Organizing in the Pandemic


In the two-plus years since COVID-19 transformed the lives of billions of people, so much has been lost or taken away. Nearly six million are dead, 900,000 of them in North America. Millions more suffered devastating hospitalizations and slow, often imperfect recoveries.

Convention Panoramic Photo Available to Order


The panoramic photo for the 40th International Convention is now available to order for your union hall or office.

NLRB General Counsel Seeks Historic Ban on Captive Audience Meetings


A directive from the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board could spell the end of captive audience meetings, removing one of most potent weapons used by employers to derail union organizing drives.

N.J. Members’ Generosity Helping Ukraine Medics Treat Wounded, Save Lives


IBEW members in New Jersey will never know whose lives or how many they helped save in war-ravaged Ukraine, only that they gave first responders a fighting chance against the shrapnel wounds, burns, bullets and other carnage raining down on people just like them.

The Drive to 100% Market-Share: One West Virginia Local's Push to Take Back Residential Work


The Drive to 100% Market-Share: One West Virginia Local's Push to Take Back Residential Work When Jeff Burge was elected business manager of Parkersburg, W. Va., Local 968 in 2019, his local had almost complete control of the large industrial base found winding along the Ohio River in the state's midsection. Burge's plan was nothing less than 100% market share — every wire, lightbulb and plug in their six-county jurisdiction.

How Unions Strengthen Communities and Democracy


According to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute, unions aren’t just good for members and their paychecks. They’re also good for communities as a whole, and even for democracy itself.

From 'Third World' to First Class:The New LaGuardia


The new LaGuardia Airport in Queens, N.Y., is one of the most complicated construction projects in American history and it is being completed two years ahead of schedule and 100% union built.