Kentucky Race Gives Working Families Chance to Fight Back Against Governor Who ‘Hurts Us’


Labor and its allies have battled strong headwinds in Kentucky recently. The election of Gov. Matt Bevin in 2015 and a GOP takeover in the House the following year meant a single-party state government intent on rolling back union rights.


In Louisiana, an IBEW Friend in the Governor’s Mansion


John Bel Edwards is the only union-friendly governor in the Deep South, and he is on the ballot in Louisiana Oct. 12.


Federal Workers Under Attack as Agencies Told To Enforce Anti-Union Executive Orders


A court injunction that temporarily protected federal workers from a hostile government agenda expired last week, prompting the Trump administration to order agencies to enforce anti-union policies the president issued in May 2018.


Canadian Election Offers Chance for Members to Show Who ‘Shares Our Values’


Toronto Local 353 Vice President Jeff Irons views the upcoming Canadian federal elections much like an organizing drive.


Contractor Success Starts with the IBEW

More and more contractors are finding that the best way to grow their business is to work with the best: the IBEW.