IBEW, Unions Rally to Keep Pension Promises


Secretary-Treasurer Kenneth W. Cooper joined hundreds of labor activists representing the IBEW and other unions Wednesday to rally on Capitol Hill encouraging Congress to pass a bill aimed at rescuing troubled multiemployer pension plans.


Thanks to North America’s Lineworkers


On July 10, we celebrate Lineman Appreciation Day. Now, there’s a renewed effort to make it official in the U.S. Congress.


Hitting the Legislative Jackpot: Nevada Unions Reap Rewards of Hard-Won Election Victories


Led by IBEW members, Nevada’s building trades unions hit a triple in the Legislature this spring, restoring prevailing wage and project labor agreement laws killed by the business lobby in 2015, and ensuring that apprentices from accredited programs fill a percentage of jobs at public construction sites.


Temps Heat up With No Federal Safety Standard


As summer temperatures soar to scorching heights, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is here with recommendations and tips to stay safe on the job, even a smartphone app, but no federal standard as to what “safe” actually means.


IBEW: Racing for the Next Generation

It's one of Canada's biggest motorcycle races. And the IBEW is showing it's support to help recruit the next generation of electrical workers.