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June 2003

Labor Department Sues Enron for Worker Pensions
Nearly two years after Enron collapsed upon itself, the U.S. Labor Department is finally seeking to recover pension funds for workers misled by the now-bankrupt energy trader....June 30, 2003.

House Committee Advances Amtraks Aspirations
On Wednesday, a key House of Representatives panel endorsed a plan to provide Amtrak $2 billion a year for the next three years, a framework for developing high-speed rail lines and additional labor protections. ...June 30, 2003.

DOL Targets Overtime Pay
Paychecks of more than 8 million workers in the United States may be at risk by summers end if the Department of Labor imposes new rules on how employers may compensate those who tally more than a 40-hour work week....June 26, 2003.

Group Aims for More Women in Construction
Although workers in construction make more money than those in traditional female occupations, women still hold less than 3 percent of jobs in the trades....June 25, 2003.

IBEW Joins The Battle Against Diabetes
Each Fathers Day weekend the Dollars Against Diabetes campaign is sponsored by the AFL-CIOs Building and Construction Trades Department....June 25, 2003.

IBEW Wins Historic PECO Election
On June 18, 2003, for the first time in its history, a unit of Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) voted for representation by an international union....June 20, 2003.

AT&T Contract Extension Negotiated
The IBEW/CWA bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with AT&T early in the morning of June 19, 2003, on a contract extension/wage re-opener....June 20, 2003.

IBEW and Verizon Launch Contract Talks
IBEW negotiations with Verizon kicked off yesterday with a rally supporting union efforts for a fair contract attended by six members of Congress in downtown Boston....June 18, 2003.

IBEW's Case Against Color TV Dumping Moves Forward
The International Trade Commission on June 16, 2003, agreed with the IBEW and other parties that there was a reasonable indication that the domestic color television market has been damaged by the illegal dumping of sets from the People's Republic of China and Malaysia.  The case now goes to the U.S. Department of Commerce for investigation.  To see the full press release, click here....June 17, 2003.

IBEW Nuclear Plant Workers Strike
More than 200 members of Local 1289 in Lakewood, New Jersey struck their employer at the at Oyster Creek nuclear power plant on May 22 after months of ineffective negotiations....June 11, 2003.

Labor Prevails to Defeat Comp Time Legislation
Late in the day before a vote was to be held on a sweeping overhaul of rules that would have taken billions of dollars out of the paychecks of American who work overtime, the leadership of the House of Representatives yanked it from the schedule....June 11, 2003.

IBEW Members Face Loss of Protections
Approximately 10,000 IBEW members are among the 750,000 U.S. Department of Defense civilian workers who could be affected if proposed legislation removing civil service protections and collective bargaining rights passes Congress....June 5, 2003.

Press Release:IBEW, Avaya Reach Tentative Agreement ...June 3, 2003.

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