A Bright Future for Manufacturing Workers in Indiana

It’s a familiar story across America, especially in the Midwest: a factory closes, announces it’s moving operations to Mexico or overseas. Public officials lament the loss of jobs, families suffer – you know the miserable, all-too-common rest.

First Energy Bill Since 2007 Clears Senate Hurdle

The U.S. Senate on April 20 passed its first comprehensive, bipartisan energy bill in nearly a decade, answering the calls of IBEW leaders who have been urging congressional action on energy policy for years.

Volunteer Work Earns California Lineman National Honor

Jeff Gomes routinely watched his father help others while accepting nothing in return. One memory in particular convinced him he wanted to be just like dad.

The Uncertain Fate of Illinois’ Most Reliable Energy Source

Illinois relies on nuclear energy more than any other source. And it’s about to lose two of its plants.

In Win for Jobs, Environment, N.Y. Rescues Nuclear Plants

Last year, New York’s James A. FitzPatrick nuclear plant was slated to close. Now, it’s hiring, and it’s thanks to IBEW members and their work with partners from the municipal level to the governor’s office.    

Devastating Northwest Storm Highlights IBEW Linemen’s Skill, Professionalism

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, a powerful windstorm ripped through the Pacific Northwest, northern Rockies and the northern High Plains, leaving a wake of destruction, misery and bitter cold.

IBEW Sues EPA to Stop Clean Power Plan

The IBEW has filed suit to prevent the implementation of new federal regulations on power plants. The IBEW petition joins the 27 states, several utilities and two other labor unions that are already challenging the regulation.

IBEW Input Helps Shape Obama’s Pollution Plan

Huddled in near-freezing temperatures on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in January 2013, observers might have been forgiven for neglecting to think about global warming. But when President Barack Obama stepped to the podium to take the oath of office and lay out his second-term agenda, he made clear that his priorities were squarely focused on the looming threat of climate change.

Building Common Ground Between Utilities and Workers

The eighth annual gathering of IBEW leadership and investor-owned utility executives drew nearly 200 attendees from across the country to Washington, D.C. March 17.

Neb. Local Welcomes New Members

The city of Grand Island, Neb., has voluntarily recognized five community service officers as members of Local 1597.

Portland, Ore., Local Pickets for Fair Contract

We do the challenging work providing your power – and we deserve a decent contract.

Line Crew’s Safety Training Saves Infant’s Life

IBEW line workers know more than just how to replace a transformer or properly climb a pole. They are also masters of safety.

Clean Coal Workers Organize in Ill.

Members of Springfield, Ill., Local 51 in Bartonsville have operated and maintained the Edwards coal-fired power plant for generations, all through the national debate over the role that coal will play in our nation’s energy future.

Ky. Asplundh Win Makes a Baker’s Dozen

Asplundh’s tree trimmers in Kentucky are joining co-workers in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Virginia voting for IBEW-negotiated protections and benefits.

Calif. Local Meets Desalination Plant’s Challenges

Members of San Diego Local 569 are helping overcome their state’s water scarcity, building the largest seawater desalination project in the Western Hemisphere.

Ohio Utility Locators Overcome Distance to Vote ‘Union Yes’

In many workplaces of the 21st century, employees rarely meet face-to-face.

IBEW Linemen Bring Safety and Solidarity to Suriname

Four linemen traveled to Suriname in October, bringing safety equipment and training to linemen employed by the nation’s state-run utility.

Texas Nuclear Workers Vote ‘Yes’ to Win Improved Health Care

Looking to boost their health care coverage, 100 Texas nuclear plant workers voted this summer to join Houston Local 66.

Nova Scotia IBEW Defeats Utility’s Outsourcing Plan

Activists at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Local 1928 successfully fought off a company’s outsourcing attempt, saving hundreds of union jobs.

IBEW Responds to Napa Earthquake

IBEW members respond to earthquake that rocked Napa Valley, Calif. Aug. 24.

IBEW Joins Natural Gas Methane Reduction Initiative

Methane gas escaping from aging natural gas pipelines is undermining the fuel’s environmental and cost benefits. The IBEW is working to help find a solution.

Saskatchewan Local Fights for Mineworker Rights

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Local 529 filed an unfair labour practice application against Alliance Energy Industrial Ltd. in June, accusing the company of intimidating pro-IBEW workers at its Agrium pot ash mine in northern Saskatchewan.

Union Members Rally Against EPA Carbon Rule

More than 5,000 members of the IBEW, the United Mineworkers and the Boilermakers took to the streets of Pittsburgh July 31 to protest the Environmental Protection Act’s Clean Power plan, which they say will kill good jobs and weaken the electrical grid.

IBEW Linemen Recognized for Storm Service

Summer is here, but only a few months ago, North America was suffering through record freezing artic temperatures, ice storms and massive snow flurries.

IBEW Restores Power to Notre Dame Graduation Visitors

A power outage… A college graduation. They mix about as well as electricity and water. On Thursday, May 15, as thousands of visitors arrived in South Bend, Ind., for graduation ceremonies at Notre Dame University and St. Mary’s College, a transformer blew and a 25-block area of downtown went dark.