A Win for Working Families: Paycheck Deception Law Goes Down in Missouri


When the votes were tallied, the IBEW and other advocates for working families in Missouri beat back an attempt to pass a paycheck deception law in the state.

This New Rule Shines a Light on Employer Union-Busting Activity


When an employee decides whether to vote for union representation, a lot of things can factor in, not least among them information from their employer. What employees may not know though, is how much of that information comes from an outside consultant – or how much those consultants were paid.

Alberta Wildfire Triggers Historic Evacuation


On May 3, raging wildfires blazed through northeastern Alberta, causing the largest fire-related evacuation in the province’s history of 80,000 people from the town of Fort McMurray, including IBEW members from Edmonton Local 424.

Verizon Workers Stand Strong

Nearly 40,000 Verizon employees from Virginia to Maine are on strike. These workers are on the front lines of the battle against corporate greed and they're telling Verizon: "Don't attack the middle class."