Last year’s Photo Contest winner Los Angeles Local 11 apprentice Natalie Anaya captured this stunning image of Brother Ron Torres as the pair worked underground on Metro LA’s Regional Connector project. Which of this year’s finalists will be the winner?

There was beauty in 2020. We have the proof.

It was a hard year, but there was epic, heart-stopping amazement out there too for those open to seeing it.

Happily, this year’s finalists captured some of it and shared their ability to be amazed with the rest of us.

Our members sent in hundreds of images that illustrate the breadth of the work we do and the moments of glory and grace we find there.

Out of all those, a panel of Electrical Worker writers and editors picked a baker’s dozen. 

Now it is up to you to vote for the pictures that inspire you or move you or just make you sit up and think how cool it is that we get to do the work we do.

The voting deadline is March 1. Anyone can vote. Please vote only once. Feel free to share the link with people you work with. Spread the word far and wide.

The winners will be announced in the April issue of the Electrical Worker. In the meantime, you can share in a little bit of that inspiration, that feeling of being alive, that comes when you see something that takes your breath away. 

(Use the arrows on either side of the photos to navigate and vote with the link in the final tab)