Are Fewer OSHA Safety Inspectors Putting Workers at Risk?


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is down at least 40 workplace safety inspectors since early 2017, a troubling trend attributable to Donald Trump’s hiring freeze coupled with attrition. Budget cuts under consideration by the White House are likely to make matters even worse for worker safety.

Union Activists Help Kill Right-to-Work in Delaware, but the Fight Goes On


The IBEW and other unions scored a win in Delaware on Jan. 9, when the GOP-dominated Sussex County Council voted 4-1 against a proposed right-to-work law.

‘Building Futures’ Offers Second Shot at Life


The U.S. unemployment rate has remained in the low single digits for the past several years, a sign of a strengthening economy since the 2008 recession ran roughshod over millions of working Americans. But finding a solid middle-class job can still be a struggle for some, especially for someone who has spent time behind bars.

On the Chopping Block: Federal Employee Wages and Benefits


Trump Administration officials have suggested ways to save the government money in the next budget. And, no surprise, some of the savings are expected to come at the expense of working people.

IBEW: Partnership for Success


Residential construction is booming in Seattle, but the IBEW was not part of it. See how the IBEW forged a successful partnership with a residential contractor that created good union jobs and helped this contractor thrive.