allow us to take care of our retirees through the next phase of their career.

We are increasing our investment in our Market Recovery Program to keep expanding the economic prosperity for all our members.

We've re-established a Holiday Vacation Fund and introduced strong prefab language, as well as adding start-up and commissioning to protect against the erosion of our jurisdiction of work.

Moving forward, we are prepared for the future with a new Telecommunications and Integrated Building Systems Agreement, which will align our technicians with current technological advances in our industry. It also means more wage increases and language changes for Local 103 technicians than at any other time in the past 30 years. We strengthened overtime language, added scope of work, and ultimately brought more parity and equity for our tech division.

These are only the highlights of our new historic four-year contracts. Thank you to our Negotiating Committee: Pres. Bob Sheehan, Bus. Agents Rich Antonellis and Gary Walker, and Rec. Sec. Jim Fleming.

Lou Antonellis, B.M./F.S.

Labor Day Parade

Rock Island, IL, IBEW Local 109, which represents employees of MidAmerican Energy, participated in the 36th annual East Moline Labor Day parade.


Rock Island, IL, IBEW Local 109, which represents employees of MidAmerican Energy, participated in the 36th annual East Moline Labor Day parade.

'Welcome to New Appointees'

L.U. 111 (em,govt,lctt,mt,o,rtb,spa&u), DENVER, CO — New faces around the hall! Please join me in welcoming our newest agent on staff, Ron Geary. Ron will be responsible for the former Local 969 inside construction units, as well as Tri-State Craig Station. Ron served his apprenticeship out of then-Local 969 before becoming a Local 111 member working at Craig Station. He served as a steward and chief steward at the power plants and served on the Executive Board before being appointed as vice president. Ron is a very active member and will be a great agent.

Sister Jamie Porta was appointed to fill the unexpired term of former vice president Ron Geary. Jamie, who works as a store keeper for the local utility, was a previous Executive Board member and is the current secretary/treasurer for Western Colorado Trades and Labor Assembly. Jamie is very active within her community as well as the union and will be a great asset as an officer.

Jeff Jablonski, a journeyman lineman from our construction unit, has accepted the second organizer position. He has served as a steward, unit chairman, Examining Committee member, and has been on several negotiating committees. Jeff is a passionate person when it comes to our union and will serve the membership well in this capacity.

Please attend and participate in your safety meetings, unit meetings, Women's Committee meetings, EWMC meetings, and Local 111 events. Get to know your union sisters and brothers. Visit our union website for upcoming events at

Patrick S. Quinn, P.S.

Graduating Apprentices;
'The Time to Act is Now'

L.U. 113 (ees,em,i,mo&o), COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — On behalf of the members of Local 113, we congratulate the inside apprentice graduating class of 2019 on achieving journeyman wireman status. The graduates are: Ricky Cranford, Noah Feher, Brian McKinnon, James Robinson, Daniel Sheehan and Angelo Vigil. Thank you, brothers, for your hard work and dedication.

As you may know we are under some very damaging attacks on organized labor from the White House. To date, an extraordinary number of rulings and laws have been passed, and the effects of those measures will not be good. Some of them irreversible. How could this happen?

We all took an oath to bear allegiance and not sacrifice the IBEW's interest in any manner. Yet, some of our members for some reason continue to vote for politicians who are known to be anti-labor, the effects of it which we are experiencing now.

So, what can we do about it? We all need to be proactive and have meaningful discussions about who we send to Washington one year from now. Educate family members, friends, and our own brethren.

The IBEW will not tell you how to cast your vote. However, we must be mindful of how our decisions affect all of us and our livelihood that we have worked so hard to preserve.

United we stand.

Brian Putnam, P.S.


Local 113 congratulates the class of 2019 apprenticeship graduates.

70-Year Service Pin Awarded;
Summer Events a Success

L.U. 125 (lctt,o,t&u), PORTLAND, OR — We have had a busy summer supporting a variety of events including the Pacific Northwest Lineman Rodeo and our annual golf and softball tournaments. These events allow us to continue raising funds for the Oregon Burn Center. Too often, we learn directly how much our members' and sponsors' support truly changes lives. Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered, donated, or simply came out to support our events.

Congratulations to IBEW Seattle Local 77 Bus. Mgr. Rex Habner for winning his election after the retirement of Lou Walters. Beyond our partnership through NW Line JATC, we look forward to continued collaboration with Rex and his team.

At the August Executive Board meeting and Retirees Club Luncheon, Jim Ball was presented with a 70-year service pin. Bro. Ball is pictured in the accompanying photo with members of the Executive Board, Examining Board, and staff. "We were honored to acknowledge our brother for his years of service to our union," said Local 125 Pres. Larry Browning. "Members like Bro. Ball gave us a solid foundation, and it is with great pride that we continue working to maintain the standards and professionalism associated with the IBEW."

