Members of IBEW Local 354 in Salt lake City, Utah are building the National Security Agency's top secret, multi-billion dollar data center.

Video Transcript:

Near Salt Lake City, Utah

The National Security Agency is building the largest data center in U.S. history.

Details of the project are top secret.

IBEW members are doing the work.

Rick Kingery/Business Manager/IBEW Local 354:
Local 354 is building the Utah Data Center project. It’s about a million square feet.
It is one of the largest projects this local has ever done.

I am Rich Kingery, business manager of Local 354, Salt Lake City, Utah.

It’s nearly a two billion dollar job. We’ll have over a million man hours. We have currently over 550 members working on that project.

To compete against the non-union teams that were bidding on it, we had to come up with a way to lower our crew composite cost. We were successful in it by a strategy utilizing the CE/CW classifications.

It’s a huge victory. It brought us from 300 members unemployed to full employment. 
To keep the IBEW strong we need to increase out membership utilizing whatever strategies are needed. The CW/CE classifications have provided a good tool for us and it is working.