August 2023
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No matter where you believe your country is or where it should be going, most people today approach politics as if it were a carton of rotten milk.

Politics can be bitter and nasty, sure, but worse, the fights rarely seem to be about what really matters in our lives. It can make you want to throw up your hands and walk away.

But some types of people never get so disgusted by the ugliness that they give in to apathy or cynicism. They're the born wealthy, the already powerful, the simply corrupt. They embrace the ugliness, even encourage it, and hope working people will be so disgusted and disheartened that we leave the field for them.

But their vision of politics isn't the only one possible.

Every day, from neighborhood councils to city halls to Ottawa and Washington, thousands of members of this union bring the dignity and principles of the IBEW into politics.

People like you. On days like today.

In this issue of The Electrical Worker, we want to speak to you about how power in America and Canada works and how you can get it for your family, for your community, for workers like you and for the nations we call home.

'A Sleeping Giant'

Power is the ability to take your vision for the world and make it real. And for working people, a labor union is the only path to power.

Our power — your power — is rooted in negotiating and enforcing collective bargaining agreements. The IBEW has reshaped millions of lives through the contracts we have fought for over 132 years.

To enforce those agreements, to make them better and to expand their shield to protect more brothers and sisters, IBEW members by the hundreds enter the world of campaigning and politics. read_more

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