Marcy Grail, A.B.M.


Local 125 retired member Jim Ball (center), holding 70-year service award, with members of the Executive Board, Examining Board, and staff.

Annual Picnic / Golf Scramble

L.U. 141 (ees,i,o&u), WHEELING, WV — Work in our local is slow as of this writing, with 56 brothers and sisters on Book 1. Many of our members have been finding employment in sister locals, with many members working at a very large petrochemical complex in western Pennsylvania.

On Aug. 10, Local 141 hosted their annual family picnic and golf scramble held at Wheeling Park. In addition to the golf scramble, members and their families enjoyed a buffet lunch, activities for kids, door prizes, park/pool passes, and a day filled with friendship and brotherhood. Congratulations to Bros. Brian Jaquay, Boone Robertson, Cody Bishop and Nathan Myers for winning the 2019 golf scramble.

Local 141 is very sad to report the passing of Bro. Randy Miller. Randy served for nearly 20 years as Local 141's organizer. He retired in 2015. Bro. Miller worked very hard to elevate the nonunion electrical workers in our area to a higher standard and show them that union membership is the best option for a successful and rewarding electrical career. He will be sadly missed.

Kurt "Bug" Reed, P.S.


Local 141 members, family and friends participated in the local's Golf Scramble at Wheeling Park in August.

Holiday Lighting Display;
Union Election Makes History

L.U. 159 (i), MADISON, WI — Greetings, sisters and brothers.

History has been made in Local 159. This year I was elected the first female business manager of the local in its 119-year history, and Bro. Shaun Daniels was elected the first African American member of our Executive Board. I was elected in July after serving the members and their families, working in the office for over 39 years. I am looking forward to promoting an environment of unity, inclusiveness and diversity. We have so many great members who want to work together to advance the strength and solidarity of our local and its membership.

Bro. Daniels received the highest number of votes in winning his seat on the Executive Board. He is also the president of our local EWMC Chapter. Working together, we know great things are coming to Local 159 and our members.

We are preparing for our 31st annual IBEW/NECA Fantasy in Lights, a free holiday lighting display set up in one of our city parks that runs from Nov. 9 to Jan. 5. This event is free to the public and grows every year. Donations received are given back to our community-based organizations and volunteers' charitable organizations. The displays are set up and taken down by Local 159 apprentices and Local 159 volunteers. So, if you're in the area, stop through for some great holiday cheer.

Wishing all our sisters and brothers a wonderful holiday season. In solidarity.

Sue Blue, B.M.

Labor Day Picnic a Success;
Radio & TV Commercials

L.U. 177 (bo,ees,govt,i,mo,o&pet), JACKSONVILLE, FL — Hurricane Dorian is threatening the east coast of Florida as I write this and may have dampened the attendance at our Labor Day picnic, but it was still a success for everyone who attended and was enjoyed by all. Thanks go out to Pres. Luis Cano and all his volunteers who made it happen.

Training Dir. Danny Van Sickle recently finished his first radio commercial for the Electrical Training Alliance (funded by the Jacksonville LMCC) for the Rick Ballou Show on 1010 XL / WJXL-FM sports radio.

Bro. Ross Mullis and Sister Abigail Taylor recently finished our first TV commercial that will be shown during our sponsorship of the Athlete of the Week on First Coast News.

Unit 2 is beginning negotiations with the Duval County School Board.

Work in the Jacksonville area slowed this summer, but several hospital projects should pick things up soon. Thanks to all the locals that have work for our traveling brothers and sisters.

Alan Jones, B.M./F.S.


Local 177 member Ander Cribbs (left) and Keith Pierce prepare ribs and chicken for Labor Day picnic.

Labor Day Parade;
Excellence & Professionalism

L.U. 197 (em&i), BLOOMINGTON, IL — We celebrated Labor Day with our union brothers and sisters in September. Thanks to all who attended the parade and marched together in downtown Bloomington. Earlier this summer we had a good showing at our annual family picnic in GE/Union Park as well as at our golf outing. Congratulations to the winners of our golf outing: Steve Batty, Kelly Gorman, Mo Judd and Todd Kellar. In the best-dressed category, the unanimous winners were Ned Karr, Kyle Myers, Doug Myers and Reece Weber — for their display of brightly colored knickers and caps. We are glad everyone enjoyed the day.

The work situation has been very positive so far this year. Thanks to all our members and travelers who show up each day and are productive, professional, and ready to put in a good day's work. Our members rise to the occasion by performing day in and day out helping the jobs come in on time and under budget. It looks like we will get the chance to continue to show off our skills with the upcoming work at Rivian as we build the auto plant. We look forward to the challenge and the opportunity.

