• Juston Poulin
    Las Vegas Local 357

    Awed by the combined power of technology and nature, journeyman wireman Juston Poulin was inspired to shoot scenic photos while working on a solar project for Baker Electric outside of Boulder City, Nev., in Fall 2018. “One of the most amazing things in the world we do is take the sun’s energy and turn it to electrical energy through photovoltaic technology,” he says. “Plus I get to enjoy that beautiful sunrise every morning as I take part in building our future power plants. I just wanted to capture that.” A proud IBEW member since 2006, Justin has worked on six solar building sites in Nevada and California over the past decade and has installed solar panels on his home. “It feels great being a part of this change now and for the future,” he says.

  • Jason Bentley
    Boston Local 104

    The “complicated nature of the task,” compelled journeyman lineman Jason Bentley to take this photograph while part of a Boston Local 104 crew working on a road-widening project under brilliant blue skies. Along a stretch of road in Salem, N.H., they set poles, pulled wires and swapped the load to make sure that “everyone was safe and the power stayed on for the customers” when the Highway Department got to work. Jason is a proud 16-year member of Local 104.

  • Brendan Migliori
    Birmingham, Ala., Local 136

    Through an opening in the floor of the new 127-foot race operations tower at the Talladega Superspeedway in summer 2019, journeyman wireman Brendan Migliori saw a photo opportunity. Below him, his Birmingham, Ala., Local 136 brothers – journeymen Talan Greene and Michael Morrow – were working from a 135-boom lift to install the conduit for the building’s power feeders. He captured the scene with his iPhone 7 Plus. Photography on the job comes with the territory for Brendan, as he helps run his local’s social media accounts. He joined the IBEW in 2015 and calls it “the best decision I’ve ever made.”

  • Joe Paesano
    Pittsburgh Local 5

    Journeyman inside wireman Joe Paesano was working a night shift at U.S. Steel’s headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh, installing a distributed antenna system on the building’s 64th floor. On the summer evening when the Local 5 member took this photo, a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game was underway at nearby PNC Park. Paesano and a number of his fellow IBEW members had previously worked on swapping out the stadium’s original light fixtures for efficient — and evidently photogenic — LEDs.

  • Emanuel Yllescas
    New York Local 3

    New York Local 3 journeyman inside wireman Emanuel Yllescas captured this unique view of some of his fellow motorcycle club members as they paused midway through Manhattan’s Labor Day parade. The annual 23-block trek up Fifth Avenue typically features members of area IBEW locals as well as hundreds of their brothers and sisters from other unions.

  • Adam Brinkman
    Tacoma, Wash., Local 483

    His crew had just finished up a job on a three-phase double dead-end pole when Tacoma, Wash., Local 483 journeyman lineman Adam Brinkman spotted their handiwork artistically reflected in this puddle of water near where their Tacoma Power truck was parked.

  • Dan Euhardy
    Madison, Wisc., Local 159

    It’s perhaps not surprising to see a falcon when you’re replacing cables on a falcon cam, but when Dan Euhardy snapped this photo he didn’t even see the bird of prey flying in the background. It was mostly for the view. Not so for the falcons though. “They were keeping an eye on us,” Euhardy said.

  • Thomas Cheslik
    New York Local 3

    “This is how we power New York,” said Local 3 member Thomas Cheslik of the photo he took of fellow member John Hood welding a 10,000 amp Intergrated Web Channel aluminum collector bus for a Con Edison network. Despite these being in nearly every building in the city, Cheslik says it’s not common to be in the vault while someone is welding. “The camera allows you to see something that we can only view while wearing welding shields,” Cheslik said.

  • Chris Manzotti
    Providence, R.I., Local 99

    Manzotti shot this picture of fellow Local 99 member Paul Hallam while the two were changing light bulbs on the Newport Bridge in preparation for its 50th anniversary. The bridge’s main towers are 400 feet above Narragansett Bay at their highest point, and for the IBEW members who service them, safety is a top priority.

  • Roger Youngchild
    Tacoma, Wash., Local 76

    Journeyman inside wireman Roger Youngchild took this 14,000 foot-high self-portrait of himself unfurling the Local 76 flag on July 3, 2019, after completing a successful ascent of Mt. Rainier. Youngchild credits much of the training for his climb with landing IBEW jobs that required an advanced level of fitness.

  • Natalie Anaya
    Los Angeles Local 11

    Los Angeles is in the middle of one of the nation’s most ambitious public transportation projects, the expansion and connection of the city’s sprawling subway system. An underground light rail with three new stations that will tie the system directly to downtown called the Metro Regional Connector has been in the works for nearly three decades. Los Angeles Local 11 members like Ron Torres, captured by Natalie Anaya, are finally making it a reality.

  • Desiree Bates
    San Diego Local 569

    San Diego sunrises are one of the absolute perks of membership in San Diego Local 569. Another is learning the ropes on the job from skilled craftsmen like journeyman Dwight Faulkner, captured here by second-year inside wireman apprentice Desiree Bates as they prepare to pull wire and run conduit on the roof of Wilson Middle School.