March 2010
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New Energy-Saving Invention Uses Light to Connect With Internet

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Local Initiatives Enhance Diversity, Community

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New Oil Sands Refinery Project Fuels Alberta's Economic Recovery

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Les Syndicats des métiers de la construction au Canada revendiquent un débat équilibré sur l'avenir des sables bitumineux

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Two stories, one goal: job growth in an economic downturn. Whether it is using new technology or old-fashioned marketing with a twist, the following articles are examples of small steps taking us in the right direction. While comprehensive job creation must be part of a broad-based economic recovery, our members can't wait. Here are examples of the things that the IBEW and employers are doing to save, and create, jobs in tough times.

Sunny Skies and Green Horizons:
Clean-Energy Laws Create IBEW Jobs

The San Diego area has not been exempt from the effects of the great recession of 2009, with work on many big construction projects slowing down or in some cases, coming to a complete halt as financing dried up.

But despite a sluggish construction market, the alternative energy sector—particularly solar photovoltaics—continues to be a vibrant and growing part of California's economy and it's keeping members of Local 569 busy.

"Without all the solar work, our unemployment rate would be twice as a high," says Local 569 Business Manager Allen Shur.


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