Congratulations to Rich Veitengruber, who accepted a job as director of operations at the Decatur Health and Welfare office. We thank Bro. Veitengruber for his dedication, as he served in many capacities with our local and especially as business manager for the last six years.

Remember to get involved in the local union and to stay involved!

Mike Raikes, B.M./F.S.


IBEW Local 197 contingent marches in the McLean County Labor Day parade.

Contract Negotiations;
Ohio Energy Legislation

L.U. 245 (govt,lctt,o,rtb&u), TOLEDO, OHIO — After years of lobbying, meetings and tours, we finally got Ohio House Bill 6 passed, which provides for a subsidy to all green energy producers such as nuclear plants. No sooner had the nuclear power plants breathed a sigh of relief and ordered the fuel for their next run cycle than the opponent of the bill was trying to get a referendum on the November ballot to repeal it. These opponents are backed by Chinese investors and are putting out a lot of false information. Details about this issue can be found on the website

On negotiations, the Toledo Edison Energy Delivery Agreement is just about complete as of press time, and it may be ratified by the time you read this article. Negotiations with Tegna Inc. for members employed at Channel 11 should be starting soon. On the outside, the Ohio/Michigan commercial agreement was ratified, while the Fourth District Teledata contract negotiations are still in progress.

Walleye Power Plant (formally Bayshore Power Plant) will be going into an outage this fall.

Work on the outside continues to be good; we are in need of journeymen.

While many of us were enjoying our Labor Day holiday, several linemen from our local and other locals headed to Florida to restore power after Hurricane Dorian. These linemen are the backbone of the IBEW, putting their lives in danger to restore power after a storm. We are very proud of you all. In your absence, your union brothers made sure you were well represented in the Labor Day parade by placing seven line-trucks in the parade.

Until next time, work safe. Go, Bucks!

Ray Zychowicz, P.S.


Toledo, Ohio, Local 245 was well represented in 2019 Labor Day parade.

Local 257 Officers are Sworn In

Officers of Jefferson City, MO, Local 257 were sworn in. From left: former president Greg Schrock; Pres. Joel Vanderslice; Jeff Murphy, Examining Board; Rec. Sec. Pete Loaiza; Glenn Bruemmer, Executive Board; Matt Henning, Exec. Board; Treas. Scott Porter; Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Don Bruemmer, delegate to International Convention; John Bernskoetter, Exec. Board; Sam Luebbering, Exec. Board; Vice Pres. Shawn Hillen; Branden Martin, Exam. Board; Troy Fischer, Exec. Board; and Brad Heckman, Exec. Board. Not pictured: Exec. Board member Mike Fanning and Exam. Board member Marc Lindenbusch.


Officers of Jefferson City, MO, Local 257 were sworn in. From left: former president Greg Schrock; Pres. Joel Vanderslice; Jeff Murphy, Examining Board; Rec. Sec. Pete Loaiza; Glenn Bruemmer, Executive Board; Matt Henning, Exec. Board; Treas. Scott Porter; Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Don Bruemmer, delegate to International Convention; John Bernskoetter, Exec. Board; Sam Luebbering, Exec. Board; Vice Pres. Shawn Hillen; Branden Martin, Exam. Board; Troy Fischer, Exec. Board; and Brad Heckman, Exec. Board. Not pictured: Exec. Board member Mike Fanning and Exam. Board member Marc Lindenbusch.

Continuing Education

L.U. 269 (i&o), TRENTON, NJ — There is no better way to stay employed than making yourself a valuable asset to your employer. Training certifications are not trophies to be collected and shown off, they are a valuable commodity to the skilled tradesman and the contractor alike. A well-educated workforce is a highly employable workforce and our members strive to stay at the top of the food chain when it comes to knowledge of craft and application of their years of experience in their trade. The union hall offers year-round training courses in welding, Lull forklift operation, crane operation, high voltage splicing, rigging, commercial driver's license (CDL) training, and many other courses that the membership can take advantage of so they can maintain their advantage in the highly competitive construction industry.

And when the membership is not furthering their electrical education, they can be found continuing the good works throughout their communities, such as food and clothing drives, waterway and highway cleanups and many other volunteering endeavors. These good works not only lift the profile of the local in the eyes of the general public, but they also lift the spirits of those who dedicate their time and energy to a common cause.

Brian Jacoppo, P.S.


Members of Local 269 volunteer for Adopt a Highway program in Bucks County, PA.

Work Picture Steady;
Great Labor Day Picnic

L.U. 291 (c,i,mo,o,rtb&rts), BOISE, IDAHO — With Labor Day behind us, we look forward to the changing seasons in Idaho.

