Workers Memorial Day- Mourn the Dead and Honor the Living


Every year, thousands of people in North America leave for work and never come home. Millions more come home, but they are sick or injured.

Prioritizing Safety in New Brunswick


When Fredericton, New Brunswick, Local 37 Business Manager Ross Galbraith learned NB Power had won Canada’s Best Health and Safety Culture award for 2016, he was happy for their achievement, but not especially surprised.

Driving Down Wages in the Construction Industry


When the Davis-Bacon Act became law in 1931, there was a belief that government should use its buying power to enhance the welfare of working people. It was a way to ensure a good wage and that those wages would go to the local economy. That point of view is slowly losing sway as the race to the bottom continues in the construction industry.

IBEW Helps Gateway Arch Makeover

It's one of America's most iconic monuments. Now it's getting a makeover thanks to the IBEW.