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January 2021

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Remembering Brian Malloy

I was heartbroken to hear of Brian Malloy's passing in August. My family and I owe more than I can say to Brian. I was working a Davis-Bacon job locally near Cumberland, Md., when he asked me to come see him after completing that job. When I met with him, he asked me to join the local as a VDV (voice-data-video) Specialist.

From that point on, my life changed forever. I worked 18 years as a member of the IBEW, proud of the work that I did and the great friends I made. Brian would see me and ask how my family and I were doing, always caring about the members of Local 307.

Brian was the standard for what a business manager should be for his local. He kept working hard for his members through the toughest of times in our area.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Thank you, Brian.

Jim Webster, Local 307 retiree
Cumberland, Md.

Editor's Note: See our tribute to International Vice President Brian Malloy in October's Electrical Worker and on