PGA Tour Entertainment Employees Choose IBEW, Long History of Excellence

The IBEW has had a strong relationship with its national broadcasting partners for decades. So, when PGA Tour Entertainment employees went looking for a union, they had a good idea where to turn.

For the 31st Time, IBEW Technicians Responsible for Big Game’s Sights, Sounds

If it is Super Bowl Sunday, there’s a good chance IBEW members are playing a large role in the day. That will be the case again this year’s game, when the Philadelphia Eagles play the Kansas City Chiefs at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., on Feb. 12.

IBEW Bringing Broadband to Rural B.C.

Residents in coastal and rural British Columbia, including 44 First Nations, are about to get an internet upgrade thanks in part to members of Vancouver, Local 213.

Stifling Competition, Consumer Choice, Sinclair Deal Opposed by IBEW

The IBEW has joined with other unions, consumer advocacy groups and defenders of a free and open press to oppose Sinclair Broadcast Group’s proposed takeover of Tribune Media.

‘Strength, Tenacity’ Draws Broadcasting Unit to IBEW

The seeds for a successful organizing campaign sometimes are laid many years in advance. New York Local 1212 members saw that firsthand this spring, with the blossoming of a new unit across the river.

IBEW-run Studio is Perfect Fit for Self-Described Conservative

Missouri businessman and political activist Scott Faughn doesn’t try to mask his political leanings.

Boston Broadcasting Local Racks Up Two Organizing Wins

Organizing in the broadcast industry has been difficult since the Great Recession but Boston Local 1228 just scored two wins. Over the last three months, 20 directors and production assistants at WMUR in Manchester, New Hampshire, and nearly 30 sports broadcast technicians voted to join the union.

Latest Spot Marks New Phase of IBEW’s National Campaign

Three years ago, the IBEW launched a national television advertising campaign with a simple goal: tell America who we are and what we do.

IBEW Photographers Fight for Retirement Security

Photographers at WMUR-TV in Manchester, N.H., are usually found behind the camera. But earlier this month, they became part of the news, picketing the station during televised state primary debates Sept. 2 through 5.

FCC Votes To Save TV News Jobs

Leading union activists representing broadcasting employees cheered a move that will help promote diversity in local media markets while saving jobs. 

New IBEW Ad Celebrates American Manufacturing

It can seem tougher these days to find products on store shelves that don’t have a “Made in China” label.

The Best Live Music Brought to Your Home by the IBEW

There was a time when live concerts were a staple of broadcast television. American Bandstand was on the air for 37 years, and seemingly every town with a TV station and access to a gymnasium had a local version. There was even a time when MTV would beam out performances by bands big and small, produced by a professional crew of cameramen, sound engineers and set designers.

Boston Broadcasting Techs Overwhelmingly Vote IBEW

More than 30 freelancers working for Program Productions, Inc., voted overwhelmingly to be represented by Boston Local 1228 in an NLRB-certified election Jan. 8.

Calif. Broadcasting Pros Vote IBEW

As a photographer for Fox KTXL-TV in Sacramento, Calif., Long and his co-workers have watched as the station has invested in new vehicles, gear and even a new on-air set. At the same time, staff reporters and news photographers have worked increasingly grueling hours for the same pay in one of the region's most demanding markets.

President Hill To Congress: Support our Broadcast Partners

For many decades, IBEW members have skillfully brought news and entertainment to local audiences across the nation, working for major broadcasting companies like CBS, Fox and ABC. 

N.Y. Local Takes on U.N. Union Busting

In his 35 years as a broadcast technician at the United Nations, Vinnie Butler has seen history in the making. Butler and his co-workers, members of New York City Local 1212, provide radio and broadcasting services to the U.N. headquarters building overlooking the East River in Manhattan.