June 2019
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A Path to the Trades
School Partnerships
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North of 49°
Canada's Coal Transition Report Issued With Input from IBEW Members read_more

Au nord du 49° parallèle
Le rapport du Groupe sur la transition de l'utilisation du charbon du Canada a été publié à l'aide des membres de la FIOE read_more

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New Technology Builds on the Tried and True
The Future of Organizing

The future of organizing is here, IBEW leaders say, and new tools and technology will play a key role in recruiting the next generation to meet the needs of a growing electrical industry.

Since Henry Miller first traveled the U.S. organizing members into the National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in 1891, the mission has been the same: grow the union; increase the strength of workers through solidarity and collective action; and improve their lives.

A lot has changed in 128 years, but the IBEW's commitment to organizing every worker in the electrical industry is unwavering.

"Organizing is fundamental to who we are as a union and as IBEW members," said International President Lonnie R. Stephenson. "It's fundamental to getting the jobs that put food on our tables, too, and that's why we're embracing technology and methods that will help us revolutionize the way we organize more workers, more work and more contractors."

Over the last several months, membership development staff have introduced new online tools to support a strategic organizing approach at all levels and in all branches of the organization. A new recruitment website, an online organizing platform and local union strategic organizing plans are designed to work hand-in-hand with existing infrastructure and to enhance and streamline the successful organizing strategies honed over the labor movement's history.

"These new investments in time and resources build on the tried and true organizing methods that we know work. They broaden our reach and make us more efficient," said Ricky Oakland, special assistant to the international president for membership development. "After a lot of work behind the scenes, we're excited to finally be able to share them with organizers at every level of the IBEW."

Are You an Electrician
Looking for Work?

The North American construction industry is booming. That's great news for the IBEW's construction journeymen and apprentices, but it means a hard road ahead for organizers.

Consider the goal shared by President Stephenson and David Long, NECA's chief executive officer: to grow our inside market share 10 percent by 2025. "When the industry is growing the way it is, we need to be growing faster," Oakland said. "The alternative is that someone else gets that work, and we're greedy about winning jobs for our members and contractors." read_more

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Officers Column Stephenson:
The Tools to Grow read_more
What We Want in
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TransitionsKenneth R. Johnson;
Fred C. Robinson read_more

PoliticsBC Member First to Attend UN Conference on Women;
Illinois Bans Local Right-to-Work Zones as Elected Leaders Hit the Gas on Pro-Worker Agenda read_more

CircuitsN.H. Nuclear Security Workers Making the Most of Membership;
Texas Local Energizes the Next Generation;
Even in Right-to-Work Era, Northern Michigan Manufacturing Local Grows Membership read_more

Spotligiht On SafetyFewer Inspectors, Less Enforcement:
OSHA Trend Raises Risks
for Workers read_more

LettersPreserving History;
Two Great Careers;
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In MemoriamMarch 2019 read_more

Who We AreFaces of the IBEW:
Second-Chance Baltimore Wireman Headlines New Ad Campaign read_more