Losing Market Share? Need to Grow? Ask for Help.


In late 2012, Modesto, Calif., Local 684 needed to get bigger. Work was picking up, and in the years following the 2008 recession, the downturn in construction had seen membership slip from a historical average of around 300 to just 228. Then-business manager Billy Powell decided it was time to take action.

IBEW Member Elected Michigan Building Trades President


Steven Claywell was unanimously elected to the second-highest position in the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council, the first IBEW member to do so in almost 20 years.

Baton Rouge Local Sends Dozens of Young Burn Victims to a Summer Camp


Baton Rouge, La., Local 995 donated $15,000 to send children to Camp I’m Still Me, a traditional summer camp in Texas for children that have suffered burn injuries.

How the IBEW is Helping Union Locals Grow

Organizing is the lifeblood of the labor movement. Here's how the IBEW International Office is helping union locals grow and recruit.