Who We Are

The 7th District of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers covers the states of Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.  The IBEW exists to help workers provide a better standard of living for themselves and their families.

The 7th District is comprised of local unions representing many types of workers engaged in electrical construction, line construction, utility, manufacturing, maintenance, teledata, government, railroad and others.  The District supports the efforts of the local unions with training for officers, stewards and leaders as well as with technical support and administrative oversight. 

The IBEW has been actively organizing new workers in the industrial and professional branches of the trade. These activities are conducted by the 4th Region Organizing group. The construction locals have been organizing their branches at a breakneck pace through 2008. The unprecedented economic meltdown has been devastating to many workers and their families. Local Unions have struggled to maintain the standard of living for their members with the high unemployment and corporate greed becoming commonplace in our culture. Rather than give in IBEW Local Unions have mounted campaign after campaign throughout the district to protect what they have fought so hard for and to further organize and educate new workers about unionism in the 21st century.