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April 2002

Compromise Energy Bill Passes Senate.
The Senate on Thursday passed sweeping energy legislation that calls for increased domestic production...April 30, 2002.

Workers Memorial Day.
When the IBEW was founded 111 years ago, one of every two electrical workers died on the job...April 26, 2002.

IBEW Urges Congress to Open Yucca Mountain.
The IBEW officially added its voice to the chorus of those supporting Yucca Mountain...April 22, 2002.

Lighting Device Creates IBEW Jobs In Manufacturing, Installation.
The flip of a light switch is basic to our modern electricity dependent society...April 19, 2002.

IBEW Enters Joint Bargaining.
Negotiators for the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) early this morning reached tentative agreement with AT&T...April 13, 2002.

Bushs Ergonomics Rules- Compliance Optional.
After crippling strong ergonomics rules last year, the Bush Administration announced plans to "encourage" employers...April 10, 2002.

2002 Construction & Maintenance Conference.
The 2002 Annual Construction and Maintenance Conference to be held...April 9, 2002.

No More Enrons! Draws Attention Nationwide.
IBEW International Representative Liz Shuler was among the many participants in a day of action...April 8, 2002.

High State Court Wont Recognize Court Reporters Right to Organize.
The Illinois state Supreme Court has refused to grant its court reporters the right...April 4, 2002.

Appeals Court Rules Organizing A Valid Charge for Fee Payers.
Unions can charge non-members for organizing expenses, an 11-judge federal appeals court...April 1, 2002.