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This page was originally prepared by Terry Flanagan until his passing at way too early an age.
It will be maintained in his honor by the Fourth District because of the very useful and thoughtful links.
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Government . . .

    FirstGov, your first click to the U. S. Government Click the logo on the left to search for government information by topics.

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Time, weather and maps (and a little more) . . .

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Magazines . . .

  • Electrical Contractor Magazine - Electrical Contractor's ECMAG web site.
  • HomeToys - Aimed at educating consumers and professionals about the Home Automation and Networking Industry.
  • Popular Mechanics - The electronic version of an old favorite (fast modem and processor recommended).
  • PC Magazine Online - Articles on software, hardware, tips and tricks for your PC or MAC.
  • PC WORLD Online - Information and reviews on hardware and software for your PC.
  • Scot Finnie's Personal Website - Covers operating systems, browsers, utilities, e-mail, notebooks, PCs, and the Internet.
  • TechWeb - For IT and Technology Professionals who need breaking news, product analysis and information on the computer industry.

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Oh yes, and some computer stuff . . .

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Note: This collection of links is being maintained by the Fourth District website Manager in memory of George "Terry" Flanagan, (Left Photo) and is used with his Family's permission. If you notice any errors please notify me by clicking the e-mail link above. With all the work put into this fine collection we wanted it to continue to be useful. The original Author, IBEW - LU 38 member Terry Flanagan would have wanted that.

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