Archived IBEW Letters to Congress


Labor Letter in Support of Investments in Working Americans

IBEW Interior Department Comments on Wind Lease Sale

IBEW/NRDC Letter in Support of Clean Energy Infrastructure Upgrades

Labor Letter Supporting Labor Standards in Jobs Legislation

IBEW Letter in Support of the National Child Identification Act

Coalition Letter on Regional Transmission Organizations

IBEW Letter in Support of the Resolution Copper project

Coalition Letter in Support of Expanding Nuclear Fuel Project

IBEW Urges Congress to Support the PRO Act

IBEW Federal Railroad Administration Comments on Union Pacific Request for Regulatory Relief

IBEW Federal Railroad Administration Comments on BNSF Request for Regulatory Relief

Joint Labor Letter in Support of National Mediation Board Nominees


Joint Letter in Support of the American Nuclear Infrastructure Act of 2020

IBEW Letter Supporting Legislation to Revitalize U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure

Rail Labor Statement in Opposition to Industry Cost-Cutting, Service Erosion and Job Eliminations

Transportation Trades Letter Requesting Emergency Funding for Public Transit Agencies

IBEW Urges Congress to Oppose Inclusion of the GROW Act in Coronavirus Relief Legislation

Joint IBEW/NEI Request for Emergency Funding for Nuclear Industry

IBEW Letter Regarding CBS News Bargaining Violations and Use of Nonunion Camera Crews

Transportation Unions Request Rule Mandating Passengers be Required to Wear Masks

Coalition Letter in Opposition to The Grow Act

EEI/IBEW Letter in Support of Line Worker Appreciation Day July 10

Letter Supporting Pandemic Risk Insurance for News, Sports and Entertainment Industries

Labor Letter Urging Congress to Protect Amtrak Workers from Proposed Cuts

Labor Letter Urging Congress to Protect Amtrak Workers from Proposed Cuts 6.11.20

IBEW Urges Funding for Agencies with Infrastructure Projects

Coalition Letter in Support of The Nuclear Energy Leadership Act

AFL-CIO Letter to Democratic National Committee 

Multiemployer Coalition Letter Opposing Composite Pension Legislation

Request for Public Transportation Funding in Upcoming COVID-19 Emergency Bill

Transportation Unions Request Infusion of Emergency Aid for Mass Transit

Infrastructure Investment Urged in Upcoming COVID-19 Relief Legislation 

AFL-CIO Unions Urge Congressional Action on Multiemployer Pension Plans  

America's Building Trades Letter in Support of Healthcare and Pension Legislation

Requesting Economic Relief for Professionals Designated Essential

Transportation Trades Letter on Rail Safety and Staffing Levels

IBEW Asks Congress to Adopt Multiemployer Pension Reform

Letter Urging Virginia Governor to Support Wage Protections During COVID-19 Pandemic

Letter Requesting Utility Workers Receive Priority Access to PPE

IBEW/NEI Request Nuclear Fleet Tax Credit Inclusion in COVID-19 Stimulus

Joint IBEW/NEI Request for Emergency Funding for Nuclear Industry 4.6.20

IBEW Letter in Support of Funding for Virginia-class Submarines

IBEW Letter Concerning Underfunding of Virginia-Class Submarines

IBEW Letter Thanking Members for Pro Act Vote

IBEW Letter Opposing FCC Proposal For 6 Ghz Band


IBEW Supports Tax Credit for Power Plants Remediating Mine Lands

Letter in Support of Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act

IBEW Supports Reauthorization of The Stelar Act

Letter in Support of Energy Tax Legislation  

IBEW Supports the Nuclear Powers America Act

Letter in Support of Protecting the Right to Organize Act

IBEW/NEI Letter Supporting the Nuclear Energy Industry

Letter Supporting Multiemployer Pension Plan Legislation

IBEW Urges Repeal of Health Care ("Cadillac") Tax

Building Trades Letter Opposing Weakening of Apprenticeship Standards

Letter on Infrastructure Project Funding

IBEW Letter to House Transportation Committee Regarding CRRC Transit Cars

AFL-CIO Energy Committee on The Green New Deal

IBEW Supports Carbon Capture Legislation

Labor Position on Climate Change Legislation

IBEW Supports Multiemployer Pension Bill

IBEW Supports the Middle-Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act

IBEW Supports the Tax Fairness for Workers Act



IBEW Statement on Affordable Clean Energy Rule

IBEW Letter to Joint Select Committee on Multiemployer Pension Plans

IBEW Supports New Source Review Legislation

Joint EPA Letter Supporting Implementation of Mats Rule

IBEW Supports Coal-Connected Communities Recovery Act

IBEW Supports Butch Lewis Multiemployer Pension Legislation

IBEW Opposes Removing Protections for Construction Workers

IBEW Opposes Waiving National Labor Relations Act

IBEW Comments on FCC Rulemaking on Infrastructure Investment

IBEW Supports Puerto Rico Power Restoration Effort

IBEW Supports Health Care Excise Tax Amendment

IBEW Supports Carbon Capture Investment Legislation

Supports Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule

Supports Yucca Mountain Designation

IBEW Opposes Sinclair Tribune Purchase

IBEW Supports Grid Reliability Bill

IBEW Supports Great Lakes Basin Railroad