A big shout out to the Boise Central Trades and Labor Council for putting on another great Labor Day picnic and especially to the staff of the Idaho State AFL-CIO (members of IBEW Local 283) for all their help in the picnic preparation process.

Inside construction work is still plentiful in our jurisdiction with not many signs of slowing anytime soon. Outside work also remains steady with a growth in hours on the horizon.

By the time this article is published, we should have wrapped up current negotiations with the Idaho State Democratic Party staff and our unit at KTVB Channel 7.

Inside negotiations are ongoing as well; all negotiating committees look forward to successful bargaining results.

It is with great sympathy that I report the passing of active members Scott Carstensen, Douglas Arnold and Timothy Cope.

We wish all of our sisters and brothers and their families across the country a very safe and merry holiday season!

Mark Zaleski, P.S.

Awards for Top Market Share;
Community Service Volunteers

L.U. 309 (i,lctt,mo,mt,o,rts,spa&u), COLLINSVILLE, IL — At the IBEW Membership Development Conference in August, Local 309 was presented with two awards for top market share. Based on a three-year average, the inside branch finished at 97% while the outside branch finished at 92%. It is imperative that we equally acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our members, and the vision and persistence of our NECA partners.

Congratulations to Bro. Bill Hagene for receiving American Income Life's 2019 Labor Volunteer Award, presented by the Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO. Hagene was chosen for his leadership of the Electrical Pros volunteer group — an IBEW-NECA funded enterprise tasked with presenting a positive image to the community through service and outreach.

Now in its fifth year, the Electrical Pros have wired 10 homes for Habitat for Humanity and two homes for Eastside Heart and Home; remodeled the kitchen for St. Vincent DePaul Outreach Center; installed temporary power for Songs for Soldiers music fest; and completed many other projects. Working beside Bill are fellow retirees Mike Hayes, Don Herbeck, Brad Maes, Scott Nicholson, Dave Rakers, Dan Sodam and auxiliaries Tip Belz, Brian Kendall and Dale Theis. As news has spread about the Electrical Pros, many future retirees are asking how they can get involved.

Carlos S. Perez, R.S.

Membership Participation

L.U. 313 (i&spa), WILMINGTON, DE — It has been a pretty good year, as we have wrapped up a lot of work on school projects, work at the refinery, a hospital project and others. We are still working on other hospitals and school projects, the X-Station, a hydrogen project and a food distribution warehouse. We hope for work on more food storage facilities as the Port of Wilmington should get moving next year.

As the apprentices left school last spring, we asked them to think of some areas of specialty they might like to consider moving into and offered them some choices. As the year ends, we encourage each of them to take an electrical license exam, and to explore the many options available to our members.

The Building Committee is working to finalize some decisions about our property. Anyone who wants to add to the team is welcome. Some of the building team members have made good contributions to help the decision-making process move along.

Membership participation is on the rise. There are plenty of areas for members to join in. For example: on sports teams, web design ideas, wellness campaigns, shop steward training, the local's history, parades, clubs, picnics, political causes, RENEW projects, mentoring, business classes, college degrees, the entertainment committee or parties, health and welfare issues, building market share, family fun, and more.

There are many areas where we could improve or make our impact more effective. Hop on the website at or the app to check out options or to add one of your own.

Bruce Esper, P.S.

Sisterhood Within the Trades;
2019 Trades Women Conference

L.U. 343 (i,spa&st), LE SUEUR, MN — The sisterhood within the brotherhood: what's that all about? According to, 3% of electricians are female. The 2009 U.S. Census data reports that women held only 1% of all electrician jobs. Local 343's percentage stands at 1.1%. In 2018, Toronto Local 353 became the first to receive a women's committee charter for female electricians granted by the International. This gave the women's committee permanency in the IBEW Constitution. The committee deals with the unique challenges that women encounter within the trade. [Editor's Note: To read more, see 2018 news article " Women's Committees Empowering the Sisterhood, Making Locals Proud," posted on the IBEW website at]

Local 343 member Nikki Heather sought and received sponsorship from the membership to attend this year's 9th annual Trades Women Build Nations Conference in Minneapolis in October. The conference is the largest gathering of women building-trades workers in the world. It is hosted by North America's Building Trades Unions. Last year the event drew over 2,300 participants representing every building craft. The conference offered workshops on networking, leadership skills, and retention and increased involvement of women in the trade. Speeches from union leaders, politicians and contractors filled out the weekend. Thank you, Sister Heather, for representing Local 343 at this international event. Sister, you truly are a "one percenter," for now.

Avoid paying the Trump tariffs … buy "Made in the USA" products!

Tom Small, P.S.

