Michigan Repeals Right-to-Work, Restores Prevailing Wage in Historic Win for Working Families


Michigan became the first state to repeal a right-to-work law in nearly 60 years when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill on March 24 that was passed by the state’s House and Senate earlier in the month.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Offers Ray of Hope for State’s Working Families


The Wisconsin Supreme Court election is one of the most important political races in the United States this year, promising to have a big impact on union members and working families.

IBEW Joins Landmark Labor Deal to Help Build and Run High Speed Rail From L.A. to Vegas


The IBEW has joined a coalition of labor unions to sign an agreement to build and run what is billed as the first truly high-speed passenger rail line in the U.S.

Illinois Member Gets Bird’s-Eye View at State of the Union


A budding electrician and pre-apprenticeship graduate had the hottest ticket in D.C. as President Joe Biden delivered a sweeping State of the Union speech that reported on record-breaking job growth and other unparalleled progress for American workers.

My IBEW Story - Robert Lewis


In this installment of the My IBEW Story series, we meet Robert Lewis, an apprentice from Local 212 in Cincinnati, OH. After serving more than 11 years in prison, Robert proved he deserved a second chance and began his IBEW journey.