IBEW Members Honored for House Fire Rescue


It is not every day that someone goes to work and returns home a hero, but for three members of Milwaukee Local 494, that’s just what happened when they helped save two men and a baby from a house fire.


New York Governor to Local 3: ‘Your Fight is Our Fight’ against Charter/Spectrum


New York Local 3’s fight with Charter/Spectrum is nearing the two-year mark. Members and their allies are far from rolling over, however.


Report: Middle Class Out of Reach for Six in 10 Americans


Despite the lowest U.S. unemployment rate in 50 years, the American Dream is elusive for most working people, according to a new “Opportunity Index” based on data from the nation’s 204 most populous metro areas.


IBEW Leaders Mobilize on Capitol Hill to Kill Pension Attack, For Now


The call went out Monday Nov. 26: our pensions are under attack.

Congress was considering a law that would put the pensions of tens of millions of union workers at risk, and the rumors were that they would be taking it up in days, if not hours.


IBEW ‘Visionary’ Ed Hill Passes Away


International President Emeritus Edwin D. Hill, a transformative trade unionist who modernized and shepharded his beloved IBEW through one of the deepest and most painful recessions in history, died Saturday, Dec. 1. He was 81.


IBEW Helps Florida Recover from Hurricane Michael


Hurricane Michael devastated Florida this fall. But IBEW members from across North America were on hand to help residents and communities get back on their feet.