October 2023
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People who have embraced the IBEW Code of Excellence light up when they talk about it.

How it builds trust and respect between employers and locals. The confidence it gives workers to speak up about jobsite hazards and other concerns. A heightened sense of belonging and the morale it inspires. The core values that make believers out of skeptical bosses.

Time and again, the Code has led to bigger paychecks, better benefits and more work for IBEW members.

Every gain begins with a spark. Or, as the IBEW dictionary spells it, SPARQ: Safety, Professionalism, Accountability, Relationships, Quality.

Those are the cornerstones of the Code of Excellence, a declaration first made nearly 20 years ago codifying the work ethic and civility that have been the essence of the IBEW for generations.

In partnership with willing employers across the IBEW's industries, it is a promise — a promise of integrity and cooperation that applies to everyone from the most junior employees to the C-suite.

Unique to the IBEW, it has cemented the Brotherhood's reputation as a union in a class by itself.

"When we give 100% on the job, what we get back is immeasurable," International President Kenneth W. Cooper said. "Employers that have seen the Code in action are more open with us, more flexible with the workforce, more willing to give at the bargaining table and more likely to hire the IBEW in the future. And that means more jobs and more financial security for our members and their families.

"With the Code of Excellence, everybody wins."

'Our Best Selling Point'

At Ingeteam's wind turbine plant in Milwaukee, Local 2150 members ratified a dream five-year contract last summer with big raises up front and annual cost-of-living adjustments.

"We got COLA, we got a $3 raise for every person on that floor and about 10 other great items, and we didn't take one concession," Assistant Business Manager Mike Bruening said. "And the reason is the Code of Excellence." read_more

  Local Lines

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