Training Programs

The IBEW recognizes that Local Union members must have the proper training to be efficient in their roles as leaders in the union movement.  Training classes are conducted periodically in the district and whenever requested by local union Business Managers to prepare local union members to perform their duties to help build a more progressive, dynamic labor movement.  To request training for your local union please e-mail your request to the 7th District office.

Code of Excellence Train the Trainer   This twenty four hour training program has been designed to train local union leaders to present this program to their rank and file members in a manner that is helping to change job site cultures.  To date over 10,000 IBEW workers have attended the training sessions conducted throughout the district.

Code of Excellence Training  International Representatives can assist local unions by providing this four to five hour training class when requested.  Often times this course is presented for employees at a specific job site or remote location.

Foreman's Development Series  This program was created by 7th District local unions and signatory employers. It is designed to prepare workers to more confidently move into supervisory roles in the electrical industry. The program is presented in sixteen (16) three hour modules utilizing the action learning principles. Currently trainers are located in 28 States, representing 10 IBEW Districts and 62 Local Unions.  Future training dates will be displayed on the Calendar of Events located above.   For additional information on training modules click on the Foreman Development Series Brochure.pdf

Local Union Leadership Training  This six and one half hour training course is designed for newly and re-elected local union officers.  This program is designed to help the local union leader understand his or her role in growing and servicing the local union and its members.

Construction Steward Training Program  This eight hour course helps working electricians understand how to assist the Business Manager with building solidarity and professionalism on the job site.  Stewards are trained in grievance investigation procedures as well as Code of Excellence principles in order to ensure IBEW members fulfill their promise to the customer.

Lineman Steward Training Program  This eight hours course helps working Linemen understand how to assist their Business Mangers with building solidarity, union pride and professionalism on the jobs sites along with contract compliance while meeting the needs of the customer.

New Business Manager Training  This two week program is conducted by the Education Department.  New Business Managers attend one week of training shortly after being elected.  Training includes the administrative requirements of their position as well as focusing on the handling of finances.  The second week of training (held later during their first year in office) focuses on improving communications, leadership and bargaining skills of Business Managers.