Video Transcript:

This is my third conference in a row…
This is my first one…
In 2010 was the first time…
This is actually my second time…
My second Women’s convention…

2012 IBEW Women’s Conference
Washington, D.C.
353 Delegates
99 Local Unions
4 Days of Inspiration
Sisters in Solidarity

Jodi Tillinghast/Local 48/Portland, Oregon:
I was so inspired by the first workshop. It brought me to tears.

Angie Herndon/Local 289/Durham, NC: 
You get to meet a lot of people. You get to share their experiences that they’ve had over the years.

Mia Rivas/Local 595/Dublin, CA: We get to see a lot of everything of where the IBEW is and it encourages me to keep striving and trying to get into positions because there’s a lot of women already doing them that seem like they would like us to be around also.

It’s just really inspiring to meet women from all over the country. We come here and we make connections. It really builds solidarity. And we go back to our locals and we get really energized to do all the volunteerism and stuff that we do at home.

Barbara Dees/Local 595/Dublin, CA:
Women are extremely important because we bring that finesse to this trade that so many people can only aspire to have.

Jonni Ocejo/Local 48/Portland, OR: We bring a fresh perspective and we think differently. Of course when oyu get different points of view all working together, it just enhances everything.

In the IBEW we’re very supported. It makes us feel stronger, be stronger and do better things for our locals.

It’s one of the best organizations we have to support women leaders so I’m very fortunate.