Until now, when someone has helped a member get back home to their family after being in a life-threatening situation, the IBEW has had two ways of saying thank you. 

The Lifesaving Award is one of the highest honors the IBEW can bestow.

For a member whose hands-on actions saves a life, we give one of the IBEW’s highest honors: the Lifesaving Award. When a member with the presence of mind, prompt action, and genuine concern for life contributes to saving a life, they are eligible to receive the Certificate of Recognition.

Sometimes, the lives one of our brothers and sisters is saved by someone who isn’t in the IBEW. But now, there is an official way to express the Brotherhood’s gratitude.

At the direction of International President Lonnie R. Stephenson, the Lifesaving Award has been created to honor non-members who have saved the life of one of our brothers or sisters.

“We have had requests from locals over the years for a way to say thank you, something more that could speak for all of us,” said IBEW Safety Director David Mullen. “There is no way to fully express our gratitude. Our hope is that these awards make a good start.”

To be eligible, a candidate must have directly saved the life of an IBEW member in the last three years. All nominations for the three awards must come from either a local president or business manager. 

The full details are available on the Safety Department section of the IBEW website.