Stephenson: Union Jobs, Baseload Power Essential to New Energy Economy


A low-carbon future requires more than investment in renewable energies, it demands good jobs backed by strong labor standards and the inclusion of baseload sources for grid security, International President Lonnie R. Stephenson told members of Congress this week.


Judge Squashes Manitoba Legislature’s Move to Silence Public Sector Unions


The IBEW and its labour allies in Manitoba achieved a major win on June 11, when a judge threw out a controversial piece of legislation designed to hold down the wages of 120,000 public employees in the province and damage their collective bargaining rights.


New York Member’s Alaska Adventure Featured on ‘Brotherhood Outdoors’


Jared Crast traveled 3,000 miles with his older brother last fall to hunt deer in Alaska only to have a bear come between them and a potential trophy.


Indiana Women's Committee Starts Strong Out of the Gate, Powering Horse Therapy Facility


The South Bend, Ind., Local 153 women's committee hasn't been around long, but they're wasting no time in making a difference, both for their members and for the community.


IBEW Member’s First-Ever Solo Marathon Raises Money, Inspires Community

Josh Horan had never in his life run anything close to a marathon. But the physically active IBEW Windsor, Ontario, Local 773 member felt so compelled to do something to fight the worldwide spread of COVID-19 that he recently challenged himself to train in only three weeks for a long-distance solo run, and to turn the effort into a fundraiser to help buy personal protective equipment for health care providers.