December Issue 

Hand in Hand, Helping His Homeland

When three major hurricanes tore through the Caribbean earlier this year, they caused historic levels of devastation. Harvey dumped on Houston. Irma shook up Florida and Puerto Rico. Then came Maria. For Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Local 728 member Phil St. Jean, it was the island of Dominica that he kept his eye on.

IBEW Volunteers Begin Slow Work of Rebuilding Puerto Rico

New York Local 3 member Lou Alvarez has seen devastation before, but nothing prepared him for what he saw when he arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, leading the first group of IBEW volunteers to arrive after Hurricane Maria made landfall two weeks before.

IBEW ‘Angels’ Brighten Detroit Woman’s Dark, Cold Home

A 90-year-old Detroit woman in need of hands-on help to light and warm her home got an early Christmas visit from some community “angels,” as she called them, including a pair of IBEW representatives.

Tax Bill Spells More Pain for California Fire Victims

Several IBEW families are among thousands who have lost their homes to deadly wildfires that devastated northern California in October and ignited near Los Angeles in early December, propelled by hurricane-strength winds.

19th Annual Photo Contest Voting is Open

The contest to find the 2018 IBEW Photo of the Year is entering in its final phase.

Members Take Home Top Prizes at National Electrical Competition

IBEW members from across the country competed in the second annual IDEAL National Championship, and once again dominated in both the apprentice and professional categories.

New Jersey Co-Gen Workers Say Yes to IBEW, No to Efforts to Divide Them

Nine months after a nail-biting, one-vote organizing victory, workers at New Jersey’s Linden co-generation plant beat the odds, voting 32-5 in November to approve their first contract.

Attacks on Michigan’s Construction Workers Continue

Anti-union activists in the Great Lake State moved one step closer to repealing the law that guarantees construction workers a solid, livable wage.

Organizer Spotlights Workers’ Rights in Run for Arkansas Statehouse

An IBEW local organizer is running for an Arkansas House seat with the ambitious goal of overturning the state’s anti-union right-to-work law.

The Electron Revolution:
Everything about the Electrical Industry is Changing

Energy generation and power distribution – an $880 billion a year business -- has changed more in the last 20 years than in the preceding 100, and that change is likely to accelerate in the coming years.

Local 1253 President Joins Sit-In to Fight ‘Dead-Wrong’ Tax Bill

Outraged by the GOP’s tax bill, a local IBEW president was among five protesters who staged a sit-in and ultimately were arrested Monday at Sen. Susan Collins’ office in Bangor, Maine.

45-to-1: Iowa Public Workers Score Against Anti-Union Politicians

In Iowa, it’s no longer enough to simply vote for union representation. Now, public workers – those working for the state, counties, cities and towns – are being forced to repeat the process every two or three years thanks to anti-union legislation that requires “recertification” votes in the year leading up to a new contract.

We Should Help Gary, Indiana, not Millionaire Gary Cohn

The Republican tax plan is heading for a vote in the Senate this week, and friend of labor, Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, has some problems with it.


  November Issue 

IBEW Tells Saskatchewan Politicos ‘No’ on Pay Cuts

Business Manager Jason Tibbs said Regina, Saskatchewan, Local 2067 has had a non-adversarial relationship with the conservative provincial legislature for the last several years. The relationship with SaskPower, its largest employer, has been a good one.

Free Medical Screening Offers Chance for Life-Saving Early Detection

Hayden McClure didn’t know he had cancer – didn’t know he was even at risk – until he took the test offered by the Building Trades National Medical Screening Program. It saved his life.

Apprenticeships Offer Women a Nontraditional Path to the Middle Class

Women make up nearly half the U.S. workforce, but they account for less than 3 percent of the construction trade.

Trudeau Demands Right-to-Work Rollback

In the United States, President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement, arguing that only a businessman like him can bring back manufacturing and restore jobs that long ago left for Mexico.

Learning and Earning: Shining a Spotlight on Apprenticeships

The third annual National Apprenticeship Week kicked off Nov. 13, marked by apprenticeship graduations, training center open houses and other events highlighting the benefits of on-the-job training.

With Wind Farm on Horizon, IBEW Joins Others to Keep Good-Paying Jobs on Long Island

On land and on sea, wind power is coming into its own and the IBEW aims to be a key part of this growth industry in renewable energy.

San Diego Local’s Solar Car Students Catch Rays, Win Big on National Stage

San Diego Local 569 joined with signatory contractor Sullivan Solar Power on a project to get middle-school age children interested in solar power, not to produce a national champion.

A Years-Long Journey Ends, Delaware Wireman Gets Life-Saving Gift

Wilmington, Del., Local 313 wireman Dave Amalfitano is a man bursting with gratitude and plans for the future.

Working Families’ Chance to Kill Right-to-Work in Illinois

Labor activists in Illinois have a chance to bury one of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s top anti-union priorities this week, and they’re putting the full-court press on wavering Republican legislators to join them.

Suffering Spectrum Strikers Stand Strong

When Tanisha Smythe started at Time Warner Cable in New York a decade ago she was living in a shelter with her newborn son. Seven months after Smythe and nearly 1,800 other members of New York Local 3 went on strike, she is facing a return to one.

GOP Tax Plan Losers: You. Sad!

The Republican tax plan released by House Speaker Paul Ryan on Nov. 2 is a giveaway to corporations and the ultra-wealthy at the expense of the middle class and future generations of Americans.

