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Director: Brian Lamm

202 728-6089

What's New in Manufacturing:

Manufacturing Member Makes Tapestry of Solidarity
At any gathering of union members, you can always count on one thing: T-shirts. Bearing the union’s colors and announcing--often quite loudly and creatively –their cities or towns, T-shirts help members express their pride.



About The Manufacturing Department:

IBEW manufacturing members, employed by companies of all sizes,produce a wide array of products and electrical and electronic components for many diverse industries; such as communications, healthcare, national defense, aerospace, consumer electronics and computer hardware. Equipment needed for the generation, control and distribution of energy is also produced by IBEW manufacturing members.

The highly diversified list of products manufactured by IBEW members includes electric motors and generators, light fixtures, all types of household appliances, broadcasting and entertainment equipment, telecommunications equipment, and scientific and medical equipment.

The Manufacturing Department of the IBEW was established to help local unions in their efforts to help make sure all workers in local communities have a chance for union representation.