The Power of Action: Key Anti-Union Bill Fails in Senate


In a major victory for the IBEW and all unions, the U.S. Senate failed to pass the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act on April 16, avoiding what would have been the biggest rollback in workers’ rights since the anti-union Taft-Hartley Act of 1947.


IBEW Members Win in Wisconsin, Build Momentum for November


Labor and working families in Wisconsin got a boost on April 3 when IBEW members and labor allies racked up impressive victories in municipal and judicial elections, sparking enthusiasm they hope will carry into the November elections.


Legislative Conference Energizes, Inspires Labor Leaders in Critical Election Year


More than 300 local leaders converged on Capitol Hill last week to talk with lawmakers about issues vital to IBEW members' jobs and economic security, as well as the broader fight for workers' rights.


Working People Eke Out Win Against Wage Theft


A controversial Department of Labor rule that critics alleged would have allowed employers to steal their employees’ tips was stymied last month, but not before the department suppressed evidence of the potential damage to working families.


IBEW Members in Office


The IBEW doesn't just need more allies in elected office. We need more IBEW members in elected office. Elected IBEW brothers and sisters - from the local waterboard to Congress - explain why they ran for office and how it can make a big change in the lives of working families.