New York Working Families Say No to ‘Con-Con’

A statewide election on Tuesday could have a devastating impact on working families and labor unions in one of the country’s most union-dense states.

Simulators Step in as High-Tech Trainers at Excelsior

Excelsior College was awarded nearly a nearly $865,000 grant by the National Science Foundation to develop simulators that will prepare students to be high-skilled technicians in the energy, nuclear and manufacturing industries.



  October Issue 

Helping Veterans Get Into the Energy Industry

A lineman’s job isn’t for everyone, but it might be great for a veteran.

Massachusetts IBEW Member Wins State Senate Seat

Brother Paul Feeney will soon be the newest member of the Massachusetts State Senate after the Boston Local 2222 member and Verizon central office technician handily defeated his two opponents in the Oct. 17 special election.

New Jersey Couple Opens Home to Homeless Vets

The small town of Jackson, N.J., just half an hour’s drive from the Jersey shore, is home to the state’s first transitional housing program for homeless female veterans thanks to the vision and generosity of a local couple driven to serve.

The New World of Arc-Rated Gear

Two years ago, the dress code for millions of U.S. workers, including more than half of the IBEW’s members, changed.

Want to Improve Your Odds of Getting Health Insurance? Join a Union

Union membership has traditionally provided working families improved health insurance coverage. A recently-released report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that might be truer ever, even in the face of rising costs.

IBEW’s Shuler Wins Third Term at AFL-CIO; Trumka, Gebre Re-Elected

The IBEW’s Liz Shuler was unanimously re-elected to a third term as secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO on Oct. 22 alongside AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre.

Virginia Governor’s Election ‘Couldn’t Be Clearer’

Virginia voters head to the polls on Nov. 7 to choose a new governor and state Legislature, and IBEW members in the state have been working hard to convince their neighbors to cast their votes for working families.

For Four Decades,Chicago Local Brings Sights and Sounds of Legendary Music Show

“Soundstage” began presenting musical acts on PBS stations across the country in 1974. Chicago Local 1220 has played a key role from the start. 

Labor Allies Introduce Bill to Repeal Right-to-Work

Two progressive senators introduced a single-page bill that would end right-to-work laws.  

California Members Tell of Lost Homes, Frantic Escapes

Uncontrolled wildfires have spread across parts of northern California, killing at least 40 and leaving entire neighborhoods and communities in ruins. Among those who have lost their homes are at least 45 IBEW members and their families, who had to race away from walls of flames, some with only moments to spare.

Photo Contest Deadline Approaching: Hit Us with Your Best Shot

Time is running out to share the best of what you do every day. The 2017 IBEW Photo Contest closes to new entries on Oct. 31, so get out your cameras and send us your photos if you haven’t already.

Memphis Local Celebrates New Training Center

Since Memphis, Tenn., Local 474 received its official apprenticeship charter in 1947, instructors have trained well over 1,000 apprentices. But it wasn’t until this year that they finally got a building of their own in which to do it.

Facing Hostile Court Ruling, How to Save Your Union

A new challenge to public sector workers that is expected to deal a major blow to their ability to bargain collectively is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

‘I Earn a Good Living Doing Something I Love’

The gender pay gap is shrinking, but it’s happening at a glacially slow pace. One place where it’s smaller than average though, is the unionized trades. And collaborations like that between Oregon Tradeswomen, a nonprofit that supports women in the trades, and Portland, Ore., Local 48 are bringing great career opportunities to more and more women.

IBEW Members Survive Hurricane Maria;
More on the Way to Rebuild

Nearly two dozen IBEW wiremen and linemen are on their way to begin rebuilding Puerto Rico’s shattered electrical grid. Fifteen are going from New York Local 3 and 15 are going from Miami, Tampa, Atlanta and other locals.

Harvey Cut Deadly Path, but IBEW Helps Recovery Effort Get off to Smooth Start

Houston Local 66 Business Manager Gregory Lucero met with an apprentice recently whose home had been damaged by flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey and suggested he apply for help from the Texas AFL-CIO’s Worker Relief Find.


  September Issue 

CBS, IBEW Continue Long-Standing Partnership with New Three-Year Agreement

The IBEW’s relationship with CBS began before World War II. A new contract agreement assures the partnership remains a strong one into the next decade.

Stephenson: Workers Can’t Be Left Out of Economic Growth

International President Lonnie R. Stephenson in September joined the Council on Competitiveness, a Washington-based nonprofit whose mission is advancing American prosperity and increasing the United States’ competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Stifling Competition, Consumer Choice, Sinclair Deal Opposed by IBEW

The IBEW has joined with other unions, consumer advocacy groups and defenders of a free and open press to oppose Sinclair Broadcast Group’s proposed takeover of Tribune Media.

Fighting for the Working Class:
Brother Paul Feeney Wins Massachusetts Primary

Boston Local 2222 member Paul Feeney won the Democratic primary on Sept. 19 in his special election bid for a seat in the Massachusetts State Senate. He’ll go on to face Republican Jacob Ventura and independent Joe Shortsleeve in the Oct. 17 general election.

Court Puts Hammer to West Virginia Working Families,
Gives Go-Ahead to Right-to-Work

The IBEW and working families in West Virginia suffered a setback on Sept. 15, when the state’s Supreme Court squashed an injunction that prohibited implementation of a right-to-work law and sent the case back to the circuit court level.

