April 2011

New Hampshire: 'The Toughest Fight Yet'
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For New Hampshire state Rep. Michael McCarthy, union values don't just belong on the work site—they extend into the statehouse. The Middleton, Mass., Local 2321 member and Verizon Wireless employee was one of a handful of Republicans who voted in February against a right-to-work bill.

Dover, N.H., Local 490 members were among 300 activists and citizens who testified in hearings. One by one, they stood up to speak against the measure that would divide and weaken all state workers by compelling unions to represent employees who refuse to pay their fair share through dues check-off.

While only about 25 people showed up to support the right-to-work legislation, it nevertheless passed in the house. The bill headed to the state Senate in late March, and "is virtually guaranteed" to pass the body, where Republicans hold a vast majority, Local 460 Business Manager Joe Casey said.

"I've been involved in this fight for 16 years against lawmakers introducing this legislation, and this year, there's no guarantee that working families will be on the winning side," said Casey, who is president of the state's building and construction trades. "This is the toughest fight we've had yet," as pro-worker advocates face an emboldened anti-union lawmaking body.

Democratic Gov. John Lynch has pledged to veto the bill, which would send it back to the House.


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