Suggested Reading

From time to time your Fourth District Staff or Vice President will come across an interesting book or video that is pertinent to what is happening
today to our members and working men and women.  We will put information here to help you obtain these books, etc. if you choose to buy them.
If you are aware of any such books please send us an e-mail and tell us about it.To order the book(s) below and dozens of other publications and
items follow the link(s) below to order for yourself or for that conscientious leader that simply wants to do a better job.

I am highlighting the books below, they should be of interest, to any Local Union Leader in this challenging environment today. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Paperback Democracy in Chains : The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America Book

           Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America

           By Nancy MacLean

            In Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America, MacLean explores the roots
            of the radical right’s effort to alter the rules of democratic governance in the U.S. She warns that their agenda to eliminate
 prevent citizens from voting, privatize public services, and deny climate change—will permanently disable democracy.  

            334 pages hardcover


Cost: $28.00

Robert’s Rules of Order in Brief, 2nd edition
By Henry M. Robert III, Daniel H. Honemann and Thomas J. Balch

This is a newly-updated handbook containing everything you need to know about chairing – and participating in – a meeting. It is published
 in cooperation with the people behind the official Robert’s Rules, so it’s the real thing. Handy tables offer quick help during a meeting you
can quickly scan a page and understand how to make your next move. It covers everything you need, even a complete description of
your rights and responsibilities as a convention delegate and a comprehensive chapter on frequently asked questions.
 Included are sample
dialogues to get you confidently through motions, nominations, elections, votes, debate, amendments, and more, and invaluable tips for keeping
meetings orderly and on track.

197 pages paperback

Cost: $7.50

Negotiating for the Union: An Inside View of Strategies and Tactics (DVD)

          Negotiating for the Union
       An Inside View of Strategies
         and Tactics (DVD, Plus Guide)

            By The Worker Institute at Cornell

            This is a three part series, produced in-house by The Worker Institute at Cornell, with union volunteers and labor educators. This DVD is a tool for
            teaching about negotiations and grievances and is sold with a discussion guide for each segment: An Inside View of Collective Bargaining (two versions,
            one with commentary by ILR faculty), Bargaining and Caucus Techniques,
and Resolving a Suspension Grievance. Proceeds from the sale of the series
            will be used to support worker participation in training programs offered by the Worker Institute at Cornell. For a free download of the video An Inside View
            of Collective Bargaining with commentary by respected faculty at the ILR School at Cornell, visit
            Published by UCS
            (One DVD, plus guide)

Cost:  $29.95


            Labor and the Environmental Movement
Labor and the Environmental Movement: The Quest for Common Ground 

              By Brian K. Obach

              Relations between organized labor and environmental groups are typically characterized as adversarial, most often because of the threat of job losses invoked

              by industries facing environmental regulation. But, as Brian Obach shows, the two largest and most powerful social movements in the United States actually share

              a great deal of common ground. Unions and environmentalists have worked together on a number of issues, including workplace health and safety,

              restoration, and globalization. (Examples include the surprising solidarity of "Teamsters and Turtles" in the anti-WTO demonstrations in Seattle, 

and the

 Steelworkers-Sierra Club "Blue-Green Alliance"). 

Labor and the Environmental Movement examines why, when, and how unions and environmental organizations

              either cooperate or come into conflict. 

By exploring the inter-organizational dynamics that are crucial to cooperative efforts, and presenting detailed studies of labor-
              environmental group coalition

 building from around the country (examining in detail examples from Maine, New Jersey, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin),
              the author provides insight i

nto how these movements can be brought together to promote a just and sustainable society.

    338 pages      
      Cost:  $29.95

             Fundamentals of Labor Arbitration

            Fundamentals of Labor Arbitration

By Jay E. Grenig and Rocco M. Scanza

A valuable new resource, Fundamentals of Labor Arbitration is a great introduction to the way disputes in the labor-management setting are
dealt with under collective bargaining agreements and statutes. It is particularly helpful to unionists at all levels who need to understand how
this important process works.

176 pages paperback

 Price: $55.00



      The Legal Rights of Union Stewards, 6th Edition
      By Robert M. Schwartz

This is a 2009, Fourth Edition (revised) of a classic for labor activist: a thorough and easy-to-use digest of the rights of union stewards
and officers.Also available in Spanish, 6th edition, or as a 2 CD audio book. Specify in "comment" field when ordering.

155 pages paperback

Price: $20.00


Welcome to the Union Pamphlet

Welcome to the Union: A Pamphlet for New Employees
By Michael Mauer

Don’t let management’s voice be the only one heard by new employees who hire on in your unionized workplace. Welcome them to the job
with this easy-to-read, solidarity-building introduction to unionism. It comes in two versions -- public sector and private sector. Welcome to the Union
helps new co-workers understand unionism and is designed to win their support and involvement. It’s a quick and easy read that offers a
concise, to-the-point explanation of how unions operate and the vital role every employee can play helping improve the workplace for all.

13 pages pamphlet

Price: $2.50


Mother Jones said it best:

Sit down and read, Educate yourself for the coming conflict.

Conflict is busting out all over. Are you prepared?

We are highlighting must read books that help us understand the times in which we are living. More Books



            How to Win Past Practice Grievances

            This book explains the powerful labor relations principle of past practice.

            It assists union representatives in identifying past practice violations, investigating grievances, making presentations, evaluating
            whether to file for arbitration, and filing labor board charges.

            It answers dozens of critical questions, including: What are the five requirements necessary to establish a past practice? Must a
            practice exist throughout the workplace? Must a past practice be jointly established? and Is a new owner required to respect a past practice?

Price: $13.00


Just Cause

           Just cause is the keystone of the union contract, protecting members from unwarranted and excessive discipline. But up to now many of its
           most important secrets 
have been restricted to arbitrators and labor professionals.

           In Just Cause: A Union Guide to Winning Discipline Cases, veteran labor lawyer Robert M. Schwartz—best-selling author of he Legal Rights of
           Union Stewards
—offers a step-by-step guide filled with advice, practical tips, and winning techniques. Grievance representatives can use these
           methods to compose compelling arguments. Many unions use
Just Cause every day to save workers’ jobs and build solidarity.

           Topics covered include: Requesting information; Due process; Double jeopardy; Disparate treatment; Hearsay; Zero-tolerance rules; Last
           chance agreements;
           Off-duty misconduct; Negligence; Sexual harassment; Sleeping on the job; Dishonesty; and Presenting grievances.

           Second edition published November 2018.


            Price: $20.00



            The Labor Law Source Book


            This book contains full texts of the 20 most important U.S. labor laws. Its an invaluable resource for union officers, stewards, activists,
            educators, and students who need to locate labor laws relevant to their workplace.

            It provides the complete text of the Norris-LaGuardia Act; NLRA (National Labor Relations Act); LMRDA (Labor-Management Reporting and
            Disclosure Act); IRCA (Immigration Reform and Control Act); COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act); FMLA (Family and
            Medical Leave Act); The Drug-Free Workplace Act; OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act); FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act); WARN
           (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act); USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act); ADA
            (Americans with Disabilities Act); ADEA (Age Discrimination in Employment Act); Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964; RLA (Railway Labor
NAFTA Labor Agreement.



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