The pictures have all been taken, sent in and winnowed down to the select few. Now it is your turn.

In the last 12 months, your brothers and sisters across the country have taken pictures that capture the life and work of the IBEW. Hundreds of them sent in their best efforts and a Media Department panel narrowed that to a cool 15.

And competition is as tight as it has ever been. The compositions are more complex, the locations more varied. There are subjects never seen before in the contest (a roller coaster and a rodeo) and new angles on subjects we see nearly every year (working in snowstorms, lineman silhouettes and outrageous sunsets are perennial favorites.)

You can only vote once, so please choose your top three carefully. Hurry, voting closes on Jan. 24th.

As always, there were several impressive entries you aren’t seeing because they did not meet the contest rules. People entered pictures they were in, but didn’t take. We saw a handful of pictures that failed to show the high safety standards of the IBEW and some of the pictures, interesting, well-shot ones, were too small to be used in print.

Next year, if you submit a photo for the competition, please make sure it has a chance to win before you click send. And set your camera –phone, point-and-shoot or SLR—to take maximum resolution images.

Scroll down to view the entries; hovering over the photos brings up descriptions. Winners – along with honorable mentions – will then be profiled in a feature story in the March issue of The Electrical Worker, so stay tuned.