Labor Day 2019;
'Make Our Voices Heard'

L.U. 347 (em,i,mt,rtb,rts&spa), DES MOINES, IOWA — Labor Day 2019 was a celebration of those who do the real work of making our society and economy work. About 300 Local 347 members attended the parade and party, which saw nearly 1,300 participants in total.

The politics surrounding Labor Day are interesting. 1884 was the first Labor Day held in September to honor the American worker. Ten years later, in 1894, Grover Cleveland signed a bill to make Labor Day a national holiday as a token to workers to quell labor unrest. Now that Labor Day 2019 has passed, we Iowans are immersed in an onslaught of politics. It began at the Iowa State Fair where my wife and I were interviewed by a reporter from The Economist for an article subtitled "Adventures at the bottom of the pack." Briefly, I explained my being a single-issue voter based on the need of union revival. The political focus on Iowa will increase from now until February. This is our opportunity to be heard! So, be heard!

Local 347 is happy to announce the signing of labor agreements with two of our signatory manufacturers, EP2 and Keystone.

Work in this area is good. We have travelers working and will probably need them for some time. Thanks to the brothers and sisters for helping man this work. We also have 65 new apprentices starting this year.

The local thanks Al DeHeer for his service to our local. Al served on the Pension Committee and then more recently as referral agent. Thank you to a dedicated brother as he begins retirement.

Mike Schweiger, P.S.


Des Moines, Iowa, IBEW Local 347 members and their families participate in Labor Day parade.

Officers Elected

L.U. 449 (catv,em,i,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), POCATELLO, IDAHO — Local 449 held its election of officers, who took office in July. The local also elected delegates to the IBEW 40th International Convention.

Congratulations to the newly elected officers and delegates: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Ned Jones, Pres. Chris Lochridge, Vice Pres. Ross Harrington, Rec. Sec. Nate Roberts and Treas. Colby Averett. Executive Board: Colby Allen Christensen, Cory Facer, Kyle Jones, Zeke Martin and Neil Tillotson. Examining Board: Bryen Baret, Luke Carpenter and David Craig. Delegates to the 40th International Convention: Ned Jones, Ross Harrington and Cory Facer.

Local 449 would also like to thank our outgoing officers for their service: Craig McDonald, Jeff McKinlay, Chris Abernathy, Pat Bristol, Steve Willard, Leola Duke and Chris Lochridge.

Congratulations to our recently retired brothers: Kenneth Clay Bingham, Robert Steven Ray, Jerry Cogdill and Mickey McMillian. Brothers, you have earned it — best of wishes to all of you from Local 449!

Clay Hirning, A.B.M.

65-Year Service Pin Award

L.U. 527 (i,rts&spa), GALVESTON, TEXAS — Galveston Local 527 is proud to honor Bro. Pat Stone. Bro. Stone received his pin for 65 years of service with the IBEW. Pat is also a military veteran. Congratulations, Bro. Stone, and thank you for your longtime IBEW service.

Cathy Henderson, JATC Dir.


Local 527 service-pin recipient Pat Stone (left), Pres. David Trevino and Bus. Mgr. Mike Henderson.

End of Summer Events

L.U. 531 (i), LAPORTE, IN — At this writing, we were approaching the end of another summer season in northwest Indiana and it was capped off with a couple of great events. The annual 531 golf outing was Aug. 3, at Chesapeake Run golf course in North Judson. This year saw a large turnout, close to 80 golfers, and we had a perfect weather day for the festivities. A big thanks to Mike Lowenthal for coordinating the event several years in a row now. Your efforts are appreciated, Mike.

Another recent event was the biennial awards banquet that was held at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City. This event has become a favorite for many of the members and seems to get larger every time. I can remember when awards night was pizza and beer in the basement of the Carpenters' hall, and now it is an event well worth attending. I believe our attendance numbers were in the upper 300s this year and it keeps getting larger every time. For the younger members who don't attend "old-timers night," you should really reconsider — this is a great night out and a great way to see people you normally would not get to see. Thanks to everyone who puts the event together. The slide show that runs all night is always fun to watch.

Work has been steady, and it appears that it should stay that way for a while to come. I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Jeremy Woolever, P.S.


Local 531 members at the golf outing.

'Congratulations to Officers'

L.U. 545 (i), ST. JOSEPH, MO — Congratulations to newly elected Local 545 officers.

Officers are as follows: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Daniel Robinson, Pres. Jeff Miller, Vice Pres. Brian Finney, Treas. Jason Brennan and Rec. Sec. Brett Finney; Executive Board Chmn. — Brian Fleckal; Executive Board members — Tom Brooke, Nick Boyer, Chad Moore, Jon Reiner, Brandon Osteen and Ross Hailey; and Examining Board members — Spencer Richter, Tyler Wolfe and Kendel Kafer.