‘We’ll Be Here until They Don’t Need Us Anymore’
Members Aid Irma-Savaged Southeast

In Hurricane Irma’s wake, the largest power restoration force in U.S. history mobilized to repair and rebuild the Southeast, with line crews coming from as far away as Seattle, California and even parts of Canada to pitch in. With nearly 8 million out of power, approximately 60,000 line workers, tree-trimmers and support staff from 250 utilities converged on Florida, led by IBEW members, who made up an enormous share of the restoration army.

Tenn. Electrolux Workers Get First Contract, Join IBEW

Less than a year after one of the largest organizing victories in the South, the workers at the Memphis, Tenn., Electrolux plant overwhelmingly voted to accept a first contract.

‘Never Back Down:’ Friends, Allies Rally in N.Y. to Support Striking Members

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio made clear whose side they are on during a Sept. 18 rally: the 1,800 New York Local 3 members who have been on strike against Charter/Spectrum for six solid months. Both urged the company to return to the bargaining table and negotiate a contract that’s fair for working families.

Online Education Opportunity for Telecom Professionals

Staying up-to-date on industry trends is important in any job. For telecommunications professionals, the National Coalition for Telecommunications Education and Learning makes it virtually painless.

Prevailing Wage Survives Anti-Labor Attacks in Congress

As members of the House of Representatives scrambled on Sept. 6 to pass an appropriations bill to keep the government running, Rep. Steve King of Iowa and others tried repeatedly to attach amendments that would gut the Davis-Bacon Act, a long-standing law that assures construction workers a living wage.

Losing Market Share? Need to Grow? Ask for Help.

In late 2012, Modesto, Calif., Local 684 needed to get bigger. Work was picking up, and in the years following the 2008 recession, the downturn in construction had seen membership slip from a historical average of around 300 to just 228. Then-business manager Billy Powell decided it was time to take action.

IBEW Member Elected Michigan Building Trades President

Steven Claywell was unanimously elected to the second-highest position in the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council, the first IBEW member to do so in almost 20 years.

Baton Rouge Local Sends Dozens of Young Burn Victims to a Summer Camp

Baton Rouge, La., Local 995 donated $15,000 to send children to Camp I’m Still Me, a traditional summer camp in Texas for children that have suffered burn injuries.

For Working Families, a Win in British Columbia

After 16 years of an anti-union Liberal Party in power, many British Columbia working families were ready for change and put their faith – and votes – with the New Democrats. And after a historically close election, labour is celebrating an NDP victory.

IBEW Linemen Race to Restore Power in Irma’s Wake

More than 10 million people are without power in the Sunshine State after Hurricane Irma churned its way up the length of the peninsula over the weekend, unleashing 140 mph winds, heavy rain and 10-foot storm surges in some coastal areas.

Florida Braces for Irma’s Destructive Force

Hurricane Irma, one of the strongest and largest hurricanes in U.S. history, is expected to slam into Florida Saturday morning and utility executives in the state expect unprecedented devastation.

IBEW Telecom Grads: ‘At the Forefront of Industry Change’

Katie Fasting figured out when she was 4 years old that her mother had a college degree and her father didn’t.

Quick Action by IBEW Member Saves Life of Another

Milwaukee Local 494 member Phil Kissinger was on his way to ask a friend how he was recovering from surgery when his vision started fluttering.

After Harvey’s Destruction, IBEW Members Working OT to Help

David Hawkes is saddened by the destruction he’s seen in his native Texas. Yet, there’s a sense of honor in knowing that he is being counted on to help get things back to normal.

This Labor Day, Life, Liberty and Unions for All

Just in time for Labor Day, a new report reveals the importance of unions to all working people and details how decades of stagnant wages correlate directly with shrinking union membership.


  August Issue 

Our Kind of Town: IBEW Selects Windy City for 40th International Convention

The IBEW’s 40th International Convention will be in Chicago, International President Lonnie R. Stephenson announced on Aug. 29.

Missouri Tells Motorists to ‘Move Over’ for Utility Workers

Drivers in the Show Me state will now have to treat utility workers the same as police and firefighters, says a new law.

Dept. of Energy Issues Report on the Future of the Energy Grid

A newly released federal report about the state of the electricity generation industry blames not environmental regulations but the low cost of natural gas for the closure of coal and nuclear plants.

In Devastated Southeast Texas, IBEW Members First Responders

Hurricane Harvey has been wreaking havoc on southeast Texas ever since it landed on Friday, and it’s shattering records along the way. Wherever possible, IBEW members are helping with rescue efforts and to restore power to the 300,000-plus residents without it.

Massachusetts Member Honored for Generosity to Cancer Research

In the midst of his own battle with cancer, retired Worcester Local 96 member Paul Pratt is doing his part to combat the disease for others like him.

Labor Peace in Construction Projects: No Longer Welcome in Florida

Florida legislators acting on behalf of wealthy patrons have attacked the one law that has assured labor peace on public construction projects for years: the project labor agreement.

After Nearly Five Months, Local 3 Continues Fight Against Company Trying to ‘Starve Us Back’

Donna Doherty has been a New York Local 3 member for 38 years. She’s worked for Charter/Spectrum and the companies that preceded it as the city’s cable television franchisee, serving as one of the first woman technicians on the job and advancing to foreman in the technical operations department.

Powerhouse IBEW Charity Helps Tenn. Kids Stock up for School

When Memphis-area students returned to school this month, many were sporting new backpacks full of supplies, thanks to Memphis, Tenn., Local 1288.

As Solar Power Gets Eclipsed, Enter the IBEW

While millions of Americans were outside looking up at Monday’s total eclipse, hundreds of IBEW utility members kept the lights on as the sky goes dark.

