Supreme Court to Decide Future of Public Sector Unions


On June 6, the same anti-worker groups who brought a 2015 California union-busting case to the Supreme Court petitioned the justices to weigh in on an eerily similar case, this time out of Illinois. At issue – again – is whether public employees can be compelled to pay “fair share” fees to a union to cover the costs of collective bargaining and representation performed on their behalf.

Liberals Keep Promise With Repeal of Anti-Union Laws


Legislation in Canada designed to cripple unions was undone with the passage of a new bill on June 19.

GOP Health Care Bill Disastrous for Older Workers, Retirees


While Senate Republicans work behind closed doors to deliver a version of an Obamacare repeal that can pass the upper chamber, retired Americans are pushing back on the House version, passed in May, that would prove devastating for older workers and retirees.

IBEW Builds San Francisco Transit Center

They say it will be the Grand Central Station of the West. The TransBay Transit Center will connect eight Bay Area counties and the State of California through 11 transportation systems. Meet some of the IBEW members behind this ambitious project.