Training & Education

Common Sense Economics

Class Length: 4 Hours
Unlock the mysteries of how our economy works without using the complex jargon of the economic gurus or the business press. Learn how and why the economy is manipulated against the interests of working people and how we can organize to fight back.

Labor History through Film & Video

Class Length: 5 – 3 Hour Classes
Explore the development of the 20th Century American Labor Movement, its competing elements and ideology. Each class will consist of a film followed by highly interactive discussion of prepared questions. Films include: "If You Don’t Come In On Monday"; "Eugene Debs and the American Movement"; "The Killing Floor"; "Walter Ruther and The Rise Of The U.A.W." and "I am Somebody".

Membership Education and Mobilization for Organizing (M.E.M.O.)

Class Length: 4 Hours
Designed to build support among the local union members and officers for the unions organizing goals.

Member Organizing Program (M.O.P.)

Class Length: Varies ½ day to 3 days, depending upon the needs of the local union.
Instructs member volunteer organizers in their legal rights to engage in concerted activities; how to develop issues to organize; as well as the basics of house calling and face to face communications.

New Member Orientation

Class Length: 4 Hours
Familiarizing new members with the history and structure of the I.B.E.W, how the Local union functions and the role of the labor movement in a democratic society.

New Member Orientation (Construction)

Class Length: 4 Hours
This course is the same as the New Member Orientation, however, it is geared toward the construction industry.


Class Length: 6 Hours
A proven effective method for communicating with and mobilizing the union’s greatest asset – the members – around important issues. This technique can be used with equal success in organizing, political or contractual bargaining campaigns.

Stewards’ Training (Industrial) Basic

Class Length: 6 Hours
Stewards learn the fundamentals of representation. How the steward fits into the structure and function of the local union. The legal principals that underpin the steward’s job: Weingarden Rights; Duty of Fair Representation, Taft Act Shield and Basic Grievance Investigation.

Stewards’ Training (Industrial) Advanced Class

Length: 6 Hours
Builds upon the Basic Industrial Stewards’ Class with a more in-depth treatment of grievance procedure and arbitration.

Stewards’ Training (Construction)

Class Length: 7 Hours
This course is the same as the Industrial Stewards’ Training Class, however, it is geared toward the construction industry.

Second District Election Seminar

Class Length: 6 Hours
This class is for election judges and tellers. The legal and I.B.E.W. Constitutional requirement to conduct a fair election and to minimize the chances of expensive re-run elections.

If you do not see what you need, we would be happy to meet with you and create any type of
program to fit the local unions’ and/or members’ needs.

For More information on any of the classes listed or to schedule a class, please contact the
Second District Office.