In Missouri, Fight Against Right-to-Work Is Far from Over

One of the first actions by the GOP-dominated Missouri legislature and the newly-elected Republican governor this year was to pass and sign into law a right-to-work bill in February.

NAFTA 2.0: Trump Plan Offers Little Relief for U.S. Workers

Talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement began Aug. 16 in Washington, but the White House objectives, released in July, have critics griping that the “new” plan looks a lot like the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that Donald Trump – and the IBEW – opposed last year

Illinois Wireman Turns Author, Filmmaker to Honor Family’s Service

The second-generation Local 309 wireman, has taken his love for the past to the extreme, authoring a book about the remarkable story of his own grandfather’s fight through war-torn World War II Europe, and then recreating that journey for an upcoming documentary film.

IBEW Fixer Saves Nonunion ‘Zoo’ at Tampa Manatee Preserve

The first grid-scale solar installation built by Tampa Electric Co. was supposed to be the opening chapter of the company’s green energy future. It all nearly fell apart because of one of the oldest stories there is: shoddy work by nonunion contractors.

Georgia Member Saves Woman from Vicious Dog Attack

Even after all the attention and honors, Atlanta Local 84 member Nate Dixon insists he did nothing special. Caren Senter respectfully disagrees.

In Vancouver, Increasing Aboriginal Access to Training

In collaboration with the aboriginal community and the building trades, Vancouver, B.C., Local 213 led a pilot program to recruit and train aboriginal youth interested in pursuing a career as an electrician.

Bad Faith, Bad Service: Charter Turns its Back on Customers, Union Members

Charter/Spectrum is doing just fine. The company took in $29 billion in revenue in 2016 and the stock price has gone up about 70 percent during the last year .

In the IBEW, Making the Most of a Second Chance

Lamar Austin looks back at the earliest moments of the New Year and remains a little stunned.

Intersections: Meeting at the Corner of Opportunity and Growth

Dave Fashbaugh’s jurisdiction is mostly rural, save for the influx of vacationers along Lake Michigan during the summer months.

IBEW Members to Rebuild Upstate New York Transmission Lines

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced plans to rebuild almost 80 miles of transmission line, and it will be done by IBEW members.

The Voices of New York Members to be Preserved for Posterity

New York Local 3 member Harry Garcia remembers growing up in Electchester, a cooperative housing district in Queens established by the local decades ago.

Standing in Solidarity: IBEW Pulling for Nissan Miss. Workers

Momentum is building in the days before a planned vote of more than 4,000 workers at Nissan in Mississippi.

Energy Industry Study Shows Huge Economic Impact from Top Quality Jobs

A new study shows the electric power industry is responsible for nearly 7 million jobs in the U.S., about one in every 20 workers.

New IBEW Newsletter Highlights Code of Excellence Values

The Code of Excellence is the backbone of everything the IBEW does. That importance is underscored with the launch of a new quarterly newsletter.


  July Issue 

#Success: How to Make it as a Signatory Contractor

Mike Duncan isn’t the only contractor providing high-quality craftsmanship in New Brunswick, but he might be the only one who gets his crew together every Friday for a group photo for the company Instagram account. 

IBEW’s Cavanaugh Prevails in Critical Granite State Senate Matchup

Brother Kevin Cavanaugh won a hotly contested state Senate election in New Hampshire on July 25, besting former Republican Sen. Dave Boutin to help Democrats hang on to the important seat.

In the Upper Peninsula, IBEW Local Leads the Way in Helping Others

About 310,000 people live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, spread out over more than 16,000 square miles – making it geographically larger than nine states. Outside of driving for several hours through three other states, one could reach the rest of Michigan only by air or ferry until 1957, when the five-mile Mackinac Bridge was opened.

Norcross to President Trump: Don’t Cut Job-Training Programs

A group of 48 Democratic House members – including New Jersey Rep. Donald Norcross, an IBEW member – are warning that the Trump administration’s plan to cut the Labor Department budget by 20 percent would decimate good job-training programs that already exist. 

Labor Board Tilts Against Working Families as Trump Effect Takes Hold

The National Labor Relations Board is about to shift dramatically in favor of big corporations, as two controversial Donald Trump appointees cleared Senate committee hurdles on July 19.

Union Plus Announces IBEW Scholarship Winners

This year, Union Plus granted over $11,000 in scholarships to family members of IBEW workers. The scholarships were awarded to 11 recipients who attend or are planning to attend university, college trade or technical school. 

Lobbying 101: How to Be an Agent for Change

A group of young IBEW members from New York held their first “lobby day” in Albany, meeting with their elected representatives and getting the chance to sway them on a current piece of legislation.

Groundbreaking Medical Advancement, With the Help of an IBEW Family

Last October, the Media Department told the story of Johnstown, Pa., Local 459 member Tom Whitehead, his wife Kari and daughter Emily, who was in remission from leukemia after undergoing a revolutionary treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Fellow IBEW members rallied around the Whiteheads and supported them both financially and emotionally during a time of crisis.

Wage Freezes Signal Bad Times Ahead for Manitoba Unions

Public employees in Manitoba are under attack, but in July, they petitioned the courts to help them strike back.

Pope Francis: ‘There is No Good Society Without Good Unions’

Speaking to representatives from Italian organized labor, Pope Francis blessed the work of labor unions.

If You Think Republicans are Protecting Your Rights, Think Again

Three bills approved by a key House committee in June would strip workers of rights and make it harder to organize.

