The IBEW's 2019 Photo Contest results are official, and thousands of you weighed in on, Instagram and Facebook.

Submissions came in the hundreds from across North America. They featured IBEW members at work, at play and everything in between, reminding us just what it means to be a member of the greatest union in the world.

This year's top prizes depict individuals at work both below the earth's surface and high above it. Third place pictures an IBEW line crew's work literally, and artfully, reflected in that surface.

As always, the winners were chosen by your votes. Congratulations to all of them on their outstanding work.

This year's winner comes from deep underground, where third-year apprentice Natalie Anaya captured this hero shot of journeyman wireman Ron Torres preparing for work. The Local 11 pair work for signatory contractor Dynalectric on Metro LA's Regional Connector, which will expand and connect Los Angeles' sprawling rail system through downtown by 2022.

Bridge work isn't for those with a fear of heights. But Local 99 journeyman wiremen Chris Manzotti and Paul Hallam (pictured) were up to the task when changing bulbs atop the Newport Bridge in preparation for its 50th anniversary celebration.

Sometimes a great photo comes from simply noticing what others don't, and journeyman lineman Adam Brinkman proved the point with this shot of a day's work reflected in a puddle of water. The Local 483 member works for Tacoma Power.

Manhattan's Labor Day parade is an annual tradition for the Local 3 motorcycle club. Journeyman wireman Emanuel Yllescas captured this unique perspective during a pause in the action.

Second-year apprentice Desiree Bates caught this San Diego sunrise behind Local 569 journeyman wireman Dwight Faulkner as the pair prepared to run conduit – an inspiring way to start the day.