Chicago Local Raises the Bar For Outside Training Excellence


Since the 1960s, thousands of Chicago Local 9’s apprentices and experienced journeymen alike benefited from the quality courses that the local provided at its Forest Park training center.


PLAs Embraced in B.C., Attacked in Manitoba


Project labor agreements are effective tools for helping ensure that all workers on a particular job receive fair wages. They boost apprenticeship opportunities and provide paths for local contractors to bid successfully on PLA-covered projects. But not everyone agrees about their value, as evidenced by recent developments in British Columbia and Manitoba.


‘The Voices of Working People Were Heard Loud and Clear’


With ballots still being counted in some races, this much is certain: At least 743 past and present union members will give voice to workers in statehouses, Congress and other political offices when new sessions convene in January.


Winning Women to the Building Trades


Women remain an untapped workforce for the building trades. See how the IBEW and the British Columbia government are partnering to recruit and retain more women into the trades.