John White is now an eponym. Due to his years of service, the recent Davenport, Iowa, Local 1379 retiree was recognized at this year’s AFL-CIO Hall of Fame banquet with a new award, and one bearing his name.

The John White Community Service Award, presented by the United Way of the Quad Cities Area, will be given to a union member who has advocated for the mission of the United Way and the AFL-CIO in the Quad Cities, said an article in QConline.

Davenport, Iowa, Local 1379 member John White is the inspiration for the John White Community Service Award, to be presented to a union member who has been an advocate for the mission of the United Way and the AFL-CIO in the Quad Cities.

“Congratulations to John for this honor,” said International President Lonnie R. Stephenson, who is a personal friend and member of Rock Island, Ill., Local 145. “I can’t think of a more dedicated person to recognize. It’s wonderful to know that his name will now be synonymous with leadership and commitment to community service.”

White has volunteered with the United Way for about 30 years and in a number of roles. It began when his president asked him to be the representative for their local. He served on the campaign committee, the executive board, the labor participation committee and did event planning. He was also a member of various allocation committees which provide funds to nonprofits. 

“If you name it, I probably did it,” White said.

Prior to retiring this year, White worked as an electrician for Alcoa Inc. With Local 1379, he served as a safety trainer, executive board member, registrar, safety representative and steward. He also received the George Meany Award for Community Service in 2013. The award is given by the AFL-CIO central labor council to a member who has made a significant difference to the youth in their community through scouting.

As an active member, he was a delegate to the Quad City Federation of Labor and an officer to the IBEW Iowa state convention.

Today he serves on the board of the Boy Scouts of America and a board on early childhood issues for the state of Iowa. Only recently has he slowed down, due to health issues.

“Brother White embodies the spirit of giving, which is at the heart of the IBEW,” said Local 1379 Business Manager Duane D. Smith. “It’s a fitting tribute that the award bears his name.”

Other members from Local 1379 volunteer with the United Way as well, and have received awards for their service. Warren Angerer was inducted into the Quad City Federation of Labor Hall of Fame in 1997 and Lonnie Logan was inducted in 2014.

White plans to continue volunteering into his retirement, particularly in the area of early childhood development.  

Photo credit: John Riches via United Way of the Quad Cities’ Twitter