Wisconsin Troubleshooter Hunts Whitetails in Brotherhood Outdoors

As the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance celebrates a decade of connecting union members through conservation, its Brotherhood Outdoors TV series kicked off its ninth season with a new look when it returned to the Sportsman Channel in July.

Lineworker Appreciation Day Salutes Members, IBEW Founder

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage – especially in the dead of winter or during a sweltering heatwave – and breathed a sigh of relief when the lights came back on, take a second this July 10 to thank a lineworker for making it happen.

Code of Excellence SPARQs Turnaround at Troubled Arkansas Nuke Plant

In 2015, it was safe to say things at Entergy’s Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville, Ark., were not going well.

IBEW Members Power the Motor City’s Renaissance

IBEW members have been an integral part of the Motor City for more than 100 years, and now they’re part of its resurgence.

Hung Up on Fall Protection, Japanese Utilities Call IBEW for a Lifeline

When Japanese utility executives came to the U.S. to learn about protecting their workers from falls, they came to the IBEW for advice.


  June Issue 

‘Union Busting’ Charter Still Refusing to Negotiate Fair Contract with Local 3 Members

Three months into their strike against Charter/Spectrum, and even with public support from many local politicians and surveys that show the company is one of the most disliked in the country, New York Local 3 members find themselves in much the same position as they were in late March.

Old Foes Return for Another Attempt at Gouging Michigan’s Working Families

Opponents of Michigan’s prevailing wage are campaigning for a ballot initiative as well as legislation to repeal the law that guarantees fair pay to hardworking men and women.

IBEW Partners with Child Safety Program

It’s a horrible time when a child is reported missing or abducted – a scenario parents understandably don’t want to think about much.

N.C. GOP Pushing Constitutional Right-to-Work

North Carolina adopted its right-to-work law in 1947, the same year the Taft-Hartley Act, which empowered states to curb the sources of union funding, passed the U.S. Congress. No move to repeal it has gained any noticeable momentum since.

Supreme Court to Decide Future of Public Sector Unions

On June 6, the same anti-worker groups who brought a 2015 California union-busting case to the Supreme Court petitioned the justices to weigh in on an eerily similar case, this time out of Illinois. At issue – again – is whether public employees can be compelled to pay “fair share” fees to a union to cover the costs of collective bargaining and representation performed on their behalf.

Liberals Keep Promise With Repeal of Anti-Union Laws

Legislation in Canada designed to cripple unions was undone with the passage of a new bill on June 19.

GOP Health Care Bill Disastrous for Older Workers, Retirees

While Senate Republicans work behind closed doors to deliver a version of an Obamacare repeal that can pass the upper chamber, retired Americans are pushing back on the House version, passed in May, that would prove devastating for older workers and retirees.

Oklahoma Football Gets a Powerful Face-Lift from the IBEW

When the Oklahoma Sooners decided in 2015 it was time for a major upgrade to the Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, the university’s Board of Regents turned to the same IBEW contractor it’s used on the historic football structure for decades.

Earn and Learn, Debt-Free, IBEW Tells Congress

The IBEW apprenticeship program took center stage before the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on Capitol Hill June 15, with a member telling lawmakers that IBEW training makes graduates immediately employable with journey-level skills that are valued anywhere.

Sirens Blazing, Law Enforcement Races to Join IBEW in Iowa

In Iowa, they had the power to put criminals behind bars, but Linn County Sheriff’s Department sergeants didn’t have a seat at the bargaining table.

Stuck in a Rut? Fast Track your Career with Excelsior

If you’ve ever considered beefing up your earning potential, now may be just the right time.

IBEW Member Elected to Neb. Legislature

The last time Grand Island, Neb., Local 1597 Business Manager Dan Quick was elected to a government position was his successful campaign for Hordville High School student president.

Without Further Delay – Hopefully – Saving for Retirement Just Got a Little Better

An Obama-era rule designed to ensure that people get unbiased financial advice went into effect June 9 – mostly.

IBEW Brother Aims for Higher Office in Massachusetts

Paul Feeney is a little surprised to be a candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate.

With Season On the Line, St. Louis Local Lights Up Youth Baseball Program’s Diamonds

A longtime youth baseball and softball program in Missouri saw its season put in jeopardy by an aging, dangerous electrical system.

Trump Budget Losers: Federal Workers

The Trump administration’s budget would slash federal pensions for current and future federal retirees by thousands of dollars a year.

IBEW Brother Wins Primary in Battle for NH State Senate

Kevin Cavanaugh won the Democratic primary on June 6, the first step in his bid for a seat in the New Hampshire state Senate. 

Retired IEC Chairman Bob Pierson Dies

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of former International Executive Council Chairman Robert Pierson.

For Chicago Local, American Legion Post ‘Binds Us From Generation to Generation’

Members of Chicago Local 134 gathered on Memorial Day this year, just as they have since 1935. It’s a different kind of Memorial Day gathering than anywhere else in the IBEW – or in the entire labor movement.

IBEW Takes Member from ‘Broken’ to Independent and Honored

Five years ago, Charleston, W.Va., Local 466 member Tara Turley was, in her own words, broken.

Possibly the IBEW’s Happiest Contractor Shines in Mass.

Hiring the best trained, most productive electricians in the business – IBEW members-- leads to successful contractors and happy customers.

Low Wages. Dangerous Work. Welcome to Your New Construction Job!

