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November 2020

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A Word of Thanks

My son is retired from Lafayette, Ind., Local 668, and he brings me his Electrical Worker every month. I am 93 and don't drive anymore, so now, especially since COVID-19, it helps me know what's going on.

I think your publication is very informative regarding projects all over the country and Canada and also political news that impacts all of us in Indiana, not just IBEW members. It's a joy to read, and every member should be proud to have it.

Somehow I missed how Milan Svetlik's journey [see "Who We Are," April 2020] turned out. I hope he made it to England safely.

Nancy Finley, Local 668 parent
Lafayette, Ind.

Editor's Note: Brother Svetlik made two attempts at the crossing, but his safety team told him to abandon his efforts due to dangerous and unusual weather patterns. He says he will try again next year and we will update readers when he does.

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Honoring Our Veterans

Responding to " Long Island Members Power New Navy Seal Museum" from August's Electrical Worker:

I am a retired Local 25 member and a U.S. veteran. It has been an honor to be a part a great organization and to serve this beautiful country of ours. Thank you, Local 25. God bless all the members that took part in this project.

John Mussenden, Local 25 retiree
Long Island, N.Y.