Thank you to all Local 545 members who came out to vote and support our local. As a local we look forward to new ideas to advance the growth and success of our local union.

Brett Finney, R.S.

IBEW Life Saving Award;
Champions, Longtime Members

L.U. 569 (i,mar,mt,rts&spa), SAN DIEGO, CA — IBEW Int. Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson awarded Local 569 Bro. Oscar Stewart with IBEW's highest honor — the Life Saving Award.

On the morning of Saturday, April 27, 2019, a gunman opened fire on congregants of a local synagogue in Poway, killing one woman and injuring three others. We are deeply thankful that our IBEW 569 brother and Navy and Army veteran Oscar Stewart courageously stood up to hate. He helped stop further bloodshed by scaring off and chasing away the shooter.

In commending Oscar's valiant actions to stand up to hate and save lives, we are reminded of Pres. Stephenson's own words of solidarity: "Bigotry of any kind divides member against member, destroys the foundations of solidarity and undermines our power as a union."

Next, we wish to congratulate our IBEW 569 "A Team" — they are the back-to-back champions of the IBEW Ninth District Softball Tournament! Plus, we had great attendance at our IBEW 569 Padres Day and Tailgate Party!

Finally, we congratulate our IBEW 569 members who received their service pins to commemorate more than 20 years of membership with the IBEW — including Jay Bartley, Robert Herrington and Jack Miller, who have been with IBEW for 65 years!

Gretchen Newsom, P.S.


The fifth annual IBEW Local 569 Padres Day at Petco Park had a great turnout of nearly 750 members and supporters. Credit: Brian Campbell

Apprenticeship Graduation

L.U. 611 (catv,es,govt,i,lctt,o,spa,t&u), ALBUQUERQUE, NM — On Aug. 17, we held our annual Apprenticeship Graduation Banquet at the Marriott Pyramid.

There were 19 graduating apprentices. Congratulations to the new journeyman wiremen: Justin Arnold, Brad M. Begay, Daniel Burgos, Francisco Camacho Alvarez, Luis B. Carbajal-Lara, Robin Lena LaChapelle, Mason Lucas Lacy, Timothy L. Madrid, Nathan C. Maestas Sr., Amarante Edward Montoya, Greg Moore, Ruben J. Romero, Andrew Russel, Jesse Sandoval, Jamie Lee Trout, Samuel Urioste Sr., Jameel M. Waheed, Richard Wellman and Rox Y. Willie. This year's apprentice of the year was Justin Arnold. Justin went to the Seventh District Regionals, where he tied for first place. This year's C.S. Mitchell Award went to Tyler Burton. Congratulations also to Justin and Tyler for a job well done.

This year's Labor Day picnic was held at Tiguex Park near Old Town, and there was a big turnout. Attendees enjoyed plenty of food and great entertainment. A huge thank-you to all the volunteers.

Local 611 extends condolences to the friends and families of recently deceased members: Filimon F. Casados, Ronald E. Lent, Harry W. Ralls and Jesse Schaffer.

Don't forget, our regular meetings are on the third Saturday of each month. Please make every effort to attend.

Darrell J. Blair, P.S.


Local 611 congratulates apprenticeship graduating class of 2019.

74th Family Day a Success

L.U. 613 (em,i,o,rts&spa), ATLANTA, GA — Every summer, Local 613 invites its members and their families to the local's annual picnic.

This year was the 74th Family Day in our local's history. As this event is a longtime tradition and Local 613 will be celebrating its 100-year charter, a record crowd showed up.

Six Flags over Georgia shut the park down to the public for the over 7,000 guests who attended. Bus. Mgr. Kenny Mullins and Pres. Kevin Swanson greeted everyone as they entered the park to enjoy the evening. Members got to catch up on each other's lives while their kids got to ride the attractions with little to no lines.

The officers and staff look forward to next year's event celebrating 75 years of our families getting together.

James Williams, P.S.


Local 613 members and their families enjoy the rides at Six Flags over Georgia during the local's 2019 Family Day annual picnic.

Fall Fest in October;
Honoring Military Veterans

L.U. 617 (c,i,mo&st), SAN MATEO, CA — Local 17 held our annual Veterans-Halloween Fall Fest in October. Costumed children and adults filled the union hall, as families enjoyed a pancake breakfast. Activities included: movies, games, face painting, cookie decorating and the opportunity to renew old friendships.

We are grateful that our work picture continues to grow. Our tireless efforts at San Francisco International Airport have come to fruition with the grand opening of new Terminal 1. The hard work and dedication of our local members and traveling brothers and sisters show that union work is truly exceptional.