The construction industry is booming across the South, but it’s resulting in too many low-wage, dead-end jobs, according to a new report from the Workers Defense Project.


  May Issue 

After Two Months, New York Local Finally Gets Charter to Come to the Table

It took eight weeks and the help of a federal mediator, but negotiators for striking New York Local 3 members finally got a chance to sit down with Charter/Spectrum officials on May 23. 

New Award Honors Non-Members Who Save IBEW Lives

Until now, when someone has helped a member get back home to their family after being in a life-threatening situation, the IBEW has had two ways of saying thank you. 

‘Strength, Tenacity’ Draws Broadcasting Unit to IBEW

The seeds for a successful organizing campaign sometimes are laid many years in advance. New York Local 1212 members saw that firsthand this spring, with the blossoming of a new unit across the river.

IBEW Brother Vying for Seat in the Granite State Legislature

In New Hampshire, momentum is building for Kevin Cavanaugh, an alderman and assistant business manager for Manchester Local 2320 who is running in a special election for the state Senate.

Candidate Trump: Pro-Infrastructure President Trump: Not So Much

During the 2016 campaign, candidate Donald Trump promised a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending if elected. The news was met with cautious optimism by the construction industry, which stood to gain the most from a major spending spree by the federal government.

In Hostile Climate, Working Missouri Families Get Win

Missouri has been battered by anti-labor legislation in recent months. That didn’t stop the IBEW and its allies from fighting off an attempt to repeal the state’s prevailing wage statute.

Killing the Regulations that Keep Workers Alive

In their first 100 days in power, the Trump administration and the Republican Congress have repealed and blocked worker safety regulations that were years, sometimes decades, in the making.

At Long Last, a Tribute to Canada’s Worker Rises

On May 16, side cutters in hand, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau snipped the No. 4 bare copper wire marking the opening of a permanent monument to the men and women of Canada’s building trades.

In Canadian Schools, Prioritizing On-the-Job Safety

In Canada, young workers are three times more likely to be injured or killed in a workplace accident than their more experienced counterparts. That’s why an organization called My Safe Work goes into high schools to educate students on workplace safety—before they enter the job market.

IBEW Health Plan Fuels Organizing Boom at Texas Utility

At its core, the IBEW/NECA Family Medical Care Plan has a pretty simple mission –  to provide high-quality health insurance to IBEW members and their families at the best possible price.

IBEW Members Finish Work on World’s Most Powerful Telescope, send it to Texas to Prepare for 2018 Launch

After more than a decade of planning and construction –and watchful attempts at destruction—the most advanced space telescope in history left the hands of members of Baltimore Local 1501 May 7. 

CN Railway Workers Ratify Contract After Strike Threat

Signals and communications workers at CN Railway in Canada ratified a new 5-year contact at the end of April, beating back company demands for concessions and ensuring stability for the more than 700 IBEW members through 2021.

IBEW Local Hosts Virginia Gov. Candidate’s Debate May 9

Four years ago, Richmond, Va., Local 666 built a new event room at the local hall to hold the hundreds of members who showed up for meetings and events. 

IBEW Finds Labor Peace, Jobs for New Members in AT&T Deal

Long-term harmony between labor and management is difficult to come by in the tumultuous telecommunications industry. IBEW System Council T-3 has found it with one of the nation’s leading companies.

Organ Donor Rejected, a Brother’s Search Starts Anew

In this month’s Electrical Worker, we shared the news of Wilmington, Del., Local 313 wireman Dave Amalfitano, who found a kidney donor in Chicago Local 9 apprentice Rob Vargas after the 28-year-old read an Electrical Worker story last August.

‘They’re the Experts’: Iowa Generating Plant Members Recognized

Emery Generating Station in Clear Lake, Iowa, has been recognized as one of the best power plants in the nation and it’s due in part to the work of its employees, many of whom are members of Cedar Rapids Local 204. 

IBEW Helps Railcar Construction Return to Chicago’s South Side

Trains, trolleys and legendary sleeping cars rolled out of the Pullman Company’s Chicago factory for a century until it was shuttered in 1981. Its demise signified the end of railcar production in the United States.

The IBEW 2017 Photo Contest: Hit Us with Your Best Shot

It’s time to get out your cameras and show the world what you do every day. The 2017 IBEW Photo Contest is open and all members are encouraged to enter.


  April Issue 

Workers Memorial Day- Mourn the Dead and Honor the Living

Every year, thousands of people in North America leave for work and never come home. Millions more come home, but they are sick or injured.  

Prioritizing Safety in New Brunswick

When Fredericton, New Brunswick, Local 37 Business Manager Ross Galbraith learned NB Power had won Canada’s Best Health and Safety Culture award for 2016, he was happy for their achievement, but not especially surprised.

Driving Down Wages in the Construction Industry

When the Davis-Bacon Act became law in 1931, there was a belief that government should use its buying power to enhance the welfare of working people. It was a way to ensure a good wage and that those wages would go to the local economy. That point of view is slowly losing sway as the race to the bottom continues in the construction industry.  

With Talks at a Standstill, New York Officials Step Up for Striking Charter Employees

New York Local 3 isn’t getting anywhere with Charter/Spectrum officials in its battle for a fair contract for striking workers. 

Back to Work at 71, Houston Electrician Rides Bike to Honor Son, Help Others

It was 2009 and Tim Tsotsonis wanted to work as an electrician again after a nearly 22-year absence. And he wanted to help others as a way of saying thanks for the help his family received caring for son Alexander, who has cerebral palsy.

