Controversial, Anti-union Activist Poised for Lifetime Federal Judgeship


A lawyer with a history of working to promote anti-worker policies was among 17 nominees who advanced quickly this week toward near-certain appointments to lifetime terms as federal judges.

Are Fewer OSHA Safety Inspectors Putting Workers at Risk?


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is down at least 40 workplace safety inspectors since early 2017, a troubling trend attributable to Donald Trump’s hiring freeze coupled with attrition. Budget cuts under consideration by the White House are likely to make matters even worse for worker safety.

Union Activists Help Kill Right-to-Work in Delaware, but the Fight Goes On


The IBEW and other unions scored a win in Delaware on Jan. 9, when the GOP-dominated Sussex County Council voted 4-1 against a proposed right-to-work law.

IBEW: Excellence in Safety


This IBEW workplace was named Canada's best health and safety culture. Here's how they did it.