Nuclear Power On Path to Extinction in California


California’s last nuclear plant will close in 2025, taking with it 600 IBEW jobs and robbing the state of its only source of zero-emission baseload power.

Modesto Local Hears Call, Raises Flagpole Over Community Center


George Russell spent more than two years asking city officials in Modesto, Calif., to install a new flagpole in front of a city-owned community center. All he got in return was frustration.

Yes, the Bureaucracy Matters to You. Here’s Why.


Elections matter. That's the lesson from a string of labor-friendly decisions in the courts and at the National Labor Relations Board, and the timing, five months before an election, couldn’t be more important.

IBEW Apprentice Training Moves into Virtual Realm

The IBEW’s advanced high-tech electrical training has taken another step into the future, and it will soon be featured on the program ‘Innovations” hosted by actor Ed Begley Jr.