BGE Workers Get Their Union: Baltimore Local 410 Chartered

The IBEW officially has a new local: Baltimore Local 410. 

Trump Stops Rule That Protects Investors from Their Financial Advisors

A rule designed to help working people better save for retirement has been halted by the Trump administration.

Denver Local 111 Float Lights Up St. Patrick’s Day Parade

More than 1 million people came out for Denver’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade March 11.

Nuclear Physics Gets a Boost from the IBEW

Scientists from across the globe may soon be uncovering the secrets of the universe, and they’ll have hundreds of IBEW members to thank.

Boston Local Hosts Second Annual Girls in Trades Conference

Continuing a new tradition, Boston Local 103 hosted more than 350 girls from eastern Massachusetts area high schools on March 2 for a conference and career fair to encourage their interest in the skilled trades. 

Two Strangers and a Life-Saving Act of Brotherhood

This is a story about two brothers.

Local 3 Members Walk Picket Lines after Talks with Charter Cable Stall

New York Local 3 members employed by Charter/Spectrum Communications had worked under an expired agreement for nearly four years. 

Kansas Members Help Vets, Change a Red State’s Mind About Unions

Jeff Thomson appreciates the importance of skilled workers on projects that provide affordable housing for people in need. That’s why he was thrilled when members of Hutchinson, Kan., Local 661 volunteered to help renovate a duplex that will be home to two military veterans and their families.

In Wisconsin, Bill to Limit PLAs is Another Shot at Labor

The Wisconsin GOP and Gov. Scott Walker have become the poster children in recent years when it comes to an anti-working family agenda. They’re about to strike again.



  March Issue 

Opportunities for Career Growth Through Higher Education

If you’ve ever thought about furthering your education, IBEW partner Excelsior College may have the online program for you.

Construction Roars Back Post-Recession; Boom Challenges Manpower Realities

Construction is on an upswing in Evansville, Ind., a city of about 120,000 people nestled in a bend in the Ohio River.

Texas Members Join Effort to Rebuild State Park

Four members from Dallas-Ft.Worth, Texas, Local 20 took time out to help make improvements to a nearby state park as part of the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Work Boots on the Ground initiative. 

Secretary-Treasurer Chilia to Retire; VP Cooper Appointed

After nearly 50 years of service to the IBEW and the North American organized labor movement, International Secretary-Treasurer Salvatore J. Chilia announced his retirement March 20.

Boston IBEW Members Hailed for Helping to Save a Life

Three members of Boston Local 103 resuscitated a passenger on the platform of the city’s subway system March 2.

The GOP Plan to Upend Health Care and Give Billions to the Rich

Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have a plan to overhaul the American health care system, but their proposal preys on the old, the sick, the poor and the middle class while rewarding the super-rich and drug companies with a $600 billion tax cut.

Trump Releases Budget Priorities; American Workers not Among Them

President Donald Trump released his first budget proposal March 16, calling for the largest cuts to the federal government since the drawdown after World War II.

IBEW Members Chosen for Leadership Conference

Aaron Zboch-Alves and Greg McFarlane are following a tradition of new leadership in the IBEW’s First District. 

Bill Seeks to Limit Bargaining Rights for More Americans

The IBEW has joined with other unions in opposing proposed federal legislation that would thwart legal protections for employees who work for private businesses that Native American tribes have even a small financial interest in.

White House Plans Giveaway to Wall Street

From 2008 to 2009 the U.S. economy collapsed into the steepest recession it had seen since the 1930s. The $8 trillion housing bubble burst, thanks to largely unregulated, reckless financial dealings by big banks and Wall Street. Nearly 9 million Americans lost their jobs, 7 million more lost their homes and more than $2.8 trillion in retirement savings flew out the window nearly overnight.

In Washington, D.C., Another Contractor Stiffed by Trump

An IBEW signatory contractor filed suit against the Trump organization for skipping out on $2 million of work done on the luxury Washington D.C. hotel in the Old Post Office Building.

Besieged by GOP Attacks, Iowa Workers Fight Back

February was a devastating month for unions in Iowa. Following November election wins in the House and Senate, Republicans, already in control of the governor’s office, commanded the entirety of the state’s legislative process for the first time in two decades. And they wasted no time in coming after unions.

In Albuquerque, IBEW is a Family Affair

In December, four Beebes stepped to the front of Albuquerque, N.M., Local 611’s hall to take their oaths before their union brothers and sisters.

Looking to the Past for the Future of Organizing

With new advocacy groups popping up all over the internet, members of Congress using Snapchat and worldwide marches starting on Facebook, it may seem old-fashioned to think that organizing lessons can be found in not just a book, but one about someone born at the beginning of the last century. 

Hate Not Welcome: IBEW, Building Trades Members Volunteer to Repair Vandalized Cemetery

Members of Philadelphia Building Trades and IBEW Local 98 are volunteering their time and resources to make it known that hate has no home in the City of Brotherly Love.


  February Issue 

War on Unions has a New Front in Iowa

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed a law Feb. 17 dramatically reducing the power of public-sector union members to negotiate with the state. 

In Win for Working Families, New Hampshire Says ‘No’ to Right-to-Work

New Hampshire’s nickname is the Granite State, a salute to the hard rock that is plentiful there and used in construction. Perhaps it’s only fitting its people held firm against right-to-work laws.

Fresh off a Victory, Working People React to Labor Department Nominee Acosta

On Feb. 16, Donald Trump nominated lawyer Alexander Acosta to replace failed labor secretary nominee Andrew Puzder, who was forced to withdraw his name from consideration less than 24 hours earlier.

