First Contract Ratified by BGE Workers


After four failed organizing drives and two years of negotiation, the 1,400 members of Baltimore Local 410 ratified a first contract on Sunday with Baltimore Gas and Electric.


Wyoming Organizer Honored for Leading Local 322 Volunteers in Conservation Projects


Bruce Johnson, a Casper, Wyo., Local 322 organizer and avid outdoorsman, has been named the IBEW Conservation Steward of the Year for his leadership on volunteer projects protecting elk and their habitat.


‘It Matters’ Campaign Encourages Voter Registration, Participation


A major initiative is underway to ensure that every IBEW member eligible to vote is registered, aiming to educate members that participating in the electoral process directly translates to power on the job and at the negotiating table.


Free College, No Catch: IBEW Members Say Degree Program Hasn’t Cost Them a Nickel


With just four or five classes to go, Todd Bedard is on the verge of having an associate degree in business management – without accruing a penny of student debt.


IBEW Urges Congress to Get Moving on Nuclear Waste Storage


A trio of recently introduced bills before the U.S. House of Representatives could help unlock meaningful, long-term employment for IBEW members in Nevada — and beyond.


IBEW: Racing for the Next Generation

It's one of Canada's biggest motorcycle races. And the IBEW is showing it's support to help recruit the next generation of electrical workers.