New IBEW Ad Celebrates
American Manufacturing


March 27, 2014


The IBEW’s new national ad, ‘Proudly American, Proudly Union,’ shows the skills of members who manufacture goods across the U.S.

It can seem tougher these days to find products on store shelves that don’t have a “Made in China” label.


But from high-tech lighting to state-of-the-art defense technology, good jobs are still flourishing for many skilled IBEW members crafting products right here at home. And as some companies “re-shore” products previously made overseas, American workers and consumers could both stand to gain.

Our new national ad – entitled “Proudly American, Proudly Union”– celebrates the craftsmanship of thousands of members in our manufacturing branch.

Featuring shots of workers on the job, the 30-second spot shows the depth and breadth of our members’ work at companies across the U.S.

“Some say American industry can’t keep up anymore,” the video’s narrator says over a montage of smiling IBEW members and conveyor belts full of goods. “I say our work is proof that ‘Made in the USA’ still means something.”

The video was produced by IBEW broadcasting members in the Media Department at the International Office in Washington, D.C. The bright, vivid images were captured at six unionized facilities nationwide, including Rockwell Collins’ plant in Des Moines, Iowa; GE’s factory in Bloomington, Ind.; and beyond.

“The commercial shows how much of our lives are impacted by IBEW,” said Sean Bartel, senior video producer for the IBEW’s Media Department:

Yes, our members are the ones keeping the power on in your community, but we also make items around your house. These are solid jobs right here in the U.S., and they’re performed by highly-trained, highly-skilled professionals.

Past IBEW national commercials have been seen by millions of viewers, and have earned tens of thousands of clicks, “likes” and “shares” on social media networks like Facebook.

“Proudly American, Proudly Union” is now running nationally on CNN, MSNBC, ESPN and other networks. Watch it on our popular YouTube page here.