January 2011

Jobs: A Good Investment
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So what else can local unions and active members do to get Republicans and Democrats working together on jobs?

"All local unions and active members need to wade into the ongoing public debate over how our nation can recover from the current recession that is hurting so many families, including many IBEW members," says International President Edwin D. Hill.

Reducing unemployment and our national debt are not opposing goals, says Hill. On the contrary, a recent report, "Investing in America’s Economy," published by the Economic Policy Institute, discusses how America’s powerful postwar economy that "enabled most workers to share in productivity gains" owed much to "investments in infrastructure, technology, public education, and housing—as well as monetary policy that facilitated low unemployment."

Whether by calling congressional representatives, or sending letters to the editors of town newspapers, local unions and active members, says Hill, should underscore the research, cited by EPI, showing:

• Each dollar spent in replacing or repairing bridges and drinking water systems creates $1.57 in additional economic benefits.

• Each job supported in the construction industry supports two additional jobs.

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