What IBEW and Congress Can Do About the Future of the Energy Grid

America’s energy infrastructure was on Capitol Hill’s agenda last week, and the IBEW was there to provide some expertise.

Record Snow Turns Out Calif. Lights; IBEW Turns Them Back On

With winter comes snowstorms, and with normal snowstorms come power outages and emergency work for the tens of thousands of IBEW lineworkers. Even a few inches of snow and ice can knock out power for hundreds of thousands of people.

From Pets to Vets, Delaware Members Give Back

The members of Wilmington, Del., Local 313 are willing to do their part for their neighbors, whether they’ve got two legs or four.

Millennial Minority Workers Look Forward While Giving Back

The young members of the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus are growing their ranks and the next generation of the IBEW, and that includes a commitment to service.

Protect Your Paycheck: Fight Back Against National Right-to-Work

Emboldened by the frenzied first days of single-party control of the federal government, Republicans in Congress took aim on Feb. 1 at a longtime target – working people.

Leadership, Determined Workers Lead to Vancouver Organizing Win Over ‘Fake’ Union

Leif Andersen heard fellow workers on a jobsite at the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver last spring talk about their union failing to listen to their concerns and continually siding with management.

NACTEL– Education is the Gateway to the Jobs of the Future; Virtual Open House Feb. 7

There is a constant demand for telecommunications workers but the best jobs –the ones that become careers-- are only open to people who understand the industry’s rapidly changing technology.

IBEW, Jobs to Move America On Track to Good Jobs in New York

The IBEW has worked successfully with Jobs to Move America to ensure public transportation projects create good paying jobs for working families in the communities they serve. The next success story might be in New York.

Right-To-Work Battle Heats Up in N.H., Mo.

The march by GOP-controlled states to take away rights from working families continues as newly emboldened representatives and governors – elected with sweeping majorities – make their first order of business to cut paychecks and limit the voices of workers.

These Seattle Members are Powering a Massive Infrastructure Project

Bertha is a very big part of a very big project, and Seattle Local 46 members are helping to steer her, and the project, to the finish line.


  January Issue 

GOP Wants to Cut Prevailing Wage for Highway Projects

America’s bridges, roads and tunnels are in a sorry state, desperately in need of major investment, but Republicans on Capitol Hill are trying to make sure union labor has no part in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure.

Billion Dollar Texas Build Lays Path for ‘Clean Coal’

On Jan. 10, America’s first large-scale “clean coal” power station was declared operational, and IBEW members from Houston Local 66 are playing an integral part in making the groundbreaking technology work.

IBEW Electrician/Congressman Appointed to Labor-Focused Committee

New Jersey Rep. Donald Norcross -- the only active member of the IBEW in Congress—has been appointed to serve on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

‘All She Had to Do was Call 103’: Boston Members Rescue Missing Cat

It was a normal January night like any other. Members of Boston Local 103 were doing routine maintenance on an above-ground part of Interstate 93. They had no idea they were about to turn into local heroes.

‘Cautiously Optimistic:’ IBEW Leaders See Reasons to Like Proposed FairPoint Sale

FairPoint’s purchase of Verizon’s landline business in northern New England eight years ago was beset by problems from the beginning.

Fired While His Wife Was in Labor, Man Rejects Countless Offers for IBEW Apprenticeship

Lamar Austin became an unwitting public figure when he was fired because he missed work to attend the birth of his son on New Year’s Day. News of the incident spread on social media after it was reported by newspaper and television stations in New England.

Labor Nominee Accused of Widespread Labor Violations

Donald Trump’s nominee for labor secretary routinely stole from his workers and fostered an unsafe work environment in pursuit of personal and shareholder profit, according to current and former employees who spoke on Capitol Hill Jan. 10.

Victory: More Than 1,400 BG&E Workers Join the IBEW

After an 18-month organizing drive, a majority of Baltimore Gas & Electric's 1,418 gas and transmission-distribution workers voted to join the IBEW on Jan. 12.

Detroit’s ‘Wobbly’ Kitchen: Serving Up a Healthy Dose of Community Spirit

For many, Sunday morning starts with a lazy cup of coffee, maybe the sports page or readying the kids for church. But twice a month for nearly a dozen members of Detroit Local 58, Sunday starts at the union hall with 120 pounds of raw chicken.

First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Opens off Atlantic Coast

Business Manager Michael K. Daley and everyone with Providence, R.I., Local 99 had reason to celebrate when the first offshore wind farm in U.S. waters became fully operational in mid-December.

Republican House To Federal Workers: ‘Do What We Want or Kiss Your Salary Goodbye’

On their first session of the new year, House Republicans brought back a rule written three years before the invention of the lightbulb that would allow Congress to target specific federal workers and programs. 

Long-Shot East Coast Rail Plan: Faster Commutes, IBEW Jobs

Rail infrastructure between Washington and New York has been suffering for decades, falling victim to heavy traffic combined with a lack of investment. But federal regulators have a plan for sorely-needed upgrades that could shorten commutes and lead to IBEW jobs.

Kentucky Republicans Set to Gut Union Rights

Kentucky is poised to become the 27th state, and the last state in the South, to pass so-called “right-to-work” legislation.

‘We’re in a Union … We Have All We Need’: Why These Members Give Back

This crew of young, volunteer-oriented IBEW members is making their mark, one can of yams at a time.