Local 617 honors the sacrifices made by our military veteran brothers and sisters. On Nov. 4, our local members, spearheaded by the EWMC, helped set up the Menlo Park VA Annual Car Show and spent time with our disabled vets. Our annual Veterans Coat Drive is underway as well. On Nov. 10, union members, the Motorcycle Club and Veterans group, participated in Veterans Day ceremonies at Golden Gate National Cemetery. To those who served and to the fallen warriors, your service will never be forgotten. Semper Recordatus.

We thank our union members who care about the communities they live in and serve by participating in motorcycle ride fundraisers, job fares, political actions, rebuilding together and the many committees we have.

Happy, healthy and safe new year!

Kenn Perfitt, P.S.


Local 617's annual Veterans-Halloween Fall Fest features a specially decorated pumpkin highlighting the IBEW.

Officer Transitions;
Hurricane Season Preparation

L.U. 627 (u), FORT PIERCE, FL — Greetings, brothers and sisters!

At the May Executive Board meeting, Bro. Kevin Mueller was appointed as Local 627 treasurer, filling the seat vacated by Sister Julia McClelland. Also, Bro. David Drew was appointed as financial secretary for the local, succeeding Bro. Mueller. Congratulations to Bros. Mueller and Drew on their new positions.

As of this late summer writing, Hurricane Dorian was set to make landfall in our local's service area as a Category 4 storm. Emergency response teams and restoration crews were geared up to ensure safe, efficient power restoration. With high confidence and great pride, our craftsmen faced the challenges ahead.

Brothers and sisters, whether performing routine simple tasks or complex power restorations, please ensure that safety is a top priority. Please continue to be "your brothers' keeper" and demonstrate the Code of Excellence with pride, skill and solidarity. Safety & solidarity!

Fernando Salcedo, P.S.

'Trending Up' With Increased Participation

L.U. 697 (c,es,i,mt&se), GARY & HAMMOND, IN — IBEW Local 697 continues to grow our local in more ways than one.

At the 2017 Lowell Labor Day parade, we set a record with 232 participants. Then we broke that record in 2018 with 284 participants. And on Sept. 2, 2019, we shattered our own record with 339 participants. Local 697 is proud to be the first union to break the 300 mark at the event and maintain our reputation with the IBEW being the largest trade union presence in the parade.

A special thank you to Bros. Phil Barker, Joel Claus, Brandon Arsenault and Dirk Decker for the use of their personal trucks, trailers and straw as they provided transportation for our group to the starting line for the parade. Local 697 would like to thank our retired Bros. Dave Sayers and Ron Wandasiewicz for getting our local involved in the Lowell Labor Day parade over 30 years ago.

On Saturday, Sept. 8, we also increased our annual picnic participation from 610 attendees last year to 718 attendees this year. Local 697 would like to recognize Pres. Curt Lesnick, our picnic chairman, for his continuing dedication with this annual event. The success of this year's picnic could not have happened without Bro. Lesnick and all the Local 697 volunteers including our RENEW, EWMC, Motorcycle Club and Sisters of 697 participants.

Ryan Reithel, B.M./F.S.


Local 697 members and their families participate in the 2019 Lowell Labor Day parade.

Help for Fighting Addiction In the Construction Industry

L.U. 1049 (lctt,o,u&uow), LONG ISLAND, NY — A recent article in the Electrical Worker, "Opioids and the Construction Industry," (August 2019) hit close to home for us at IBEW 1049. Sadly, we have had several members, their families and their co-workers adversely affected by the disease of addiction. At recent general meetings, Bus. Mgr. Ronald Bauer has implored any member who may have an addiction issue to seek help. If you feel you may have an addiction problem, contact the union hall. We can get you in touch with those who can and will help.

If you know of a co-worker, a friend or maybe even a family member who may be struggling, reach out to them. Talk to them and strongly encourage them to seek help. Let them know that you care about them. Maybe by reaching out we can avoid some of these tragedies our local has been facing.

We are currently in negotiations with our largest employer, PSEG-Long Island. At this writing, we are cautiously optimistic that we will complete negotiations prior to the contract expiration date of Nov. 13.

Thomas J. Dowling, R.S.

'Welcome to New Apprentices'

L.U. 1253 (i&mo), AUGUSTA, MAINE — Local 1253 accepted into its apprenticeship program 25 new apprentices for the September 2019 school year. This is the largest group of apprentices the local has ever taken. With the Local 1253's JATC moving to a four-year program, this is exciting news for the local as it moves to replace the large number of retirement-eligible members coming our way over the next 10 years. Good luck, apprentices!

Local 1253 congratulates Matt Butler on acing the state of Maine journeyman exam and becoming a journeyman wireman.

