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May 2021

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Remembering an Old Friend

I just received the March edition of The Electrical Worker and was saddened to read the wonderful article about the passing of John Hunter.

I can vouch for everything said about John. As a former business manager and negotiations committee member of Local 551, John was our International Office representative for years. He helped us through many tough negotiations and through some tumultuous times in our local in the late '90s and early 2000s.

He always was the consummate gentleman and professional in the room. You couldn't help but love John after spending a very short time with him. He was so genuine, cool and calm and funny. John loved to eat, and his favorite restaurant in our area was Willybirds, a local landmark establishment serving turkey-type dinners and lunches 365 days a year. John always had to eat there every time he came to town; it wasn't even debatable!

I will miss him and his contagious smile and attitude. He was truly a great man and brother!

Steve Benjamin, Local 551 retiree
Santa Rosa, Calif.