IBEW Government
Affairs Department

Broadcast & Recording

From major television networks to small production companies, from HBO to PBS, the IBEW represents thousands of members who are an integral part of the broadcasting business. The IBEW Government Affairs Department works with the Broadcasting & Recording Department on various regulatory and legislative issues including tax treatment for workers employed in several states throughout the year, safety issues, and proposed Federal regulations. 


The IBEW Construction & Maintenance Department is one of the largest IBEW departments. Most members of this branch have completed an apprenticeship program with extensive classroom studies coupled with on the job training. The IBEW Government Affairs Department works with the Construction & Maintenance Department on policy matters such as Government Jones Act, Davis-Bacon, pensions, healthcare and OSHA.


The IBEW represents many workers in the manufacturing industry. These members work for companies of all sizes, produce a wide array of products, electrical, and electronic components. For several decades now, free trade agreements and climate change regulations have impacted the manufacturing branch. The Government Affairs Department works to impact legislative and regulatory decisions that affect our manufacturing branch by lobbying for fair trade and commenting on regulations that would negatively impact our members.  

Government Employees


The IBEW represents thousands of government employees. While their work locations and job duties vary wildly from shipbuilding to general building maintenance, they have one thing in common – they’re all highly skilled. The Government Affairs Department works with the Government Employees Department constantly monitoring matters that would negatively impact our members like pay and benefit reductions, downsizing and furloughs. The Department also lobbies for additional work for our government employees through securing funding for shipbuilding and other government projects.

Job Safety

One of the IBEW’s top priorities is the safety of its members. The Safety & Health Department primarily focuses on occupational safety, but is also concerned with the community and personal safety of our membership. The Government Affairs Department frequently works with the Safety & Health Department on comments to many federal administrative agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and others that are making rules impacting the safety of our members. The departments also work together to lobby legislation that would keep our members safe on the job.


IBEW members are a significant part of maintaining the safety and efficiency of our rail system. In addition to railroad electricians, the IBEW represents communications technicians that perform work with microwave, radio, telephone, and other communication devices. The Government Affiars Department works with the Railroad Department on various issues but perhaps most importantly legislation that impacts the funding of U.S. railways. 


The IBEW has been a known presence in the telecommunications industry since 1897. Representing over 100,000 members in the industry, the Telecommunications Department and the Government Affairs Department work together commenting and lobbying administrative agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on issues that impact our members and employers alike. 


In the utility industry, the IBEW represents linemen, groundmen, equipment operators, boiler operators, maintenance mechanics, electricians, welders, control room operators, and dispatchers (just to name a few classifications). Because of this wide range of members, the Government Affairs Department has a lot of work to do with the Utilities Department. The departments work together on legislative and regulatory issues impacting the membership. From the Clean Power Plan and other standards to permitting for new generation facilities, the departments work together for the benefit of our membership.