The work outlook remains strong in Local 1253 with projects including paper machine rebuilds, solar fields, salmon farms and plenty of commercial work in our future.

Chuck Fraser, B.M.


Local 1253 members Matt Butler (left) and Josh Bragan receive their apprenticeship graduation certificates at the local's summer picnic. They have achieved journeyman wireman status.

AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic

L.U. 1347 (ees,em&u), CINCINNATI, OHIO — For a second year in a row, Local 1347 attended the Labor Day picnic hosted by the AFL-CIO at Coney Island, in southern Ohio. This year we had a much bigger turnout from our membership than the year before, and we hope to see many more familiar faces attending as the years go on. The weather was beautiful for the countless trade unions that joined together to celebrate this wonderful holiday. We look forward to next year's event!

Andrew Kirk, B.M./F.S.


IBEW Local 1347 members and their families enjoy 2019 Labor Day picnic.

District Progress Meeting

L.U. 1501 (ees,em,mo,pet,rts&t), BALTIMORE, MD — Bus. Mgr./Pres. Dion F. Guthrie recently attended the IBEW Fourth District Progress Meeting held in New Cumberland, WV.

IBEW Fourth District Int. Vice Pres. Brian G. Malloy put on one of the best Progress Meetings that I have ever attended, and I have been attending these meetings for over 50 years. This meeting was also in the ideal place for me, as the Mountaineer Horse Racetrack was just across the street. This gave me the opportunity to visit that racetrack to see how it operates and functions — of particular interest since I represent IBEW workers at racetracks all across North America. I am very proud to be a union member in the IBEW Fourth District, especially noting how we have "progressed" over the years.

James Boyd, F.S., P.S.


Local 1501 Bus. Mgr./Pres. Dion F. Guthrie attends Fourth District Progress Meeting in West Virginia.


L.U. 1579 (i&o), AUGUSTA, GA — I had a traveler call me after he was terminated and demand his job back. Although this traveler had an attendance issue and should have been terminated long before he was, his reasoning for demanding his job be restored is because we are in a "right-to-work" state, a term he clearly did not understand.

So-called "right-to-work" does not mean that you have the right to work, as many politicians want you to believe. It basically means that you do not have to join a union in order to work. It does not happen very often in our union, but other unions have what are often called freeloaders; in other words, they can enjoy the benefits of union representation without becoming a member.

You can be terminated and "right-to-work" will not save you. Only your union will fight for you in the event you are terminated without merit.

Many union members vote for public officials who are trying to destroy your job and your union. These elected officials will always distract you by promising something like, "I will cut your taxes." (They mean mainly for the rich, but they don't say that.) Or, they focus on the same social issues every election cycle so you will vote for them again.

We all need to wake up and be smarter than these politicians. These politicians are attempting to destroy us and will continue to pull the wool over their supporters' eyes until their mission is accomplished.

This article is not intended to offend anyone, but this is the reality and the truth must be told.

Will Salters, B.M./F.S.

Concerns About Proposed Sale
Of Emera Maine Electric Utility

L.U. 1837 (rtb&u), MANCHESTER, MAINE — IBEW Local 1837, legislative leaders and Emera Maine ratepayers held a press conference in Orono to share their concerns about the proposed sale of Emera Maine to ENMAX of Calgary, Alberta.

Mainers are worried about the proposed sale and the impact it could have on the electric utility's workers as well as on the ratepayers of Maine's second largest electric utility.

Specifically, they are concerned that ENMAX is paying too much ($1.3 billion, all financed by debt) and is too small a company to provide the service Emera Maine's ratepayers need and deserve. Cuts in staffing and service along with substantially increased electric rates may be necessary to help finance this proposed acquisition.

"More than 150,000 people in northern Maine depend on Emera Maine for electricity, including myself," Senate Pres. Troy Jackson said. "With so much at stake, we need to make sure the sale of Emera to ENMAX doesn't leave hardworking families and seniors in the dark. The [Maine] PUC shouldn't allow this deal to move forward unless it is in the best interest of Maine ratepayers."

Other speakers at the news conference included: members of the Maine Legislature's Joint Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology; a small-business person; and Bus. Mgr. Dick Rogers of IBEW Local 1837, which represents more than 200 Emera Maine employees.

"We urge the Maine Public Utilities Commission to carefully consider the impacts on Maine workers and Emera Maine customers before allowing the sale to proceed," Rogers said. "We believe that there must be a significant, binding agreement in place to assure that Emera Maine customers have the quality electric service they need and deserve."

Matthew Beck, B.R./Organizer


IBEW Local 1837 Bus. Mgr. Dick Rogers addresses the media at a news conference in Orono, Maine.